How to pour spathifylum (“female happiness”)?

Behind the spathifulum must be careed in a certain way and know the features of watering. If you provide all these nuances of care, then it will constantly bloom and delight you with his healthy shiny foliage. The peculiarity of this flower is that he has no rest period. So in the winter and summer for “female happiness” it is required to carefully carefully care and water.

How often do you need to water?

The main thing is to comply with the 2 most important and mandatory conditions for healthy spathifloum growth: a certain frequency of watering and timely spraying. In natural conditions, spatiflow grows in the shade under the trees and closer to the water bodies. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that for the healthy growth of this flower it is required to create conditions, the most similar to natural. This means that the year-round increased humidity of the air is very important. To do this, it is required to spatilulum to spatilum throughout the year at least once a week.

In some apartments, where especially dry air, you can keep a plant in the pallet with pebbles and water or install the air humidifier in the neighborhood. Spray flower need active and winter when the heating batteries work in our apartments.

Be careful, spraying during flowering should be careful, without water from entering the inflorescence of spathifylum.

About the frequency of irrigation definitely can only be declared one thing – at least once a week in winter, and even better two times it is necessary to shed “female happiness” to shed. In summer, the frequency of watering can reach up to 1 time in 3 days. Of course, it is important to stick to these recommendations, but at the same time not to overdo it in order not to fill the flower. Wait for dry the top layer of the earth.

How often water spathifylum is a rather individual question. In each case, the conditions will be their. All experienced flowerflowers argue that any plant can and need to look closely and escaped in watering. On how to determine that it is already time to pour a flower, let’s tell.

Dependence on the time of the year

In the summer heat, it is necessary to moisturize more intense and plentifully. During unstable temperatures (in spring and autumn), it is better to rely on current weather and adjust the humidity of the soil in a pot depending on weather conditions. In winter, the intensity of moisturizing, respectively, is reduced.

It is important to know that in winter the deputies’ care becomes in principle more problematic and requires special attention. In winter, there really is a risk to pour flower.

This can happen if the plant stands on a cold windowsill, its roots are cooled and become less susceptible to moisture. As a result, they will absorb less and can even bend. And, of course, a similar painful condition of the flower will immediately affect its appearance.

In winter, watering spathifylum is required only when the upper layer of soil gets. Check it is not difficult, just start your finger to the depth of one phalanx inside the soil. If you feel that there is no humidity, then it’s time to water. In the summer, in the heat of the flower often spray with a moisturizer and pour, of course, much more bolder, more intense and rich.

Than irrigating the flower?

Spatifylums need to spray more often, he loves it. In summer, for example, you may need your frequent presence in a flower with a pulverizer. 2-3 times a day – perfect. And the quality of water is important for “female happiness”. It should be soft, filtered or standing in 2-3 days, some are even watered with mineral water without gas. It is better that water is a little warmer room temperature.

Preferably once a month to carry out the irrigation of the flower with any fertilizer. For example, it can be sucked apart. From this drug flower feels excellent. It activates growth, and the leaves become the right oval shape, beautiful and saturated in color, smooth and shiny by texture. Amber Acid Good to apply from the beginning of spring to July with a periodicity of 2 times a month.

Also, if necessary, gardeners are added to water for the irrigation “Epin” or “Zircon”. So as not to harm the flower, feeding it better to limit from November to February.

When blossoming, the plant also does not need fertilizers, it is better to add them immediately after, as well as in periods of maximum active growth, that is, from March to the beginning of September.

Watering methods and rules

Spatiflow irrigation rules are reduced to one main – watering this flower is needed by necessity. At the same time, the land in the pot must remain a little wet. If “female happiness” lacks moisture, you can notice a little drooping leaves. If the spathimilum sad “lowered his ears”, then it’s time to water him. Also useful for this plant wipe the leaves with a wet sponge, preferably every day, and once a month send to a bathroom under warm shower.

For those who have a spathifylum appeared quite recently, the best way to irrigation will be clickene. Similarly, it is easier to monitor the amount of moisture incoming to the plant. It is believed that if after watering it took about 7 minutes, and at the bottom of the pot appeared a little humidity, it means that it was rather abundant.

Watering must be correctly: neatly, evenly and in a circle, so as not to create a hole and not expose the root system of the plant. For watering at home, a small can with a rather narrow long nose and small holes at the end.

If you have to leave the spathifylum for a long time, then it is worth taking care of the timely moistening of the Earth. It happens that there is no possibility to leave your flower responsible neighbor or knowledgeable people. In this case, the acquisition of a special system of irrigation for the soil will help. A simpler and accessible way is a pre-rich watering and installation of a flower pot into a deep pallet with water.

Possible errors and their consequences

Naptiffluma, like any other flower, has its own status alarm system. If something goes wrong, you can always at least roughly determine the cause by looking at the leaves of the plant. Of course, the reasons for bad well-being from “female happiness” quite a lot. Starting from parasites, improper arrangement, insufficient water temperature and humidity, ending with incorrect irrigation intensity. With incorrect watering, one of these problems will definitely manifest.

  • Tips or edges of leaves are dried. This means that spathifylum lacks water or humidity. It also happens that water is too tough. Try to smoothly increase the amount of water when watering and often spray the plant. And do not forget to use soft water. Another recommendation to enhance the humidity around the plant – to put the pot of wet moss.

  • Black leaves, brown spots appear on them. This is a sure sign that the root flower system is flooded or a plant frozen. If you took care, so that the cold and drafts do not get to Spatifylum, it means that it is accurate in the process of rotting roots. It is necessary to stop the existing pace of irrigation immediately and save the plant. When overflow spathiflum is extremely desirable to transplant it to a new soil, give enough light. First time after a transplantation to feed the “epic” and “zircon”, these drugs increase immunity and contribute to the active development of roots.

  • Founding or “lying” leaves. Spathifylum lacks the water, so there will be quite abundant irrigation or a good soul. By the way, if the plant blooms, the shower you need to water very and very carefully, so as not to wet the flower itself.

Recommendations for care

In order for spathifulum well and bloom, he needs some close in a pot. Therefore, for this flower it is recommended to purchase a potted pot narrowest and high. The bottom of the pot is best lay out pebbles or clay, it contributes to the withdrawal of excessive moisture and saves roots from rotting. Also, a plastic pot is suitable for spathifylum, since the ceramic moisture evaporates faster.

Best of all “female happiness” feels in moisture and nutritious soil, not tamped and “with air”.

It is useful after abundant irrigation to jumble the ground in a pot, but only after the moisture is completely absorbed into the soil and even snacks a little. You can also take care that the soil is as suitable for saving moisture. To do this, add to the pot is such a useful substance as vermiculitis. Its proportions from the ground can be different and even reach 50%. Vermiculitis will allow the soil better aerated and keep moisture, also protects the roots from insidious temperature drops, reduces the acidity of the Earth and prevents its salinization.

And finally, once again recall: in no case cannot be transfused with water, as is contraindicated to keep it for a long time in dry soil. Immediately learn to water correctly not given to anyone, so just be attentive to the flower. Spathifulum will show you with his appearance, as he feels and what he does not have enough.

More information about spathifloum leaving the video below.

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