How to make a cork board with your own hands?

Currently, there are a huge number of different options for interior decor. I wonder the small products made from cork board will look. In addition, they can act as convenient wall stands for layout of paper notes. This material can be made without difficulty and independently at home. Today we will talk about how it can be done and what materials will be needed for this.


Cork material is absolutely environmentally friendly and easy. In addition, it can boast of his noncorporation – when contacting with fire, the board will be pretty slow and bad.

Cork board is hypoallergenic, Which allows you to place products made from it, in children’s rooms and indoors where allergies live.

This material is distinguished by special elasticity, so it is easy to work with it. It is able to fuse even under the influence of large loads, but in the end, it will still come to its initial position; break such products difficult.

Cork board is considered hygienic, it does not require any care. With the appearance of pollution, the surface is simply slightly wipe with a dry cloth.

Tools and materials

First of all, you should prepare everything necessary for the manufacture of such cork panels tools and materials. These include the following elements:

  • a sheet of plywood or cardboard (you can take any size depending on personal preferences, the board can be made according to individual sizes);
  • Cork (admissible to apply a special cork substrate), it must correspond to the size of plywood;
  • fabric (you need to select the material that will be 2 centimeters more by taking a piece of plywood, it is better to take a cotton basis);
  • adhesive apparatus;
  • Lobzik (you can take both electrical and manual);
  • stapler;
  • knife;
  • pencil;
  • Wood rail;
  • PVA glue and tassel for applying it;
  • Acrylic paint.

Production options

To begin with, consider the simplest version of the manufacture of cork boards from plywood and traffic jams with your own hands.

  • First you need to pick up The most suitable working surface and lay a sheet of plywood on it, and top laying the plugs from wine. All sizes must be carefully seized. If necessary, you can cut the materials with a building knife.
  • After that, the plug and paneur firmly glue with each other with a glue gun. After applying the mass, it is better to leave the product to dry, it can take about one hour. The layer from the cork part will act as the front side, the plywood layer – the reverse side.
  • Later the fabric is taken, it should be carefully stroken and sane. It is laid out on the working surface, it is put on a wooden workpiece, while the plug should be downstairs and touch with a cloth. The woven base is well masked, the surface must be perfectly even and neat. It should be quite tightly tighten without folds. Stand is better to advance to make sure that on the other side, the material is distributed evenly.
  • Then you need to glue the fabric from the reverse side using the adhesive apparatus. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the glue is distributed as evenly uniform on the surface, there should be no lumps. Instead, you can apply a special stapler.
  • Glue must be completely dryed, after which you can start creating a frame. To do this, from the rail, with the help of the jigsaw, it is formed by its individual parts, and it is predefined to accurately measure all the notes with a simple pencil.
  • All cut parts of the frame should be glued together into a single design. After all the product is completely dry, you can paint all this acrylic paint to give more decorative external design.

As a result, it should be a beautiful stand for notes and ads. Also on the surface you can attach several small hooks, and then the design will act as a key.

With the help of such a cork board, you can also make an interesting calendar, one large photo frame or a surface for placing a multitude of small photos.

According to this scheme, you can make a corkboard for the children’s room. In order for the drawings of children not to store in a separate album, you can simply place such a design and consolidate several sheets of paper on its surface. You can additionally decorate it with stickers with images of your favorite heroes.

Consider another option to manufacture cork board.

  • It will be necessary to prepare in advance a shallow cardboard box and many wine plugs. Also need satin tape of any color, depending on personal preferences.
  • First you need to adjust the plugs from wine with a construction knife. They should be the same length.
  • After that, create an attachment on which the board is in the future and will be fixed when it will be laced on the wall. In order to create such an attachment, it will be necessary to form a small hole at the bottom of the cardboard box, it is possible to make it using a stationery knife.
  • In the hole made neatly fasten the satin ribbon. It must be fixed in the inside of the box of PVA glue. At the same time, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the bottom with a glue mixture. Make it better immediately in several layers. At the same time, follow the appearance of the product, everything should look as much as possible.
  • Later in order in several rows into the inner part of the cardboard box Install wine plugs.
  • When they all turn out inside, you can paint some of them acrylic coloring composition, so that the general design has become brighter and unusual. You can immediately use different colors, but at the same time they must be well combined with shades in the interior.

How to issue?

There are several basic ways to re-establish such a board.

  • Soft french option. In this case, it will be necessary to put a thin white cotton basis on the surface. Top lay out openwork and beautiful braid. It should be fixed as secure as much as possible. As a result, it turns out a tissue panel with small cells for ads and notes

  • Modern option. In this case, several small paper holders are attached to the surface of the board of traffic jams. It is better to use the original elements decorated in various colors that will be perfectly combined with each other. Such a simple but beautiful option is perfect for accommodation in offices or home offices.

  • Graphite option. The stand from the tube is completely painted in a special paint so that the material acquires a graphite surface. With this option, all notes can be written with chalk.

  • Option with additional decorative details. Often, in the process of creating such a board, various beautiful frames are used, decorated with floral ornaments and other elements.


In the process of making cork board, some important recommendations should be taken into account.

  • After the material is fully prepared, Its surface is better covered with a special protective varnish. Such an additional coating will significantly extend the life of the design, make it much more durable and resistant.
  • One should not be placed such an area of ​​rooms with a relatively high degree of humidity, Since the cork material is seriously tolerates the negative effects of water.
  • If the cork board will serve as an interesting accent in the interior of the room or simply as a decorative design, then then its surface is better to decorate.

You can do this not only through various acrylic paints, but also with the help of multi-colored stones, pearls, beads.

An interesting master class on the manufacture of cork board can be viewed in the following video.

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