How to make kashpo from newspaper tubes do it yourself?

Newspaper caspets often make for potted colors. One of the most interesting methods of application of the newspaper is the creation of a porridge on the wall in the form of any figures or paintings with your own hands.

Cachet for flowers without bottom

  • Cut from cardboard or tight paper Circle, choose the diameter yourself, under your pot.
  • On the circuit after 2 centimeters we make holes. You can make themselves seer or spin.
  • Twist the tubes from the newspaper, insert them into the holes of our billet.
  • “Tail” under the circle leave the size of 3 centimeters – it must be bent, but do not glue.
  • Put the pot on the cardboard, start to weave. Weave in checker. We choose a three-tier weaving, when 3 sticks through 3 wallace into the workpiece.
  • Weave to the top edge of the pot, even on a centimeter above.
  • Clean the pot. Close the top and bottom of the usual bend. Extraly cut off.
  • Cover the mixture of PVA glue with water in a 1: 1 ratio.
  • Then cover lacquer.


For the product we need:

  • A4 format newspaper;
  • A knitting knitting or sprinking with a diameter of 2 mm;
  • scissors;
  • glue, better plow;
  • clothespins.

Sticks from newspapers

  • The sheet from the newspaper cut into 3 identical parts vertically.
  • On one “strip” put the needle, angle of 20 degrees.
  • Cleaned paper around the knitting needles.
  • Need to make as much such tubes as possible to have enough for kashpo.
  • For a bicycle, you need a few “increasing”. For this take two tubes, alone insert into another, sample.
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Rear wheels

Wheels need to do 2 pieces. For them, you need to make a zigzagovoid tape.

We use 2 sticks. For informative: 2 colors – blue and red.

Step-by-step weaving:

  • Red wand laid inside blue.
  • The edges of the blue tube dilute on the side at the same distance from each other.
  • Right side of the red sticks wrap up to us, lay on top of blue.
  • The left side of the red tube wrap up from us, put under the blue.
  • Red wands we get one under another.
  • Left half of the blue tube should be started for red tubes.
  • Wrap the right side of the blue stick. Raise, then lay on the red.
  • The blue tube must be removed below the red.
  • Further turn around the same tube red, on top of blue and in the middle.
  • Red tube down for both blue, but on the extreme right red wand.
  • The same tube deposit on blue.
  • The right red tube should be started in the middle between blue.
  • In the same way, the left blue wand we get on top of the red.
  • The left blue tube stretch down under the red and then put on top on the extreme right.
  • Further do everything on the same scheme, to the length you need.
  • Connect and get a circle that lubricate glue.

Spokes for wheels:

  • It is necessary to take 5 short tubes, fold them in half and connect so that the center remains the hole for the sleeve and axis;
  • wheel diameter – 7 cm;
  • Spokes insert inside wheels;
  • lubricate with glue;
  • Insert an axis for wheels in the sleeve – they connect the wheels and basket.
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Wheel axis:

  • take 2 short sticks;
  • we extend the tubes, spin like a spiral;
  • We skill, sushim.

Front wheel

It is done only one, it should be more than the rear. Diameter – 14 cm. Number of spokes – 12 pcs. Wheel manufacturing technique repeated. When the axis is inserted into the sleeve, you need to add another tube – the simulator for pedals. Take another 2 short tubes. Every “lying” so that it looks like a pedal or triangle, insert them into a simulator. Gift.

    Connect all parts of the bike

    • Raise the right and left axis up, bring them together. Frame wrap and put.
    • Make 4 turns, add a tube, fold in half. It will be a bicycle frame.
    • Pull out the main wand forward and wrap it the carcass. Technique: The first row is a working stick from below, the second row is from above and t. D. From both sides there should be 6 turns, then we make the rows wider.
    • We lingify another wand for the saddle.
    • Weep 7 rows.
    • In the bicycle frame add a stick, wrap, like with a saddle. Weep 8 vitkov.
    • Add horizontal wand for steering.
    • Working chopping steering wheel.
    • Make 4 turns. Tubes on frame cut and put.
    • Put on the framework overlapping the working and albeit too.
    • To the saddle we glue three wands, weep the spikelet. It will be needed to connect the saddle and seeded pin, attached to the rear wheels.
    • Basket for colors insert between the wheels, their axes start in the porridge and glit.
    • 4 seat pins need to be reduced and wrap one stick. Cut the ends. We are lining and dried. Covered lacquer.
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    About how to make a bicycle-kashpo from newspaper tubes with your own hands, see the following video.

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