How to care for ficus Benjamin in winter at home?

In nature, Ficus Benjamin can be seen in Asian tropics, at the mountain fitting, in wet rainforests. However, this plant attracts the eye not only in tropical landscapes, he was successfully “domesticated”. Now Ficus decorates the interiors of many apartments and offices. It is not very difficult to care for him, and this statement is more relate to young plants, and adult ficus of Benjamin is an even less vulnerable culture.


The plant is pretty presidentially refers to the light. It can definitely be called light-chapter, but it does not tolerate direct hitting. The optimal solution can be called multiple, bright enough light. Plant location can be different, but the preferred option is Western and Eastern Parties. If the ficus is placed in the south, then it will have to somehow pronteration. The northern side for culture is completely undesirable.

If Benjamin ficus is yellowing leaves, it indicates a shortage of light. At least three times a 10 days turn the Vase with different sides to the light rays: it will help make lighting uniform.

In winter, the light day is short, therefore artificial lighting sources are needed. If the ficus has a standard size, then it can be located 20 centimeters from the lamp, which should shine at least 8 hours a day (this period is permissible to increase to 14 hours).

How to care for ficus Benjamin in winter at home?


Perfect summer temperature for the plant – from 23 degrees (this is maximum) to 18 degrees. Care in winter at home involves the temperature above 16 degrees. If in the winter time the temperature decreases, the tropical pet begins to root.

Do not go away from the fact that the ficus loves fresh air. He does not tolerate drafts, but if you take it to the balcony or leave on the windowsill from a street side, he is not bad “vent. Nevertheless, if the street is a strong wind, remove the ficus from there. If you open the window, also retain the plant away.

How to deal with cold?

Ficus freezing is extremely dangerous. If there is a long temperature for a long time, the risks increase: in some cases, the plant can not be saved. Fifteen degrees – this is already low for culture temperature. Tropical plant was not as adapted to our latitudes to survive in such conditions. For the same reason, many experts do not recommend buying a ficus in winter: while you will carry it around the frost, it can greatly frozen.

If the place for a ficus is chosen correctly, it is warm enough, and the drafts are not threatened to him there, then the plants are good prospects.

You can warm the ficus so:

  • Under the pot to raise the insulator (felt, foam, newspaper);
  • abandon the ceramic pot (it will only aggravate the frost of culture);
  • Make a restriction for contacting the leaves of a ficus with window glass (if it is not to confront this, then the leaves will begin to twist and dry, and then the plant will die).

According to the above reason Experienced flowers do not put ficuses for window sills. They place such plants on bookshelves, shelves, in special stands, kashpo.

How to care for ficus Benjamin in winter at home?


Due to the reduced temperature regime in winter, the fountain is particularly tied to heat. Partly to solve this question can be done by watering warm. Optimal water temperature – 30-40 degrees. Regular watering will warm up soil, reducing the risks of freezing of the plant.

Common Flower Error – Stressed Watering. Many believe that winter ficus requires rapid irrigation, but it is not. Each living organism slows down its internal processes in winter, goes into a kind of hibernation. Ficus is no exception. So he just won’t have time to respond to intensive moisture flow. Only when the soil at a small depth really will be dry, it is worth watering the plant.


Culture multiplies due to the top cuttings. To obtain a seedling, you should take in advance cropped from the top of the process with two pairs of leaves. The cutlets wrapped in a loose cotton sponge, put into the water. You can do without a film that covers a stalk.

As soon as the young ficus is powdering roots (and this will happen in about two weeks), it should be transplanted into the ground or sand. Then it is worth covering the cuttings with a film to create a culture comfortable conditions. So it will be warm enough. Spray and watery need very carefully to avoid overvoltage.

When young seedlings are growing, they can be transplanted into the pot in a diameter of approximately 8-9 cm. Capacities need to fill in a mixture consisting of a turf and leaf land, humid, peat and sand from the river bottom.

How to care for ficus Benjamin in winter at home?


If the temperature has changed in winter, the ficus necessarily need to be treated with anti-stress drugs. Also a good solution will be the use of integrated fertilizers on the eve of the cold season. Measure is preventive, but it gives a good substitute to the plant for the coming months.

You can feed the ficus:

  • palm fertilizer;
  • specialized fertilizers for ficuses;
  • mineral universal mixtures;
  • Wood ash in a pot;
  • Mixture “Ideal”.

It should be picked up strictly according to the instructions without changing the proportions. Perepariming will also be stress, the plant will not cope with such a load.

Dropping leaves

Inexperienced flower water will surprise that before the beginning of winter the plant crepts. But the causes of the loss of leaves are abounding: it is homemade heating, and dry hot air. Even the decrease in temperature is the potential reason for dropping foliage, although in this case it will not be massive.

Let’s figure it out why else can crumble leaves.

  • Excess water. As noted, this is a common flower error. Due to excess water, the plant suffers. Because if you are afraid and overflow, and insufficient moisture, every morning wipe ficus sheets with a wet cloth.
  • Lack of light. The light-affilome plant will certainly show its “character” if it is in the interlayed conditions.
  • Lack of nutrients in the soil. Do not save on timely feeding.

Finally, if the leaf fall is not massive, it may be a natural phenomenon. Spring will appear new foliage, just watch the plant.

And so that the leaves are glittered, demonstrating their attractive gloss, some flower wipes them with milk.

How to care for ficus Benjamin in winter at home?


Certain changes in the appearance of the ficus may say that he has undergone pest attack. In winter, the plant is not completely protected: they can attack, ticks, shields. Wrong care will also attract pests. For example, tick attacks ficus if it grows in a too dry place. And if the plant is cold or lacking water, it becomes vulnerable to fungal diseases.

And yet the reason for optimism at the flower is – Ficus Benjamin is rarely ill. Sometimes It can hit the root rot, but it is only a consequence of incorrect irrigation. If you stop the rot at an early stage, the ficus will calmly survive this ailment, if to prone – it will die.

It is necessary to fight the rot. It is necessary: ​​to get a plant from a pot, shake the ground with its roots, inspect the roots, trim the affected. After that, it should also be trimmed and the crown of the room tree. Wherein Cropped part of the crown must be proportional to the cut part of the roots. Only after such a neat work Ficus Benjamin will be able to safely develop further. Do not forget that it needs a transplant in a different capacity with a healthy soil. Also, irrigated by fungicidal solution.

How to care for ficus Benjamin in winter at home?


Ficus Benjamin – a plant that is quite successful. Install the culture is easy. You can make vaccination in the side incision. You can also use simple copulating and improved copulating methods.

In the method in the split follows the way:

  • Make a breakdown slice of a longitudinal type on half branches;
  • The lower end of the creep cut the dughedral wedge to the same depth as an incision for stock;
  • Insert the wedge into the incision;
  • grafted place tie.

With a simple copulings, it is necessary to brush with a sharp knife or scalpel against the cut. On the plant for the stock, the escape of the same thickness is selected. It is made oblique cut, equal to the length of the sequencing cutter. Provision and stock should be connected. Vaccination zone turns into a film for isolating from air or moisture.

Summing up, it can be said that Ficus Benjamin – a plant, successfully worried winter. The main thing is to organize the right watering, high-quality lighting and the necessary moisture mode. Also do not forget to feed the plant in front of the winter season.

How to care for ficus Benjamin in winter at home?

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