How to water the dragera at home?

Drazena is a rather unusual and beautiful indoor plant. In a wild form grows only in tropical and subtropical forests of Africa, South America and Asia. In nature, there are more than 100 types of drasa, so finding suitable for home will not be labor. It is important to know that this plant loves humidity, light and warm. However, even in our northern latitudes and roomms, you can create a microclimate you need, and then the drasen will grow and delight us with your exotic species. With proper care, this indoor plant can reach two or more meters. Keep this in mind when you get the dragera. And remember one of the most important conditions for such a departure – the right watering.


Despite the fact that the drazen – the plant is not very capricious, and it is easy to care for her at home, yet there are some peculiarities of care. Although it is a plant and tropical origin, it does not like the convergence very much. Only one of the types of Sander drasa can always be in the water and will feel great. And the rest of the same species is extremely important not to pour. Because too frequent watering and stagnation of water in the pot causes the roots. It is also desirable and not to cut a plant.

How to understand that the dragerate lacks water? It will noticeably immediately when the tips of the leaves are clearly years old and dried.

If it happened, you should urgently increase the intensity of watering. However, even under such conditions, act neatly, because the rule is “better to nourish than to pour” suitable when watering any room plants. And one more important point – for drasa, first of all, wet air is needed, and watering should be done very carefully, as needed. If the land in a pot with a plant is slightly exploded, and under the top layer of the soil dry, it means you need to water.

In the shower

“Rain” – one of the most favorable ways of watering for indoor flowers, including for drazes. What is good, during this procedure all dust from each leaflet is washed off. Watering in the bathroom under the shower or, if there is such an opportunity, in the summer on the street with the help of an ordinary watering can. After that, you need to leave the dragerate for a while in the bathroom so that all the excess water glass.

When it is time to pull out a pot with a plant from the bathroom, you can still shake it a little to get rid of excessive moisture. Do it should be carefully and carefully not to damage the dragera. It is important to give leaves to free yourself from the water completely so that the drops are not stored in the sinuses of the leaves and did not harm the plant. Drazena after such a “bathing” thanks you with a rapid growth and juicy green foliage.

In pallet

You can also pour another way – in the pallet. When planting a plant at the bottom of the pot, it is necessary to make holes and pour drainage so that the soil is saturated with oxygen, and the water was not stood. Pot with a plant put in the pallet. From time to time, water is poured to the Earth to have the ability to independently absorb the required amount of moisture. The remaining water must be merged. This method is good because minerals are not washed out of the soil.

Over the top

The most common and traditional watering method – through the top. For the right watering it is better to use a watering can with a narrow long neck. Watering the plant stands with warm soft water very neat and under the very root. But with this way, along with water flows into the pallet, all useful trace elements. Therefore, you need to use fertilizers more often. There are special complex fertilizers for drazes both in dry and liquid form. Usually they are bred in the recommended ratio with water before irrigating.

How many times to water?

Usually the draping is watered 2-3 times a week. But you need to warn that this is not a completely unequivocal council. It is necessary to repel from the conditions of detention, as well as from where a potted pot is installed. If the room is hot and dry, you can water every other day and, on the contrary, with high humidity and low temperature in the room watering reduce.

The frequency of watering depends on the age of plants and sizes.

Accordingly, a small dragerate in no case is not poured with plenty of water, reducing irrigation frequency. And for watering a two-meter tree, if the earthen comes are reheated, it will be necessary for an at least liter of water or even more. And water such a big plant, of course, you need more often.

Before pouring a plant, you need to first see how much the land is in a pot, and not forget it from time to time to loosen it. Also, this room plant must be kept away from the heating devices and protect against drafts. Who has no opportunity to mess up a lot with humidity, one can recommend to acquire those varieties of dras that easily transfer the most ordinary room conditions. The most undemanding to humidity are “Dragon” and “Drazen Godsef”. However, even need to water them correctly.

What water is better to use?

To properly care for the drasa, you need to perform some conditions. And one of these conditions is watering quality. What does it mean? This means that in no case can it be used simply water from the crane. Water should be filtered or at least stand. It should also be room temperature, somewhere 18-23 degrees Celsius. No room plant, and dragerate, including, can not be watering cold water. Otherwise, flowers begin to hurt, poorly grow and can even die.

The best option is to use talu water. In winter, you can gain snow or ice in the container, wait, when everything fills, and use this “live” water for watering. Such distilled water is considered the most soft and useful. Summer alternative – it watering rainwater. To collect rainwater, you can put barrels for drainage pipes. Or, if there is such an opportunity, to carry out pots with plants under summer warm rain.

Remember that water for watering drazes must be soft, without excess salts. Too tough lime water can be softened by any dietary acid: lemon or acetic acid. Add approximately half a teaspoon on 5 liters of water.

But use this way rarely and very carefully.

Watering at different times of the year

The frequency of watering depends on seasonality. In winter, the plant is at rest, so it will be enough to water the dragerate 1 time in 2 weeks. But it is necessary to make a reservation that it all depends on the conditions in which there is a plant. With a dry, hot microclimate in the apartment moisturize the soil you need more often. It is also desirable to spray the plant from the sprayer or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. In the summer, the drapra can be reached on the balcony or outside, but in no case under the scorching sunny rays, watering every other day or two.

Useful recommendations

The main thing in the care of the drasa is the systematic and observance of the biorhythms of the plant. That is, it is necessary to water it regularly, and not when you have to, after certain intervals, not forgetting about the period of growth and peace. DRACEEN is actively growing in spring, from April to August. During this period, feeding plants with mineral fertilizers and more active watering. And from October to January, the drasens “go on peace”.

If, when complying with all these rules, the plant still looks no matter if it is possible to change the place or lighting. Need to remember that the drasen is still a tropical plant. And as any flower from the tropics, it is important to her wet air around, and not an excessive root watering.

Separately, it should be noted that both in bright light and in the shadow of the drazen will begin to stick. Which exit? The light should be, but it must be scattered. Therefore, in the summer you can hide the dragerate in a half, and in the winter boldly evalted on the windowsill. By the way, this moment also directly affects the amount of watering. In a very hot room, you can install humidifiers of the air or near the heating devices to supply water tanks.

It is advisable not to forget from time to time to spray a plant from the spray, wipe the leaves with a damp cloth and more often use a way of watering under the shower. This plant is very and very not like dust, especially on their leaves. And indeed, many owners of Drazen say that if you get out in the room more often, these plants begin to grow with a greater hunt.

Attention! In no case do not use special aerosols that create an additional gloss in leaves, it is absolutely superfluous and can destroy the dragraph.

If it happened so that the plant was flooded, it should urgently transplan. For this, the draping must be removed from the pot together with the land. Rinse the root under running water, carefully examine it, cut off the fiddles, sprinkle as a fish or crowded activated carbon. Then the plant is again planted in a pot with fresh earth.

Despite the fact that the dragerate is considered a rather capricious plant, you can find with a dozen colors even more whimsical than it. In fact, it is not so difficult to raise it. It is important to clearly understand the needs of this plant. You can quickly feel a sense of measure when watering and catch the rhythms of growth of drazes. With its cultivation, like any other plant, just increased attention to the needs of the flower and clear observance of the rules of care.

About how to water the dragerate at home, look in the video below.

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