Gel Candles: Features and Methods

Candles have won great popularity in the Middle Ages. In the time they had only people with great prosperity, therefore their cost was high. Produced them from various materials, such as paper, papyrus, plants, fat. Nowadays, the candles are not something very expensive and inaccessible. They are sold in many stores and have a variety of forms. In this article we will get a closer to gel candles.


Candles today are not rare. They can be found in many outlets and even make themselves. If earlier all the candles were approximately the same, today there are more original products that have interesting forms, various colors. No wonder decorative candles are often awarded as an additional gift for different reasons.

Recently, gel candles are increasingly popular. By itself, the gel can not hold the form, he only fills it. Outwardly, the gel composition resembles a shapeless gland mass. This is what is the main difference between such candles from classic paraffin varieties.

Multiple items can serve as a candlesticks for gel composition: beautiful lulls of small sizes, exquisite wine glasses and even miniature glasses.

In most cases, gel candles are made in absolutely transparent molds. Often they are additionally decorated with beautiful beads, floral compositions, shells, pebbles. By adding such interesting details, the candle becomes more spectacular and original in appearance. Gel candles are often used as an unusual home interior decor. Similar scenery fit easily into any settings.

In addition, this product can be handed as a small present.

Pros and cons

Gel candles, like any other interesting scenery, have their own positive and negative sides. Before you hurry to make such a product with your own hands, it is worth familiar with those and other. First, focus on the pluses of such candles.

  • Gel from which the candles of the considered type are manufactured, consists of absolutely safe, environmentally friendly components, such as gelatin, tannin and glycerin. These components will not harm the masters or household health, will not lead to allergic reactions or the appearance of unpleasant chemical odors.
  • Candle gel in the process of burning Does not highlight hazardous chemicals in the environment.
  • Gel candles look much more interesting and brighter, rather than their outdated “counterparts” from wax or paraffin. The main thing that allocates these products is their transparency. This structure looks unusual than attracts a lot of attention.
  • Gel type candles are in times longer, rather than other types of candle.
  • These products never leak, do not smoke and do not exude superfluous smells.
  • Candlestick for candles of this type is absolutely not needed. After a certain time, the gel simply evaporates from its glass container, which initially performs the function of the required candlestick. In the future, the vessel remaining from the candle can be used at its discretion. To do this, it is enough to get rid of all the remnants of the gel composition, remove the elements of the decor, as well as to wash the container using the usual means for washing dishes.
  • Candle gel gives the will of Fantasy Master. Similar product can be decorated as soon as the soul wishes. It has already been indicated above that the most popular elements of the decor are beads and shells, but this is not the limit. Each user can independently choose the design option of the original candle.
  • If desired, such a candle can be aromaticized, so that when burning from it proceeds a pleasant smell.
  • Gel candles can be a spectacular decoration of any interior. They look harmoniously in different conditions than and attract increased attention from masters and consumers.

    There are no significant disadvantages of these decorative products. Of course, grieves their briefness, because when combustion, the gel is inevitably evaporates. But after all, the rest of the varieties of candles will not serve indefinitely, so this lack should not be considered serious.

    How to make it yourself?

    Gel candles are found not so often, so they do at home. To do this, you can buy a ready-made set with all the necessary components and detailed instructions, and you can buy components yourself and make beautiful products, having studied a phased master class. There are several recipes for the manufacture of original transparent candles with their own hands.

    Consider in more detail how you can do this product at home.

    1. First you need to prepare gel wax, Fitil for future candle, as well as a variety of dyes and any decorative elements that are under hand.
    2. Gel wax can be purchased in the finished condition, And you can make on your own. To get such a composition, you will need to take gelatin, tannin and glycerin. Glycerin will be able to find in the pharmacy, and the tannin – or there, or in a specialized store, where different components for cooking food are sold. Gelatin can be found in almost any grocery store.
    3. Cotton wick for such a candle will not fit, Since it is designed to install in paraffin or solid wax candles, which are usually worth exactly and well hold the form. Here the ideal decision will be the wick of reinforced type, since he is in itself a solid.
    4. Prepare all the necessary elements, need to choose a candle form and take the thermometer. If the wax was bought in the finished form, it will be necessary to work with it on the principle of water bath. Temperature should be no more than + 70-75 degrees. In cold state, this type of wax will have a milk shade, and in hot – transparent.
    5. The reservoir you chose for the planned candle, It is necessary to rinse thoroughly and dry. After that, it will be necessary to securely secure the purchased, suitable wick. The latter should be located just above the tank itself (approximately 3-5 cm).
    6. To fix the phytyl, It is allowed to drop on the bottom of the tank glue, and after that, gently decompose the selected scenery in the vessel. Each of the parts should be hushed into a hot gel composition.
    7. Before pouring a gel, It is necessary to warm it a bit, but not higher than +60 degrees. Make it can be in the oven. Thus, the vessel will strengthen and will not split from temperature jumps.
    8. Hot gel should be poured into the tank of thin jet. Do not worry if there are several bubbles. Almost all of them dissolve as soon as the product cools. To the full cooling of the candle need to wait 24 hours.

    Preparing gel candles very simple and fast. A lot of strength and time it does not leave.

    Consider another interesting recipe for the production of beautiful gel candle using the dye.

    1. First of all, it will be necessary to stock all the necessary components: Gel for candles, reinforced with phytylene, vessel for the future product, non-combustible filler, fragrance (optional), dye.
    2. Next should prepare gel. It will need to melt in a water bath. Do not forget that absolutely all the containers in which the gel composition will be placed, should be absolutely dry.
    3. Glass vessel where you will pour gel, need to be pretty well. Even if on its surface will be barely noticeable fingerprints, they can spoil the appearance of the candle.
    4. As in the previous recipe, It will be necessary to securely fit the wick in the selected tank for the fill of the gel. Optionally glue it to glue composition. Instead, the masters often use an ordinary stationery button. Do not forget that the wick should be only reinforced.
    5. When you notice that the gel was melted, It will be necessary with the maximum accuracy to moisten the wick, leave it for a while, so that the back, and then immediately fix in the central part of the tank selected for filling. The center of the vessel is worth a drop of a bit of gel and press the button mentioned above. Fastening the wick in the vessel, it is important to ensure that it is located in the center, then the candle will turn to burn correctly, evenly.
    6. Any scenery that you want to make a vessel, As in the previous case, it will be necessary to suck the gel solution. When the gel will find a fully liquid consistency, you can make a spun in it, and then mix all the whole mass very carefully.
    7. So that the gel candle is not transparent, and had a beautiful color, it is necessary to make a dye to it, but it is necessary to do it before the heating stage. Otherwise, the coloring component may simply melt.
    8. Now you can pour gel blanks in a prepared vessel. You can pour only half a glass, wait when the liquid hardens, put on this layer still decorations, and then pour another layer of gel. In the finished candle, the boundaries will not be noticeable, and the product will be very original, especially if you enjoy different dyes.

    It happens that too many bubbles remained in the candle. They can be left – the design of the product is not harmful, and sometimes they make it more interesting. If you want to get rid of them, then the candle should be placed in a warm place for 1-2 days. In such conditions, bubbles may leave the composition.

    Some masters advise to put a candle in the sun, so that bubbles are gone.

    Decor options

    From gel candle, you can create a real work of art, picking up the beautiful and original decor elements. There is a lot of options than to decorate such an original product. Consider the most successful of them:

    • A spectacular decoration will be beautiful pebbles of perfectly rounded shapes;

    • dried starfishes;

    • bumps and small pieces of fir branches (with imitation of snow on these parts, stunning New Year candles are obtained);

    • Artificial algae and fish figures (it turns out a peculiar imitation of a small aquarium);

    • Flower buds and petals;

    • fruit pieces or vanilla sticks;

    • coffee beans.

    Ways to decorate gel candles not read. Here the master can let go fantasy on the will and decorate the product as you like! The most beautiful candles can be safely present as a gift. In a festive packaging with colored ribbons, such a thing will produce an indelible impression.

    Beautiful examples

    As mentioned above, there are no framework or restrictions in the design of gel candles, with the exception of a suitable fityl. You can decorate and reorganize the product in any way. Consider several beautiful examples.

    Gel candles consisting of several layers look very unusually. To make such a thing, you need to pour a gel into a vessel only to a certain line, wait, when the first layer hardens, and then pour the solution further. At the same time, at different levels there may be different scenery.

    For instance, The first layer can be light with a variety of bubbles, decorated with a shell. Second layer – Augmented Blue dye and little sea star. And the third can be performed in the same way as the first.

    Cutely looks for transparent gel candles without dye, in which used as decorations Red hearts of different sizes. In such a product, the remaining bubbles will definitely not spoil the general view.

    Very unusual and originally a gel candle will look, filled into a large round vessel of glass. The solution stands to dry out a bluish or greenish dye so that the result is a spectacular imitation of water.

    At the bottom of the vessel, you can lay pebbles, shell and figure floating bug.

    Useful Tips and Recommendations

        If you decide to make the creation of gel candle with your own hands, You should adopt the following useful tips:

        • The best flavor for gel candle – essential oil; When the product is burning, the oil will evaporate together with the gel composition, filling the air with favorite flavors;
        • For staining gel candles, only food dye is not always used, since it has water in its composition; Instead, oil paints or special coloring compositions are also suitable (sold in stores for spuriousness);
        • As an original form, not only a vase or a fuamer, but also peel from orange, lemon;
        • All decorative candle elements should be heat-resistant.

        About how to make gel candles with your own hands, see the next master class.

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