How Ficus Flakes?

Ficus – one of the most favorite indoor plants that can be seen in homes, apartments or offices. Especially beautiful in the period of dissolving buds that can not but please. However, the owners of these flowers are recommended to be aware of when and how the flowering of this plant occurs, how much it depends on the variety, and how to care for the flower so that its buds are truly beautiful. All these nuances will be discussed in detail in this article.


Among the varieties of such a representative of Flora as Ficus, The following subspecies enjoy the greatest popularity for cultivation at home.

  • Rubbone view stands out from saturated green leaves, large size and oval shape. A residential veil is clearly noticeable on their surface. An important feature is that with proper care you can observe a constant growth of the plant.
  • The small trees are equally popular Benjamin, who possess a crown with small leaves. They are used for decorative purposes, so the crown must be periodically cut, creating a form.
  • Very unusual appearance has Diversifolia – type of ficus, whose leaves are distinguished by differences in size and shape. Also differences can manifest themselves in the shades of the back of the sheet, the presence of a glossy or matte surface. Such a feature is explained by the fact that this type of ficus is inclined to heterophilia.
  • In urban apartments, you can often see the phicus of the variety “Ali”. This plant is distinguished by pointed narrow leaves, the length of which can reach 30 cm. At the same time, in color and form they are homogeneous. In compliance with the favorable conditions, such a flower can grow quite large – about 2 meters.
  • The most miniature variety of ficus is Microcharp, the height of which is only a quarter meter in natural conditions. Such a plant has a bizarre form similar to a small tree, as well as dense leaves of juicy green. To grow such a ficus of the house, it is necessary to make a timely manner of crown cutting procedure.
  • Ginseng view Unusual that its roots have a very impressive size due to the administrative feeds and additives that stimulate the growth of the root zone. Massive roots are perfectly combined with a bright green crown on which small leaves grow. Such a flower will be quite aesthetically looked in apartments decorated in modern styles.
  • Lire-shaped Flower with large dark green leaves will decorate a house or apartment, because his magnificent crown looks equally beautiful both on a small and already grown plant. Subsequently, the leaves of such a ficus can reach several dozen centimeters, so think in advance about where it will be the most convenient to put such overall beauty.
  • If you want to decorate the house of Ficus, whose leaves are similar to Liana, then you need Pumine. This small flower is a perennial, he revives the interior, because, raging, its stems can cling to various surfaces with small air roots. This ficus has varieties, whose sheets are completely painted in soft green, and varieties whose leaves have a white kaym.

How and when Ficus flowers?

Fikus flowering can occur differently. This directly depends on the conditions in which the plant is located.

Under the conditions of the natural environment, this representative of the flora dissolves small flowers of pastel shades, for example, beige, light blue, gentle pink or white. In favorable conditions, there can be quite a lot of colors, why the ficus looks even more beautiful. Plant blossom is not regulated by seasons, so buds can be seen at any time.

To achieve the dissolution of buds outside the natural environment, the ficuses are grown in special oranges, where the climate control is carefully.

But even despite such care, the plant pleases the flowers not very often.

In conditions of the house or apartment, the likelihood of flowers appeared on the ficus is almost minimal. Only a small quantity of lucky managed to achieve such a result. Your apartment should be perfectly equipped to create the necessary temperature and humidity, as well as their maintenance.

To immediately understand that Ficus began to bloom, you need to have an idea of ​​how his inflorescences looks. Inflorescences themselves are called syconia, have a round shape and a very small size. Externally they look like berries. Color range of Sikonia varies from yellow-green to orange tone. Everyone has a hole above, while inside the inflorescence remains hollows so that insects can pollize it. Such a structure of ficus is more suitable for the natural conditions of its growth and once again make sure that it is difficult to contribute to the formation of flowers at home.

Due to the lack of necessary pollination, the flowering does not go to the subsequent stages, the sizes do not even increase in size, but at the same time take quite a lot of energy. Therefore, think twice before leaving the siquints on the plant. Many prefer to cut them, because there is a risk that the ficus will die.

The above features also show that in the conditions of the apartment, the plant will not give any seeds.

Recommendations for care

To the ficus successfully survived the flowering at home, as well as in the most healthy and comfortable condition, It is recommended to make certain care procedures.

  • For a whole year need to maintain a stable moisture level. It must be from 50 to 60%. Since in modern realities it is difficult to carry out this without special technology, it is recommended to buy an air humidifier.
  • It is also important to maintain balance of light and shadow. The flower does not very well tolerate the excessive effect of sun rays, but long stay in the shade will also cause discomfort. The ideal solution will be the flow of light using a special lamp for plants, the lighting from which it turns out soft and does not harm the ficus.
  • Move moisture to the soil is recommended only as it dries. It is better not to overcoat the soil. Additionally, moisture can be made by irrigation of the leaves, but it should also be rare.
  • Even being indoors, Ficus will be better to grow if it does not move. Therefore, it is thoroughly planted in advance, in what kind of place will be a pot with a flower.
  • It will become a good procedure Putting fertilizers for the prevention of diseases and pest protection.

Despite the fact that the ficus is not adapted to flowering in artificial conditions, the preservation of its health and the creation of the most favorable atmosphere will allow the plant for many years to delight the owner with his refined appearance.

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