How to trim the money tree?

Pruning indoor plants helps them better grow, forms a good crown, but it is important to spend it right. Most crowodes do not touch the money tree. In fact and he needs to remove unnecessary shoots.

In what cases requires trimming?

There are several reasons why Money trimming may be required:

  • giving an attractive decorative type;
  • removal of patients and infected fireballs;
  • stimulating growth;
  • Strusting plant growth.

It is necessary to remove extra shoots if the flower becomes too high or wide for the space allotted to it. Cutting from the top of the tree branch or leaves spoil the appearance and create an uneven shape. As soon as these appear on the flower, it’s time to cut them up to change the outlines of the crown. In addition, pruning helps to stimulate the growth of new healthy shoots. From time to time it is useful to rejuvenate the plant, but it is worth it in a strictly allotted vegetative period.

How to trim the money tree?

Crop the Tolstanka during flowering is not worth it, because then the whole color will fall.

There is only the only justification procedure during this period: Crassus fell ill and requires an immediate removal of shoots, affected by bacterial rot, otherwise the flower will die. Regularly remove brown or faded leaves. If the rabbing remarked dry, fading or brown processes, you can remove them without surviving over the tree. Such changes in appearance can be a sign that the air in the room is too dry, or the plant stands on draft, perhaps it is not enough natural light, or it falls right on the foliage, burning it.

The thickness is exposed to the procedure at any time of the year when infected with bacterial rot. This disease is not subject to treatment, there are no effective funds, so the only thing that can save the plant is timely pruning. And also requires trimming of any new branches on the tree that grow down: this is how the crown is properly. Remove branches that intersect or are under the wrong angle. The trimming is needed to create an open space, thanks to which the air is well blows the crown, there is no moisture in it and, accordingly, the foliage does not rot.

How to trim the money tree?

When can be done?

Forming a money tree is easy to study the basics of this art. Make regular trimming in spring. If you make a trunk and the top during this period, the tree will be better to keep the form. The procedure is held from March to May. In the summer they make correction pages, remove asymmetrically developing shoots, stimulate a new growth where Krone seems naked.

How to trim the money tree?

While working with a wicker ficus, it is trimmed evenly in all stems. In winter, remove all the dead or dying branches, as they use the resources of the plant necessary for normal growth and creating new leaves. Break-affected branches are cut off immediately.


Careful trimming every year helps maintain the required amount of money to remain compact, grew beautifully and did not get too high. Cuts no more than 1/3 branches from the trunk at an angle of 45 °: it helps to activate a new growth. To form a crown and keep the tree healthy, dead branches are removed completely or to the site where they are still alive. Clean the top stems to prevent the growth of money on the money after it reaches the desired height. Cut new stems that are formed on the base of the barrel if they grow near the soil.

How to trim the money tree?

If the rabbing is trying to get a stem, which should grow in a certain direction, proper trimming is very important.

New shoots tend to form along previously made cuts, so the corner of the cut at 45 ° is so important. To activate the growth of the new branch, you will need to make a cut on the top of the trunk. You can also provoke an increase in the rod into one of the parties or at the desired angle.

Even light pruning of plants contributes to strengthening and stimulating the growth of the main stem. The regular procedure not only helps the trunk to withstand the weight of the leaves, but also increases its size due to induced root growth. The formation of corns should be monitored and removed from the old foliage. There are two crown formation methods:

  • trimming;
  • topping.

How to trim the money tree?

How to trim the money tree?

The difference between them is that the first option is more often used for adult trees, the second – for young.

    In the first case, the kidney of growth and carefully remove it with the help of manicure scissors or simply pinch. Pruning – more cardinal intervention at which the whole branches are removed. At the same time, the slice should be above the kidney of growth for a couple of centimeters. Small processes remove to the trunk. No additional processing is required, it is enough to wait, when the place lights up slightly.

    Novice crusts need to remember that it will not be possible to give a round shape of the tree from the first time. The procedure should be carried out on a regular basis so that the crown of the plant received an attractive decorative look. Even the removal of large branches does not harm the flower, but it rejuvenates. If you want the crown to be volumetric, it is necessary to plant only one sprout in one container, since more trees forms thickets. When 4 pairs of leaves appear, it will be necessary to remove the kidney. The procedure is carried out regularly.

    The procedure for designing a round crown to master is easy, it is necessary to pinch the kidney growth with side shoots, and not only at the top. In this case, the crown will form simultaneously in different directions. Make a fat trunk at the tree is also simple: only you will need to raise long shoots. All foliage on the trunk is removed.

    How to trim the money tree?


    Any crown will be able to properly perform the pruning procedure on their own at home. Adult plant must be rotated for convenience and inspect it to understand where you need to remove branches and leaves. Pot at that moment do not change, that is, the transplant is not made. Money tree allocates white-milk liquid when it is cut. It is normal because the juice forms a protective film on the wound. The process occurs step by step.

    • At the first stage, you will need to prepare a tool. For the procedure, a secateur or special scissors is perfect, but they should not have been used before on plants that sick or infected by pests. It is best to disinfect the tool with alcohol.
    • Find 2 branches that form a V-shaped form from the barrel. Put a finger over them: it will be the place where it is necessary to cut.
    • Sliced ​​trunk for 1-3 cm above V-shaped branches. Hold scissors at an angle of 45 °. The slice should be clean, no extra branches and leaves remain.
    • Remove branches from above and from the side of the tree.
    • Sliced ​​shoots with dry or brown leaves.
    • Cropped wood up half of its size. At one time you should not carry out a strong trimming, otherwise the plant can be sick, the growth of the tree will stop.

    How to trim the money tree?

    How to trim the money tree?

    Subsequent care

      New kidneys pinch at the stage of their appearance to immediately form a crown correctly. After any trimming, subsequent care plays an important role.

      • Wicker money tree requires some water. Watering once a week is quite enough. Any crop is worth aware that the volume of injected moisture depends not only on the temperature in the room, but also on the size of the container, the composition of the soil.
      • Watered the roots of the tree when the soil becomes dry to the touch. Using a watering can or a jug with a long neck to get to the roots of the plant, as water entering the stem or leaves can cause rotting. In winter, the amount of irrigation is significantly reduced. The colder indoors, the less moisture requires a flower.
      • Money tree loves well-drained soil. It is impossible to allow water to be stood in the ground, because the roots and stem will start rot. As a result of the rotor process, the plant ceases to receive the necessary amount of oxygen and nutritional elements, foliage changes its color, begins to be. Relief from rotting requires a lot of time and strength, sometimes a monetary tree dies. Therefore, rabbing will need to take care of the quality of the soil, prevent the convergence. The soil must contain a mixture of land and shallow gravel pebbles, which are stacked in a pot with one or more drainage holes. They allow excess water freely go to the pallet. Some bonsai grow well in a mixture of peat, vermiculite and perlite in the proportion of 2x1x1.
      • Tarrowing the tree is necessary every 2-3 years. If the rabbing noted that the root system filled the pot, it’s time to change the container. The best time for this is the middle of the summer. The flower is removed from the pot and placed in a new soil and a new capacity. You can cut some roots, remove damaged, weak, old. This uses a simple secret, but only necessarily processed by alcohol.
      • Cash trees are very hardy and not subject to diseases, But if whiteflinking or notes invaded, it is possible to fight with them with a solution of soap and warm water. Treatment is carried out in a bath or on the street, if there is warm. Increased moisture is always destructive for any insect. The procedure is repeated as needed. After it, it will be necessary to wait until the water in the pot stalks before cleaning the flower to the usual place.
      • For money tree it is worth choosing a place with a moderate amount of sunlight. This plant can survive in different conditions, but for its normal development it is necessary to take care of the shadows and the sun during the day the same amount. Eastern and Western windows – the best place for growing flower. If the first signs of light deficit, artificial lighting can be installed.
      • It is important to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a long period of time, As this leads to burns. For money, it is ideal for a bright, but indirect light, so it is better to place a flower behind the curtain, preventing the contact of foliage with glass.
      • Being a tropical plant, a money tree can withstand large temperature differences. His height slows down a bit against the background of an increase in air temperature, but it does not harm the tree. Similarly, a low temperature can cause a little damage, but nothing serious will happen until it falls to -2 ° C.
      • From time to time you need to make feeding. To enrich the soil with additional nutrients, within a few months from spring to late autumn, you can use diluted complex liquid fertilizer.
      • Brown dry leaves – the symptom of the absence of the necessary moisture in the air or a sign of poor lighting. These trees can be shocked when they are moved to other conditions, so they need to give time to adapt to the new environment. The plant should stand in such a place where there is no draft, away from the battery and other heater, ventilation holes and air conditioning.
      • Sometimes stress after trimming is manifested by leaf. During this period, it is worth putting a plant in a brightly illuminated place and leave it there until the tree will restore. Help can and increase the humidity around it. You can use a sprayer or automatic humidifiers, put a container with water and pebbles nearby. The main thing is to prevent water from entering the surface of foliage.

      How to form a money tree, look in the following video.

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