Garlic water for orchids

    Various folk remedies are often used to care for plants. Watering and treatment with solutions prepared at home include a certain risk, but may give an excellent result.

    The article will deal with the use and benefits of garlic water for orchids. Such an infusion is used by many hostesses as prevention of various diseases, as well as it can help in salvation of a fading flower.

    Properties of garlic and tincture

    Almost everyone knows about the positive qualities of this plant. It is often used in medicine and cosmetology. Regular use of garlic in food strengthens immunity and helps to cope with colds and infectious diseases. Thanks to this and other properties, garlic began to actively apply in flower growing.

    Garlic water with proper cooking and use is able to surprise the rapid result.

    Its advantages are not only effective, but also cheap. To make a beneficial fluid for processing the plant just two ingredients: garlic and water.

    In the process of preparation, the medicinal plant gives useful liquid trace elements. After insistence, you will get water, which is in efficiency able to replace the popular compositions sold in gardening stores.

    Effect of use

    If we water the plant tincture, you can achieve the following results:

    • extermination of malicious microorganisms (including hazardous pests);
    • uninfection of soil, especially if used not finished earthy mixture;
    • Prevention and treatment of viral and bacterial diseases of orchids;
    • stimulation of growth, flowering and proper development;
    • Help Plant in transplantation to a new place, garlic water will saturate the relaxed flower with the useful substances.

    When and how to apply?

    Experts note that a useful composition can be used at any time as soon as you notice the symptoms of diseases or other deterioration in the plant. Also, garlic water is used when the earth is covered with moss or web, indicating the reproduction of parasites. However, some recommendations on the use of miraculous composition still have.

    If it is possible, it is better to use tincture after the complete end of the flowering process.

    Periodicity is also important. Often use the composition is not recommended, despite the result.

    Before applying infusion for recovery or treatment, read the following contraindications.

    • If the liquid began to roam, it is impossible to use it. Most often, the solution comes into disrepair in the hot season. Water flies under the action of high temperature and direct sunlight. To keep the tincture for a long time, keep it in a dark and cool place.
    • Methods of use of fluid need periodic alternating. If you watered the plant with infusion, the next time it is better to wipe the leaves (an effective technique for the prevention of diseases) or immerse the plant into garlic water.
    • If the tincture turned out to be too strong, with a strong and expressed smell, it should be diluted with clean water before use.
    • Flowering plant to water the concentrated composition can not, Otherwise, buds will begin to fade. Use it only when orchid health is more important than the beauty of flowers.
    • Also garlic home preparation need Gently apply when processing the root system. Immerse it in the composition you can only 1 times for 2 weeks. If necessary, the procedure is carried out once every 10 days.

    How to cook?

    As it was indicated above, to prepare the mixture, only two ingredients are needed – garlic and water. The latter should be clean. Perfectly suitable filtered liquid, but it can be passed in absent. Water from the crane is not suitable.

    To multiply the positive properties of the healing infusion, you can add some amber acid to it. This component is often used to stimulate the growth and flowering of orchids. He will also give the plant for recovery, if some errors have been allowed to care. The resulting drug after insteading is defined and only after that apply.

    For watering

    To get high-quality and efficient infusion, you need to know certain proportions and features of cooking.

    Prepare the following:

    • Clean water (1 liter);
    • garlic (170 grams);
    • Press for garlic;
    • kitchen scales;
    • bank or other deep container;
    • saucer.

    The head of garlic needs to be divided into teeth and clean from husks, then squeeze with the press on the saucer. The resulting cleaner is sent to the bank or other prepared container, poured all the water of the cool temperature and close tightly with the lid. 5 days should appease. It is advisable to send it to the storeroom, refrigerator or another cool place. After the liquid is filtering and use.

    For irrigation

    If you intend to spray with garlic water plants, The most suitable composition prepared in this way:

    • It will take one head of garlic, as in the recipe above, it must be cleaned;
    • After garlic immersed in the container and poured boiling water in one liter;
    • It is necessary to insist the composition for 20 minutes.

    Ready liquid must be diluted before applying. On a liter of pure water use 3 tablespoons of garlic composition. Not superfluous to add one tablet of succinic acid.

    Remember that the resulting solution needs to be used for three days, after it will deteriorate.

    How to handle orchids?

    Experienced flowers note that there are no strict conditions for watering. It was noted that the use of any of the methods. If you need to handle the roots, it is best to lower the pot with a flower in garlic water. If you wish, you can simply push the tincture into the container with the sprayer and spray it on the foliage and stems.

    When choosing a root processing technique, the pot is properly immersed correctly. If the tincture is to close the two third parts of the tank, this will quite be enough. Duration of the garlic water – about forty minutes.

    Immediately after the completion of the procedure, you need to get a pot with a plant and install it on the pallet. It is necessary to have excess water glass. Leave the flower for about 20 minutes. After put the plant for your previous place.

    The process of non-angina processing is very simple. Enough just to completely spray orchid. After a while you need to carefully dry the leaves with a cotton disk to prevent you.

    How often to use?

    Watering the flower with a healing tincture is carried out by analogy with the usual. Moisturize the soil follows when you notice the drying of the upper layers. Despite the beneficial properties of the composition, the plant still needs the usual estate water without impurities. Two types of fluid are recommended to periodically alternate. In this case, the flower will feel as comfortable as possible.

    For one month, the garlic composition for irrigation will be as follows 2 times. To maintain the health of the plant and the effective prevention of diseases of this is quite enough. Too frequent application of the solution can be destructive for orchids. The oversupply of garlic leads to a damage of the roots of the plant, powerful trace elements in its composition simply burn the root system. Even the most useful medicine must be used in moderation.

    If you comply with the above rules and recommendations, orchid may be pleased with repeated and lush flowering in a few weeks. As practice shows, after such a processing, buds become more lush, and their number increases significantly.


    The use of garlic water to care for home and garden plants is not considered a novelty. In this regard, on the expanses of the worldwide network you can find a lot of information on the results of the application of this solution. Experienced floweries, as well as beginners in this area share their impressions about the effectiveness and usefulness of garlic infusion.

    After reviewing the opinions of users on the largest thematic forums, it can be concluded that an infusion based on a medicinal plant is an affordable and effective composition.

    It is ideal for the irrigation of the flower, as well as the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Even short-term use of the solution gives an excellent result.

    Many flowers, first tested healing water, managed to save plants from death. Most were surprised by the final effect and now recommend the garlic composition to other users.

    But some noted that the use of garlic tincture not only did not give the expected results, but also aggravated the condition of the flower. It could be associated with violations in the process of preparing composition or its use.

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