Glooming from seeds

Variety of indoor flowers today simply amazing imagination. There are among them varieties, for many years beloved for flowers for many years, and there are those that appeared relatively recently. In this article we will consider the right sowing of such a flower as Gloxinia, and further care for it at home. After all, for many decades it is Gloxinia is one of the most popular potted plants.


Gloxinia refers to the Gesnery family, America is considered to be of her homeland, and for its name the flower received in honor of the scientist Botany Benjamin Petaire Gloxy. The second is its name – Sinning.

This is a small indoor plant that has bell-shaped flowers of large size and a wide variety of colors. Cimea them can be smooth and terry, monochrome or multicolored. For example, the hybrid gloxy “Avanti F1” has white petals of colors, but the Sinningia “Hollywood” – Dark purple.

Such indoor bushes look very stylish and bright, their leaves also have a different ornament on their surface depending on the grown varieties.

Key features of this gorgeous room are considered:

  • the possibility of growing in room conditions or in special oranges;
  • The presence of a tuber-like root, which, if necessary, can be stored in the scene as well as ordinary potatoes;
  • Regardless of the variety, the leaves always grow in the form of a socket, and their surface is covered with small veins;
  • Stem in Gloxinia is short, but very thick;
  • The tone of the flowers themselves depends only on the varicing varity.

Against the background of the other indoor plants, the Sinningia is always advantageously highlighted with its lush and unspokenly bright blossom.

How to get seeds?

In order to get the sowing material, you can choose one of two ways.

  • Contact a specialized store. There, Seeds of Gloxinia are presented in an extraordinarily wide range, while there are both classic and hybrid varieties. Great dignity is that reproduction in this case will be rapid and simple, because the seeds are already fully prepared for further use.
  • Handy seed collection. The main complexity here is that first manually needs to pollinate the flowers themselves. For these purposes, during the direct flowering, in a flower pestle from another plant, pollen are planted. It is advisable for this procedure flowers with different color. A few days after the procedure, the whine dries out, and in its place a seed box appears. Her education and ripening can occupy up to 56 days.

As soon as the first signs of the opening of the box appear, it is neatly cut off with sharp scissors and put in a dry container. After the full disclosure of the seeds gently spend in a clean container for further use.

The best time for sowing seed is considered February. Therefore, pollination of plants must be started at the end of November – early December.

When and how to plant?

So, the landing of the assembled or acquired material is better to exercise in the first half of February. But besides the seeds themselves, it is also necessary to take care of the next.

  • Proper dishes. The container must be shallow, rather wide, and have necessarily a tightly adjacent cover, which can be replaced by food film or piece of clean transparent glass if necessary. You can use special peat pills. In the case, for them prepare containers with a pallet, in which they are installed, and the very germination of seeds is carried out in this case without land.
  • Now about the soil. Sow seeds can either in the ready-made mixtures of the substrate, or make it yourself. The land is best suited for pine or birch and, of course, as far as possible from the road. But only such a substrate should be disinfected in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees for 1 hour and only after its complete cooling it can be used later.
  • Drainage. For sowing glocking at home, it is optional. But if you wish, you can use pure and fine pebbles.

    Now consider in detail the step-by-step guide, describing how at home to sow the seeds of this beautiful flower.

    • At the bottom of the tank first pour a layer of drainage and smash it.
    • Followed the land heated for 1-2 minutes and spray it from the pulverizer. The substrate must be wet, but not too wet.
    • Now on the surface lay seeds. The easiest way to pour them into a folded album sheet and then with the help of an ordinary needle gently lay out on the surface of the soil. Seying seeds should only be cut away.
    • Now the container is covered tightly with a lid or glass and left at room temperature.

    It is very important that before the appearance of the first germs, the containers with sowing was in a warm room and with good lighting. Watering seeds need regular so that the surface of the substrate did not drive. Gloxinia seeds are extremely necessary high humidity and good lighting. Can be used as a wick watering and irrigation using a spray gun.

    If sowing is carried out in peat pills, they are swollen in warm water and quite tightly to each other are installed in prepared containers with pallets. Further, 3 seeds are planted in each capsule and tightly cover the landing. Here watering is carried out Through pallet.

    Sinning Seeds ride from 14 to 90 days. If the sprouts did not appear three months after sowing, it means that the material was spoiled.

    About how to grow in Gloxinia, see the following video.

    Care for seedy

    A week after the seed landing, the container must be tired. For this Taru open daily by 10-15 minutes. This procedure is necessary for access of fresh air, and to prevent the appearance of mold on the substrate surface.

    Watering is carried out regularly, but only when the soil begins to push. The room temperature should be About 22 degrees. And it is very important to exclude direct sunlight on sowing.

    After the mass searches will appear, the shelter from the package is removed. Now it’s time to pick up plants. Experienced flowers are confident that for normal growth and the development of Gloxinia, it is necessary to carry out at least 3 dive, Ideally, such a procedure is performed 4 times.

    • First time – 1 month after sowing. To do this, with the help of a spoon, a seedling from the package from the ground is carefully removed and transplanted into a separate container with the same soil. On top of a slightly irrigated. At this stage, plants can be planted for 2-3 pieces in one box.
    • Second transplant carried out at the moment when the height of the flower will become more than 2 cm. Here, each plant is planted in a separate container, the capacity of which is at least 100 ml of soil.
    • Third time Picking must be spent after about 15-20 days. Capacity containers for no less than 200 ml.
    • Fourth transplant – This is a plant landing on his permanent place.

    If everything was done correctly, the Gloxinia will bloom in the first year. But such a peak of sprouts is needed only in case of drying seeds in the ground.

    Reviews of the owners of this plant suggest that It is better to sow seeds in peat pills – so the peak is made easier and faster, and the plants do not ill. To do this, select the container at once with a volume of about 250-300 ml, drainage is poured onto it, then a little substrate, and install tablets with sprouts. Top replenish the container with soil and splashes the surface with warm water.

    Gloxinia is not just a beautiful indoor flower, but also a plant that is extremely demanding about lighting and regular feeding.

    • Best place pots on windows overlooking the east or north. In the presence of a large volume of direct sunlight, the flower needs dimming. If in the period of active vegetation, the light day is shorter than 16 hours, it is necessary to install special phytolams.
    • During the recruitment of buds and in the most active bloom, Gloxinia must be picked up by special mineral fertilizers. You need to choose those of them that are designed specifically for flowering houseplants, and must be followed by the dosage indicated by the manufacturer.

    Some believe that planting seeds in peat pills can not. Allegedly due to a weak root system, the plant will not be able to fully develop. It’s not quite true. In small tablets, the seed material feels fine, but from using even the smallest peat pots better to refuse.

    Tips from cropovodov

        If you want Gloxinia perfectly grow and pleased with her lush and bright flowering, then you need to listen to the following recommendations.

        • Plants should be located on the windowsill freely and not be too darkened.
        • Yellow leaves and dried flowers should be carefully removed.
        • You can not allow the stress of water in the pot – the roots will begin to rot.
        • Supporting Gloxinia is needed only during flowering, during resting to feed the flower can not.
        • If the leaves began to twist, the buds fall, and the plant itself wake, it means that it was struck by mites or trips. The affected areas of bushes are cut, and the plant itself is treated with special insecticides.

        If necessary, with the onset of autumn, tubers are digging, dried and folded into packages. Store in a dark and dry room at a temperature of up to +15 degrees. In early March, Gloxinia is planted in a new soil.

        Clearly following the recommendations specified, Even a novice crown can with ease to grow this flower on his own at home.

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