How to grow anthurium from seeds at home?

Tropical flower Anthurium – spectacular representative of the Flora of the family of aroid with abundant, almost continuous flowering. There is a legend that the beginning of life on Earth was given two flower – Anthurium and Orchid (he and she). These flowers are special, filled with mysterious secret meaning. Anthurium is considered a symbol of family happiness and prosperity. But this is not only a symbolic attribute. It has quite real useful properties: relieves fatigue, increases the mood, improves environmental environment in the home, assimilates and turns xylene and toluene into harmless substances that may be allocated from some modern building materials.

How to grow anthurium from seeds at home?

When the cultivation of seeds apply?

The reproduction of anthurium is carried out mainly in a vegetative way (cuttings, leaflets, children). This is a reliable way, not very complicated performed, giving good results with the full preservation of the properties of the “parent”. Corresponding situations when you need to grow anthurium from seeds:

  • in flower households or in entrepreneurs whose activities are associated with the sale of floral seedlings, to obtain a large number of plants immediately;
  • In order to update the existing collection when receiving seeds on request from suppliers;
  • With a focused choice of a certain type of “parents” with seeds obtained from them, selection experiments on the removal of new varieties are carried out.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method

The main advantage of seed reproduction of Anthurium is the simultaneous preparation of a large number of new plants that none of the methods of vegetative reproduction can provide. The disadvantages include:

  • The botanical characteristics of maternal individuals are transferred to new plants only from varietal species, hybrids seeds will not be able to guarantee the expected result;
  • The germination of anthurium seeds is not saved for a long time, so sowing may simply not climb, especially if the seeds ordered by sending mail;
  • The process of growing from seeds is quite time-consuming and significantly stretched in time – the flowering of seedlings will have to wait 2-3 years.

How to grow anthurium from seeds at home?

Getting seeds at home

To grow anthurium from seeds, you can take advantage of the finished seed material from the specialized shopping center sent by mail or taken from other flower. But home-made amateur breeders often try to get seeds from their plants for further breeding or to share with colleagues.

To get seeds necessarily pollination of flowers.

In nature, this will make numerous insects flying on a bright color and aroma of blooming anthurium. There are no houses insects, so there will have to pollize the inflorescences.

Take such an operation in a bright sunny day to ensure high lighting intensity. One important subtlety should be taken into account – on the inflorescences of Anthurium, stamens and pestles ripen in different times and are ready for pollination not at the same time. For successful pollination of the soft tassel, careful light movements need to be carried out on different “reels” several times around the week. If everything succeeds, the plant will begin to form berries, inside which seeds are formed.

The duration of maturation ranges from 8-12 months, and the number of berries varies from 2-3 to several dozen on each inflorescence (depends on the variety). At the end of ripening, berries freezed on thin fruits, visually look like juicy and pouring. Ripe berries should be collected by the capacity, spread and rinse to free from the pulp.

How to grow anthurium from seeds at home?

Carefully! Anthurium juice (like all the aid) poisonous and can cause allergic manifestations on the skin (rash, itching, redness), so it is better to work with a plant in gloves.

Warm water and quote. The washed seeds need to be treated with a pinking solution of manganese and add a little. Such a procedure will help to exclude the risk of picking seeds in the soil after sowing.

Preparation of soil

Substrate for planting seeds can be purchased ready for a given composition, but it is easy to prepare and yourself. Suitable from equal proportions of light sheet soil, peat and river sand. Sand can be replaced by perlite or finely chopped moss-sphagnum. For disinfection well approximately 2-3 days before the planned sowing, the soil in the microwave or shed boiling water.

Landing containers are selected spacious, but not very deep. Immediately before planting, you need to decompose the soils, slightly seal with your hands and slightly moistened (you can add pinkish mangalls).

How to grow anthurium from seeds at home?

Remember good drainage (small gravel suitable) – Anthuriums do not like a substrate with stagnant water.

Landing seeds

If everything is ready, You can sow seeds (purchased or grown at home):

  • scatter seeds on the surface of the soil as much as possible as possible as soon as possible;
  • neatly, not blunting, slightly press them into the soil (you can use a wooden spoon);
  • cover the improvised “greenhouse” with glass or transparent plastic so that the substrate does not swam;
  • Place the created “Circling” in a well-lit warm place (perfect at +22 degrees).

Under such conditions, the anthurium seeds selectively explode in 5-7 days, and mass searches will appear later (about 2 weeks). If in the room warmer – the seeds will germinate faster, but will increase the risk of posting, and if it is very cold – the time of germination will slow down to one month, and many copies do not go at all. IMPORTANT CONSTRUCTION In order to closely monitor the state of the soil, not allowing the convergence to do this, to carry out the daily aeration “Greenhouses”. After the first real sheets, the coating should be removed from the “greenhouse”.

How to grow anthurium from seeds at home?

Caring for crops

Waiting for friendly shoots, should not relax – the further success of the cultivation of small anthuriums will be completely dependent on the high-quality proper care for seedlings. Try to maintain optimal conditions of content (temperature, illumination, humidity).

It is necessary to moisturize these fragile sprouts with extreme caution and only from a finely dispersed pulverizer.

First, seedlings grow very slowly. But the moment occurs when the first real leaves appear, then the plant picking should be done. The first dive is better to carry out the individual cups, but in spacious shallow legs. Planting plants should be approximately 3 cm from each other. Experts note that in such constrained conditions, anthuriums are developing much better than in separate cups.

The second picking is carried out after one and a half months already in separate containers, too, small sizes (not more than 250 ml). Now you need to change the composition of the soil – to purchase a special option in retail chains with the desired composition or prepare for the recommendations of specialists. Undercumation of re-peeed seedlings should be carried out twice a month in the soil of solutions of mineral fertilizers. We are usually beginning with a low concentration and gradually bring it to the recommended. From the practice of experienced flowerflowers it follows that with the spring seed seeds will have to transplant young plants again in the fall, at the end of the warm season.

Anthurium – a flower is quite expensive, but its high cost does not prevent him from being constantly among the most beloved from the Floristics professionals around the world. Many of all sorts of shades of various varieties of anthurium, its versatility, expressive decorative properties of colors and leaves, a peculiar shape of the stems are widely used by florists when designing flower compositions and gifts.

How to grow anthurium from seeds at home?

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