How to make a paper casket?

Useful and beautiful things can be created from any girlfriend materials. For example, a chest of cardboard and paper can always be used for storing jewelry and other cute hearts. And you can make it like packaging for the present of Little Fashion. Such products are made pretty quickly, without requiring experience and special work skills.


Caskets for jewelry and jewelry invariably attract the attention of adult ladies and little girls – all without exception of a fair sex love them. In addition, the stylish box often performs not only a practical function, but also becomes a beautiful and stylish room decor.

Of course, you can always acquire an interesting model in the store, but handmade casket has a lot of advantages:

  • insignificant cost of consumables;
  • exclusive decor;
  • Ability to choose the form and dimensions of the product.

To make hand-made chest, it is not necessary to buy expensive materials – it is possible to make a beautiful product from those that will always be in every home. For this suit:

  • paper;
  • Dense cardboard;
  • Trimming wallpapers;
  • shoe box;
  • Candy packaging;
  • Packing Tetra Pak;
  • egg containers;
  • postcards;
  • Plastic bucket from mayonnaise.

You can take buttons, lace, ribbons, beads, corrugated paper and any other items that you can use in your taste. They will help to make a lark truly unique.

Caskets can be made not only for themselves, but also as a gift, as well as as a source of additional income.

There are several interesting ideas, how do it yourself to build and beautifully embed a handmade chest.

Methods of manufacture

From Tetra Pak Packaging

Paper is a rather thin material, so the box can get fragile. It is best to use cardboard, the optimal solution will be a package from under milk, cocktail or juice. To work you will need:

  • Two Tetra Pak Pack;
  • PVA glue;
  • tight cardboard sheet;
  • Decor elements.

Step-by-step manufacture.

  1. Packing from under the juice / milk Cut the six identical parts – they will become sections of your chest.
  2. Place them near each other, circle through the contour, and then cut the base from the cardboard from the sheet, adding 2-3 mm from each edge.
  3. Similarly, make the blanks of future sides, the height of which should correspond to the size of the sections.
  4. To begin with, make the basis of the Larz – for this, the sides must be glued to the base.
  5. Now inside, vaulting prepared sections and fix clothespins before drying.
  6. On the inner surface of the cover, glue a pair of fabric strips – they are necessary to support the lid. The second end should be fixed with one side of your box.
  7. Wait for the glue drying and proceed with decorating. To do this, the external side of the casket can be wrapped with colored paper, beautiful wallpaper, figures of postcards or cloth, after which you need to stick a bow, beads, rhinestones, ribbons or lace (at your discretion).

Lark from the book

This is a rather unusual and entourage box. For its manufacture you will need:

  • fat old book;
  • PVA glue;
  • Fabric flowers;
  • simple pencil, thin brush;
  • acute knife.

Step-by-step instruction.

  1. Open the book in the middle, after which a simple pencil draw a rectangle to leave the fields 1.5 cm.
  2. After that, with the help of a scalpel or a sharp knife, cut the hole on the drawn lines so that its depth is sufficient to place decorations.
  3. When you finish cut sheets, glue them with each other PVA glue, press the google and leave to dry.
  4. After graze the glue, you can decorate your box. It is best to decorate it in the style of vintage: to lack varnish and re-establish lace, as well as ribbons and beads.

From a candy box

For the manufacture of Functional and stylish chest you will need:

  • Candy box;
  • wrapping paper;
  • glue.

If you plan to take a light packaging paper for the casket, you will have to be able to paint it with snow-white acrylic paint.

The sequence of actions is simple.

  1. Carefully cross the gift paper box, while for the bottom and cover, take a tight sheet of paper and leave the stock to be that. Tip: Sutting off the paper for sidewalls, make sure that you took a piece of sufficient length – you need to attach all sides with the back and outdoor side.
  2. So that the corners were beautiful and neat, first stick the packaging paper on the sides, and then cut and carefully inside the corners.
  3. The inner surface of the lid and the bottom of the box will cross the light dense paper.
  4. To get rid of air bubbles between paper and box, you need to dilute PVA with water and a soft brush to apply a mixture on bubbles, after which it neatly wipes them with a tissue napkin.

Your box is ready, only to decorate it in your taste.

Lark with drawers

A stylish trigger with drawers can be built of cardboard and match boxes. Of course, only small rings can fit in ordinary boxes, but if you acquire fireplates or tourist matches, you can make a full-fledged exclusive casket.

You will need:

  • solid cardboard for frame design;
  • Beautiful buttons for the manufacture of pens;
  • Wallpaper / Fabric / Adhesive Based Film and Other Decorative Materials.

Creating a box will take quite a bit of time. Process description – below.

  1. Remove the sulfur layer from match boxes and glue from each other.
  2. Billet from solid cardboard Plug boxes from the outside.
  3. All exterior surfaces separate the fabric, wallpaper or film.
  4. Using sewing, fasten the buttons.

If desired, you can decorate the chest in beads, lace and tape bows.

Methods of registration

Looking beautiful looks in retro style. This decor is very easy.

  1. First, it is necessary to cover the entire surface of the lycchik white acrylic paint, then dry with a hair dryer and leave until final graze.
  2. Those places where you plan to arrange “rubbing” should be grateted with a candle. Similarly, you need to handle the angles.
  3. To create an antique effect, the coating must be gratened to emery.
  4. At the final stage from napkins for decoupage, you should cut your favorite patterns, fix to the surface and rinse with a brush moistened in PVA.
  5. Dry the casket and cover with a transparent varnish.

In general, the casket can be decorated with absolutely any materials – old unused jewelry, beads, buttons or decorative stones. You can use ribbons and lace.

Show a little imagination and you will get something new and unusual. The most important thing is that the craft is made sincerely – from all soul.

Master class on making paper caskets in the video below.

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