How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

Various diseases of the orchids caused by a variety of parasites quite a lot. Mute Cherberry can lead to a disease of the flower. We will tell you more about how to get rid of this parasite.


Mathematical Chervests are quite a lot. Each biological view has some features.

Seaside torment Cherver

One of the representatives of these parasites. It is quite widespread. The females of this type of Cherwell have an elongated torso. The color of their cover – pinkish with a gray tint. With a closer examination on the insect torso, it is possible to detect a light flare, which in appearance resembles flour.

Parasite data bodies cover special bristles. Usually they have a small size. In the area of ​​the back, there are grooves that are located in the transverse direction. Biologists note that males and females of these insects have a number of features. Interestingly, adult male individuals have no oral hole, which means that nutritious elements cannot consume. After reproduction they die. At the same time, they have wings, which provides them with good mobility.

An important distinctive feature of the females of tormentary worm is that they do not have wings. Usually these female insects live on plants with colonies. These parasites breed eggs. Before postponing them, females form special elements on the biological substrate, resembling wool’s appearance. It is these elements that look at the orchids as a white bloom, through which many people begin to think about the fact that the plant is affected by some parasite.

Biologists note that these parasites are quite active. Cherwec not only move well on the flowers and leaves of orchids, but also can easily reach the substrate.

If there are several flower pots with plants on the windowsill or some other place, then these parasites can be immediately on several colors.

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

Females of tormentary worms are quite prolific. Under favorable conditions, these insects can easily postpone eggs 2-4 times only in one season. The next stage of development after the egg is the larva. Remove the larvae of mild cherwell on orchid may be an attentive observer. They see the appearance of white fluff. In order for the larva actively grew, it requires nutrient components. For this, it is attached to orchid and begins to consume her juices.

One of the most “favorite” habitats of a tormented cherler is the area of ​​sheet sinuses. Humidity and temperature in this flower area are quite well suited for the development and life of this parasite. Another biological view of the parasitis data is citrus torment cherry. An important feature of this insect is that there is a specific collapse of natural wax on its cover. If you consider the parasite in more detail, it is possible to detect rather thick bristles on its side surfaces of the body. Color of this insect – yellowish or brown.

Brushless torment Cherver

Another biological type of these parasites. The females of this insect allocate quite a lot of specific secrecy, which has a sticky consistency. This substance contributes to the fact that fungus may appear on the orchid. Greasy damage to the flower brings females of this parasite.

They have a pinkish or orange caller. At the same time, the individuals of the female are somewhat larger male.

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

Causes and signs of appearance

Causal factors that can lead to the defeat of orchids with milder cruises, several. Specialists note that this disease occurs more often for seasons of the year, when the level of insolation decreases. Little falling on the plant of sunlight contributes to the fact that natural metabolic processes in it slow down, and therefore the risk of various parasitic diseases increases. In the “Risk Group” are also weakened flowers. If the plant was initially healthy and grew well, the risk of infection with a tormentary Cherver and its further damage decreases.

For reasons that can contribute to the appearance of this parasite, orchids also include:

  • unjustified use of fertilizers for substrate containing nitrogen;
  • reduction of ambient humidity;
  • Belated plant cleaning from leaves, which have already been dead;
  • incorrectly selected temperature;
  • too frequent or wrong watering.

Mathematical Chervests can be found on a variety of plants. This should not be forgotten by orchid lovers. Some people think that this parasite is mainly striking the leafy sinus flower. However, it is not. Adult individuals can also be found on flowers. Eggs of females can postpone on the substrate. Grown larvae are movable and can easily reach the leaves to carry out their power.

The danger from milders is also the fact that against the background of their livelihoods significantly increases the risk of secondary plant diseases.

At the same time, in the process of his life, the parasite (usually his larvae) “injected” part of its discharges inside the plant, which leads to the fact that the growth of the flower is significantly violated. At the same time in the leaves and even the root system of the plant deteriorates the flow of exchange reactions.

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

Methods of struggle

In order to get rid of tormentary Chervers, you should be aslended with sufficient patience. Fight these pests is quite difficult. Conduct the treatment of orchids infected with these parasites at home. The time of therapy of damaged flowers largely depends on their initial state, as well as on the degree of lesion.

The first stage of any method of treating “sick” orchids is a thorough inspection of the plant. If when inspection on the flowers, signs of parasites were found, they should be cut off. The same should be done if the flowers are amazed. All available plants should be deleted. After such a thorough mechanical processing, you can already process the damaged flower with special healing means.

Treat flower damaged by torment cherry.

Some people do not cut off the affected leaves. However, if these parts of the plant are significantly amazed, then in this case they are still better to remove. This will help save the life of the plant.

Subsequently, once orchid will be able to cure, she will have new healthy leaflets, and then flowers.

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?


Modern chemicals – Pretty effective means to combat mild custody. Apply these drugs is recommended even for the treatment of flowers heavily damaged by these parasites. Experts note that chemicals are quite effectively helping to bring young individuals of Chervers. At the same time, they also contain components that have a negative impact on adult individuals.

When using chemicals, it is necessary to remember that several courses may be required. This should be done because the tormentary worms have several stages of their development.

Thus, after a single application of a chemical preparation, not all larvae or eggs may die. In this case, re-processing of the affected plant will contribute to the final damage to all remaining insects. Experts note that in some cases even 3-5 chemical applications are required. At the same time, the affected orchid should be treated with a solution after 12-14 days.

One of the chemicals that can be used For the treatment of flowers infected with torment cherver, is “phytodeter”. Unconditional advantage of such a drug is that it is safe for humans. In this case, the components contained in it penetrate the flower incurred after treatment, and afterwards inside the organism of the larvae. Part of the insects are already dying after 2-1.5 hours after processing the plant by this drug. For the treatment of infected orchids, the phythoderma solution is used. For this, 2 ml of the drug is recommended to dilute 0.2 liters of water.

In order to cure orchid from tormented worms, you can use other means. One of them is “Aktara”. This substance falls inside orchids, and then applies to its internal system. Gradually, this drug gets into a flower. The time of the action of this means after spraying the leaves is approximately 2-3 weeks. In the substrate, this drug is preserved longer – 1.5-2 months.

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

Folk Methods

Destroy the tormentary worms that appeared on orchids can not only with the help of chemicals. Experts recommend choosing such ways to treat colors in cases where they are significantly damaged, as they have a rather aggressive composition. Most of the folk remedies acts effectively, but at the same time “softer”.

To prepare a means of getting rid of the flower from Chervests, you should take:

  • Alcohol – 1 st. L.;
  • liter of warm water;
  • Economic soap – 20 g.

For the manufacture of therapeutic drug, you first need to grind soap. Next, all components must be thoroughly mixed with each other. When processing, you should pay special attention to the sections where there are many white plates. Another effective means to get rid of infected plants from the mild cherwell is the infusion of the horsetail. It can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Before spraying the affected orchid, the infusion should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. To process them follows not only the leaves and flowers affected by Cherresent and flowers, but also roots.

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

Prevention measures

Preventive measures against plants infection with milder chervets will help reduce the possible risk of disease. Important condition is the acquisition of an initially healthy flower. To do this, it should be carefully inspecting the plant before purchasing. If it has a “torment” fall, then you should not buy such orchid.

In order to reduce the risk of infection of orchids by custodians, the following recommendations should be carefully followed.

  • Follow the humidity of the air indoors, Where is flower. If the room is too dry, then in this case you need to move the plant to another room with more wet air. In this case, you can additionally wipe the leaves with water.
  • Maintain optimal lighting. So, when insolation, it is recommended to think about accommodation next to the orchid of a special lamp.
  • Regularly estimate the condition of the flower. Inspecting orchid should be regularly. When a white plaque appears on the leaves or flowers of the plant, it is necessary to eliminate the likelihood of infection of this plant with mild cherver. This will help save orchid from possible death.

How to get rid of milder cherwell on orchid?

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