How to transplant money?

    Native places for money – Central and South America. In the culture, the room flower grows perfectly at home on the windowsill, but requires care, including timely transplant. So the flowers need to know when and how its procedure is held.

    When a transplant is required?

    There are several cases when it may be necessary Transplant Money Tree:

    • Fungal infection;
    • the growth of the roots;
    • soil change;
    • after the purchase.

    It happens that in the winter time the fat woman is fascinated, loses its appeal, its foliage falls. In most cases, this is an indicator of fungal damage roots. Root rotes is the cause of the decomposition of the roots, as a result, nutrients and oxygen cease to enter the crown, and the Crassula slowly dies.

    In this case, it is recommended to carry out a plant transplant to a new container using another soil. Since roting appears as a result of high humidity, it is necessary to use well-drained soil.

    At the time of transplanting the roots of the plant must be cut off, removing damaged, and carry out the processing of fungicide.

    Over time, any room plant, if it was bought not an adult, begins to grow out its capacity, so it is necessary to change the container to a more spacious. Do it costs once a year until the money tree reaches maximum growth. Each time the diameter of the container increases by 5 centimeters.

    If the flower is already an adult and no longer grows, then its transplant is more related to the need to change the primer once every 5 years. Due to the fact that the plant prefers good drainage, gradually minerals and vitamins from the ground are washed out with water, the soil is arched due to the fertilizers introduced, so it is required to replace it.

    Produce a transplant and after purchase, but it is not recommended to do this immediately and advise you to wait until the money tree is acclimatized in new conditions for it. The time plays great importance when the transplant procedure is carried out, since in the spring, when active growth has already begun, it can only harm the tree.

    You can safely transplant the flower in the winter when it is experiencing less stress.


    The process of preparation for transplant is quite simple. For this, it is necessary to need a new land, since the plant does not make sense to transplant. It is better to use a lightweight, well-drained soil who misses water well, otherwise you can face the problem of the appearance of root rot.

    Soil can be purchased ready in a specialized store, but can be made independently. In the second case, it will be necessary to mix peat in the same proportions, deciduous mixture and perlite. It is such a composition of the soil is considered ideal for money. Sometimes use sand instead of perlite, but then it will be better if it is with large particles. River sand should not be taken, it contains not only a huge amount of bacteria, but also harmful substances.

    The soil mixture is desirable to be disinfected before use, for this it is poured into the container and heated within an oven at an oven at a temperature of 80 degrees. The increase in temperature will lead to the fact that in the ground will not remain useful substances.

    Before starting the transplant, it is necessary to immediately prepare the necessary tool if you plan to trim the roots. Scissors or a secateur necessarily washed in a solution of activated carbon or treated with alcohol.

    Plant before carrying out the procedure should also be prepared. This requires 4 days before it is to pour it.

    It is necessary to make feeders in a couple of weeks, because then it will not be possible to use fertilizers for some time, otherwise the load on the flower will increase with which it is difficult for him to cope.

    How to transplant?

    To properly transplant the flower at home, you need to carefully take this issue.

    High-quality drainage provides perlite challenge added to the ground. Money tree does not suit his container while inside there is at least one drainage hole.


    Most often you can see how experienced rabbies spread the money tree by the process. After the cutlets are caring in a small container, it is required to transplant it in the container where it will develop the first year and gain strength.

    For a flower, a container is selected with drainage holes. It is desirable that its size is slightly larger on the diameter of the existing root system.

    Free space should be about 2 centimeters from roots to the walls.

    In the container, the soil is falling asleep, the drainage must be laid on the bottom, then easily, using a special blade or a wide knife, come up and reverse with a small amount of earth. The plant is placed in the center of the pot, while its root neck should be at the level of the edges and not lower, otherwise it will begin to rot.

    If the soil is fixed earlier, it is not enough, then smallest, raising, so the young monetary tree. Tops fall asleep the remnants of the soil and slightly tamper it with his palm.

    In the last stage, the container is well shed and leave it drain, then remove the place to prepared for indoor flower.

    Adult plant

    Step by step procedure of adult tree transplant looks like this.

    • First prepare the container with a diameter of 5 centimeters than that of the previous container. It is so much that the root system will be required to develop well throughout the year. You should not take a larger container – the more free space in it, the more moisture there will remain. The plant will not be able to consume all the water and roots will begin to rot. Be sure to use a container with at least one drainage hole, but if the flower is large, it is desirable that there are several.
    • Fill a new container about one third of fresh soil mixture. At the bottom, be sure to lay a layer of shallow pebbles, you can use brick crumb. Some add foam crumb, not knowing that this material in large numbers, though protects the roots from lowering the temperature, does not let moisture, as a result, the soil becomes wetlands. You can put a piece of glass or a fragment of broken ceramics over the drainage holes to protect the ground from flushing through them during irrigation.
    • Take out a tree from the old capacity. Act is very careful without damaging the roots. If the flower does not give in, then you can cut the soil with a knife along the edge of the pot, then turn the container and pull the barrel by holding it at the very reason.
    • At this stage there is an opportunity to conduct an inspection of the root system and remove all old, damaged or sick shoots. Cuts are necessarily treated with activated carbon solution. If this is not done, fungus and bacteria penetrates through the wounds.
    • The roots are washed from the old soil, slightly dried and placed in a new container in the center. From above the next portion of the earth is falling asleep, slightly appreciate the soil, thus removing the resulting air pockets.
    • High-quality polyv is produced. The pot with money tree leaves the glasses of excess fluid, then remove the windowsill or the place where the plant will be constantly.

    After properly spent transplant, the standard room carial care is resumed with the exception of fertilizer. They can be used no earlier than in two weeks, but better even later.

    Subsequent care

    The monetary tree refers to the category of indoor plants that are not too picky and do not require much attention from the crop. However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to care for a flower. Subsequent care includes not only high-quality irrigation or creating ideal conditions for it, it is also pruning and making fertilizers.

    In the natural environment, this plant is trying to settle closer to the water, but where it is not for a long time. This condition should be taken into account and ensure that the ground is not constantly wet. Plants in the container need regular watering. In the summer it is carried out once a week, and in winter, when the ambient temperature is lower, their number is reduced. If the room is hot, then the volume of the injected fluid should be left at the same level, since the lack of moisture is also harmful with the money tree, as well as excess.

    Determine whether it is necessary to water the flower or not, it is possible in the degree of soil drying. In the ground finger make a small hole for two centimeters, and if it is dry, then it’s time to bring water. It is best to use the bottom irrigation, for this, a leak with a long naist is perfect. Moisture falling on the foliage does not benefit, on the contrary, the plant because of this can begin to hurt.

    As for the quality of water, then the money tree is not limited to him. You can use a simple plumbing, but it is desirable before it to defend it within a few days.

    Great raindrop, thaia, well water, which must be preheated to room temperature.

    If with the time of the soil soles from the deliberate fertilizers, then they advise several times to produce distilled water to improve the level of the pH of the soil.

    Money tree is universally when it comes to light. It grows perfectly with a large number of sun and also wonderfully feels like shadow sills. An additional artificial lighting can be installed in the room so that the flower grow well and felt healthy.

    Do not put a container with a flower where it often sits. Cold air masses will not bring him good, foliage will become yellow. If the pot stands on the window in the winter, then it is necessary to make sure that hot air from the battery does not reach the plant, and its leaves are not in contact with glass. All this leads to the appearance of fungal diseases against the background of a reduction in the immunity of money. It is impossible to put a plant near the ventilation holes and air conditioning.

    Dry air indoors also does not benefit, so rabbing is obliged to take care of the required level of its humidity. You can use automatic humidifiers or just put a container with water near cash. Some flowerflowers prefer to spray water from a pulverizer. In this case, you need to do it further from the foliage so that the moisture does not get on it. In the heat, the procedure is held twice a day: Early in the morning and after lunch.

    In the warm season you can put a plant on the solar window to give it more sun. It is advisable to make the bright light be scattered.

    It is allowed to carry a flower into the street, but it is necessary to install it where there is no wind.

    Money tree needs regular feeding. To do this, it is best to use balanced water soluble or liquid fertilizers. Portion must match the one that is specified on the package if the feeding is made once a month. With more frequent feeding, the dosage decreases by 4 times.

    Make feed in the spring and summer every month, and in the fall and in winter you can cut them up to once every two months.

    Dry mixtures do not use dry ground, but only on wet. If you do not comply with this requirement, you can encounter the fact that the roots of the tree will be burned.

    Plantieving should be followed by the state of the plant, as it can be understood by a shade of foliage, it is experiencing a shortage or excess minerals.

    Over time, the plant begins to need a small trimming. It allows you to restrain the growth and helps to give a decorative flower. If you want to save the flower small, then remove old and larger branches. Be sure to remove dead shoots and damaged, because they can cause bacterial or fungal infection.

    Young shoots just pinch up. I don’t need to handle the cut, after a few hours it will delay himself. The money tree allocates the juice after trimming, it is he who protects the wounds from the penetration of infection.

    If I do not want the plant to grow in height, then remove the upper shoots.

    The best time for trimming – winter, when the plant is at rest. Light trimming is carried out in spring when young twigs are just starting to form. If I want to make stem in a certain direction, you need to remember that new shoots appear along the cuts, so it is important to observe the cutting angle of 45 degrees.

    Inside the room, the money tree may also affect insects and fungi. The only thing rabbing – bacterial contamination cannot cope with the effective tools from it is not yet created, but at an early stage you can try to remove damaged shoots and remove the flower on quarantine.

    Flow, ticks, bedbugs and trips – insects that are very fond of indoor plants. Fight it easily, it is enough to increase the humidity in the room. Easy shower removes insects at once, however, after the procedure performed, it will be necessary to give the money to the money tree well, especially inside the crown before returning to its place.

    It is not bad to help the pest oil of Nima, alcohol, which simply wipe the stem and leaves. You can use a solution of insecticidal soap, and put several naphtaline balls on the soil from the triples.

    If there are spots and other damage on the leaves, it may be a sign of fungal disease. Initially, damaged shoots are definitely cut, then the processing of fungicide is carried out.

    If the rabbing wants to achieve a flowering flower, he should give the plant the required amount of light. Outdoors it produces flowers pretty willingly if its basic needs are satisfied and if it is pollinated.

    In room conditions, it is difficult to achieve blossoms, but you can put a money tree for the summer for the summer.

    Basic mistakes

    Beginners are allowed Many mistakes in the process of tree transplantation.

    • Do not carry out a cardinal trimming in the spring during a transplant when active plant growth is observed. It is already experiencing stress, and if you increase the loading load, it is possible that the tree will be sick for a long time, the growth will slow down. It is best to remove the branches and form a properly crown in the winter when the money tree sleeps. As soon as heat comes, a new growth is activated on the made cuts and, by the beginning of the next winter, the flower will turn new shoots.
    • If we use a potty-quality tight soil when changing, and not the necessary peat or sandy, then in 99% of cases root rot. In the absence of the necessary soil in stores it can be made independently.
    • Special attention is paid to containers. Clay have a porous structure, so in them moisture evaporates faster that you need to take into account. Moreover, clay pots quickly plant the soil, so it takes from time to time to water the plant with distilled water. Drainage holes must be present in plastic and ceramic pots.
    • If you have the opportunity to transplant the root system, it is better to do. Treatment and trimming take a minimum of time, but the money tree will better feel and faster will go into growth.
    • Immediately after the transplanting should not install a pot on the window, where the sun shines most of the day. Straight rays during this period can bring more harm than good, better supply container nearby and open curtains.
    • Feeding immediately after the transplant. While the plant is experiencing a shock state, gets used to new conditions, adapts and all the forces quit for rooting, nutrients in the soil will begin to have a positive effect on the process of creating new shoots. As a result, the plant will have to spend more forces on the formation of foliage and photosynthesis, while the roots will develop weakly. After some time, they will start missing for consumption of the required amount of water and minerals for a large flower.

    About how to transplant the money tree, look in the video below.

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