How to save orchid if she froze?

Orchid– This is a plant that belongs to the monocotional, its structure is very gentle and requires reverent care. Such a flower is an excellent interior decoration, and is suitable for amazing installations. Kostics are very diverse in nature, but they all look great thanks to various types and features of flowering.

Nevertheless, the orchid is quite demanding in care, and if it is incorrect to carry out leaving activities, the flower can plant. One of the most frequent causes of the death of the plant is its freezing.

When salvation after freezing, the inflorescence of the plant will appear only after 1.5-2 years, not earlier.

How to save orchid if she froze?

How to save orchid if she froze?

Conditions for favorable growth

When cultivating orchids, it is necessary to provide it with the right growing conditions. Consider in more detail what you need to do.

  • Flower does not like homogeneous soil.
  • Place “Accommodation” Plants should be well lit, but without bright sunlight. The illumination must be maintained within 12 hours.
  • Temperature regime depends on the type of plant, and should be between 20 to 30 degrees.
  • Air humidity should be more than 50%, artificial humidifiers can be used. Spray plant can not be sprinkling because there are waters from water on the leaves. It is advisable to water it with a pallet in the morning hours, to exclude overflow and post the root system. Water should be not very rigid and standing in a couple of days.
  • It is necessary to constantly fertilize orchid with minerals, which contains phosphors and iron.

How to save orchid if she froze?

    For landing orchids at home, it is necessary to determine the choice of a container that will not be cramped. The ideal soil will be the earth with the addition of sand, you can add greens in the form of moss, it is worth putting a large clay on the bottom, it will not be superfluous and the old bark of trees. This mixture will perform a special climate, restrain moisture, and will allow air to penetrate into the ground.

    In addition, there are some more good rules highlighted by crop.

    • Try to replant plants once every two years – to replace the soil, which is already exhausted. Most likely, by this time the plant is already quite capable of painting the pot.
    • Feeding is an important component of a constant flower diet.
    • In summer days it is worth “walking” plants, making them on the air.

    If you think that your “Pitomitian” slightly overcooked or freezes, it is worth creating peace for the plant, as well as avoid repeated hypoints.

    How to save orchid if she froze?

    How to save orchid if she froze?

    Frostbite and precautions

    Orchid – very elegant, but fragile plant. A slight climate change The plant feels very thin, and instantly reacts if the mode deviates from the usual norms. Flower frostbite is damage to the structure of the stem, leaves and the root system caused by supercooling.

    To prevent unpleasant consequences from the impact of cold to orchid, you need to exclude possible options. There are basic precautions to be used in everyday life.

    CONTENT next to window processes:

    • In winter it is worth removing the flowers to the distance from the window so that they do not overcooke;
    • It is necessary to avoid or completely rearrange the plants from often ventilated premises;
    • Heaters are very dried by air, but it is worth remembering that the orchids begin to freeze at temperatures below 16 degrees.

    How to save orchid if she froze?

      When moving and transporting, a number of important rules should also be observed.

      • It is worth covering the plant on all sides in order to avoid cold air.
      • It is not worth tightening the web tightly, because the lack of oxygen increases the possibility of attracting from the outside of negative effects.
      • Leave orchid on the street at a temperature of 0 degrees in an open form it is impossible, it will join.
      • Do not shake a plant, it is better to firmly fix in the car or keep during transport in hand.
      • Cover the plant of preferably paper of dense quality, and on top of covering the cellophane – this option is suitable at 0 degrees. Burlap and foam rubber fabric packaging is appropriate to protect at temperatures below 10 degrees. With a decrease in temperature below 25 degrees, it is worth refuse to move to warm days.
      • After you have brought the plant to heat, you need to wait for the flower to take new conditions and felt comfortable.

      Prevention of thermal exposure to external factors:

      • The sharp effect of different temperatures is very strongly affected by orchid, and can lead to serious problems: dry, burn stains, yellowing of foliage;
      • It is worth excluding spraying and water procedures during the cold weather;
      • Another enemy during the cultivation of plants is air conditioning, which either cool, or overcourses the room that adds additional hassle.

      Moisturize the soil during rest is slightly and only the top.

      How to save orchid if she froze?

      How to save orchid?

      If you find that orchid frozen at low temperatures, it is necessary to urgently reanimate a frozen flower. Carefully inspect the plant and appreciate the effects of freezing if it is possible, in general, save and revive after the frostbite obtained. If you noticed on the outside of the leaves, the affected areas in the form of wet wounds, it is worth response to quickly so as not to lose the plant entirely. When restoring it is not necessary too much to zealous so as not to harm the plant.

      Do not allow flowers when reshancing:

      • no mechanical impacts;
      • use of contrast temperatures for recovery;
      • warm baths and irrigation;
      • Ingress on the leaves of bright sun rays.

      If the leaves froze, and the suppurations were formed, it is worth trying to get rid of the affected areas, and sprinkle the joints of the compounds. Without this foliage pleases and will fall out at all. But it is worth considering that if the plant has long been ignored after hypothermia, and the stem itself can be infected later.

      How to save orchid if she froze?

      How to save orchid if she froze?

      If the jerks of fron, then you need to immediately remove it. Usually cut damage only at the top and to the first leaf and kidneys. In the early stages of frostbite, you can quickly restore orchid, and even achieve flowering in the future. If the flower suffered a lot and turned into a relative piece, the treatment at this stage will not give positive results. The cause of this phenomenon was long-term foundation under reduced air temperature.When you noticed that the roots were frozen, then, most likely, the plant has already died. But there are cases in which there is a chance to save orchid. If you are confident in the viability of your flower, you should inspect the root system and remove the affected areas. After the procedure performed, it is necessary to process the ash open part of the plant and to dry it a bit before rooting. Now, inspected once again the root, make sure that the disease does not hit healthy areas, and boldly proceed to landing orchids.

      About how to save orchid if she dismissed, look in the following video.

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