Forged colors: species, design and tips for choosing

    Each house must have live flowers that stand in pots on the windowsill. Often the plants are located in uncomfortable places for this, occupying a large area and closing the sunlight. Although room flowers should serve as decoration of the room, they often only clutter the space.

    Plants need a lot of space, enough air and light. The use of forged stands for indoor plants allows you to decorate any room, update the interior, make the furnishings of cozy and home.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Forged colors stands very easily fit into any interior. They can be decorated with both a large room and a very small room. Such heavy products on the type of product only emphasize the beauty and elegance of houseplants.

    This spectacular and affordable accessory will help give the room a special chic, emphasize his style.

    Forged products for indoor plants look very elegant. At the same time, they will not overload the interior, make the room more spacious and light.

    Forged products have a number of benefits.

    • Flower stands made by masters of their business will unload the windowsill, shelves or table. If the flowers are standing on the windowsill, they will need to constantly rearrange when opening the fraumuga to air, because the plants do not tolerate drafts. Placing flowers on a wroughtted stand, you can transfer them to another, more suitable for them.
    • During the heating season, there are often pots with plants near radiators and batteries, which is harmful for growth and life of flowers. In this case, it is better to put them on a wroughtted stand and transfer to a cooler and well-lit place.
    • Many plants do not tolerate direct sunlight on them and develop well in the half, so they are better to put them away from the window in the depths of the room. It should be found optimal place for flowers and place design there.
    • Conveniently placed wroughtted stand allows you to approach colors for painting them, without having difficulty. At the same time, plants are at the desired distance from each other, without shading light.
    • Beautiful openwork stand with elegant curls and patterns will decorate the room. In addition, the accessory can be placed not only in the room, but also put on the household plot.
    • For such products it is easy to care for this, it is enough just to wipe them with a wet cloth to remove dust and dirt. If desired, a layer of paint on products can be updated.
    • The material does not secrete harmful substances, so you can put forged products in residential premises. When placing forged supports in the courtyard, you can put the plot and give it a special style.

    Since the material can be easily handled, it is possible to make objects with complex geometric patterns, colors or original ornaments.

      These are universal products, because a wrought flower garden can become a place not only for indoor plants, but also exotic colors. Metal decorations will make the interior unusual, will help to supplement or change its character.

      Such a beautiful accessory is very long and durable, because it is based on a metal rod, which are covered with special paint. Since inside the rod hollow, the weight of such a product is small, which allows you to freely transfer it to the right place both in the room and in the garden or the park zone.

      The disadvantage of such a design is that it will have to enter the winter to the room where it will be stored before the onset of warm days.

      It should be noted that some street structures are quite massive, so moving them can be difficult.


      Forged colors stands may have a different form, dimensions and all kinds of design. They can be divided into several types of these criteria. The most popular is the most popular designs, as well as outdoor and desktop.


      Such products look solid, they have good stability and withstand heavy loads. There are such stands in stationary or mobile. Stationary shelves usually consist of one or more shelves or rings. Constructions are simply ideal for placing plants on them with hanging branches and long leaves.

      Mobile structures are more often used to accommodate large vases, which are easy to transfer from place to place. Thanks to such a model, you can quickly change any atmosphere. Mobile structures are usually more than one tier.

      Such products are quite cumbersome. To move them, they are used wheels, allowing not only transportation stands for plants, but also to perform a decorative function in the interior.

      Separately, it is worth saying about floor-standing stands, which are performed in the form of a frame with open shelves. For products, more often choose the designs of oval or round shape.

      Wall mounted

      Wall mounted florals are particularly popular, because thanks to their use it is possible to increase the room space, make it lighter. Place them in the most convenient places on the wall, where the plants will not interfere with anyone, but will grow well and develop.

      Typically, wall structures are used for curly plants, as well as small colors. They can put kashpo with violets or vases with ivy, land the lianas. Wall structures will look good in the residential room, they are placed on balconies, verandas in a country house, in the country.

      A good option can be placed an angular wall-mounted colors. You can install it in niches or other places where there is a suitable place for flowers, but there is no possibility to put furniture.


      This type of support is placed on the bedside tables, tables, chests, coffee tables and other horizontal surfaces. It should be noted that such structures will look more advantageously in large spacious premises.

      If you put the shelf on the desktop, then such a design will take a lot of space that it is not always convenient. Plants in desktop stands look very interesting, giving the interior special sophistication.


      This type of product is performed according to the type of floor, but they are installed on the windowsill. Metal wrought regiment will be favorable in any interior. Install them on the windows or on the racks next to the windowsill.

      For balcony and window structures, hooks are provided. Place them outside the window frame either on balcony railing. There are several colors with flowers on such structures.

      The best option for plants for this type of stand will be a petunia, azalea, well will look at Pelargonium or bright geranium of different colors.


      Beautiful forged design will allow you to decorate the room will complement the arrangement of the room. Floral openwork holders will look good in different interior styles. They will decorate a country house, a large apartment or office space.

      Forged products are distinguished by style. For each interior, you can choose a suitable product, for example, made in the form of a carriage or a flower beds or in strict geometric shapes characteristic of minimalism interiors. Cold forging allows you to perform original products with the image of various curls and patterns.

      Do not forget that it should be beautifully decorated and the parking area. The placement of original mobile structures in the garden will make it well-groomed and attractive.

      Put the portable design can be near the benches or lights. Especially spectacular to look a flower girl made in a certain form.

      So, to maintain the rustic style, the stands are chosen in the form of a cart or bike. Provence style lovers should pay attention to the design made in the form of the Eiffel Tower.

      Often, wrought structures are covered with a spraying of gold, silver or bronze shade. It will be good to look for the products of a contrasting color, for example, white colors in combination with black or bronze shades. Even inconspicuous flowers will look exquisite in forged products with colored spraying.

      Distinguish such accessories and by the number of space occupied. It can be single suspended structures for one pot. Usually they are performed in the form of suspension on the chains and placed outdoors under a canopy. Also manufactured stands for several porridges. They are installed on the window or floor, there may be suspended structures.

      It is worth taking care that the flower pots have one color or corresponded to the selected style. If they have different colors and size, it is better to choose a beautiful porridge for them. At the same time, you can buy a stand with already ready-made kashpo, which will make it easier for the task.

      When designing loggias and balconies, it is recommended to use suspensions, not the stands. Also this option is suitable for arbors, for the design of the arches and openings, to decorate the porch.

      How to choose?

      When choosing a model, the size of the vases should be taken into account, find the appropriate place to place the design, decide on the design. The product should be harmonized with a common room style, emphasize its beauty and feature, allocate among others.

      Before choosing a wrought-iron plant for plants, a few questions should be solved.

      • Choose a place indoors or beyond where the design will be placed. At the same time, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the plant, how comfortable there will be colors in one place or another place. It should be taken into account and the location of the colors on the shelf. On the upper shelves there are light-loving plants, and for those who are more like a shadow, it is better to choose the lower shelves, standing away from the windows.
      • It is better to measure the place in advance where the design will be placed, and determine the number of pots on the shelf.
      • It should be verified that the diameter of the pots will not exceed the size of the shelves.
      • Purchasing a multi-tier shelf, you need to take into account the distance that plants need for comfortable growth.
      • Make sure fastening safety. This is especially true of families who have small children. Stands must be well fixed and stable.

      Purchasing a multi-tier or complex design, you should make sure that there is instructions for assembling.

      Beautiful examples

      Having studied the presented options for wrought-iron colors, you can choose the most suitable option for yourself.

      Outdoor structures.

      Stands for flowers on the windowsill.

      Design for flowers under the windowsill.

      Original structures.

      Master class for making forged crawling for flowers, look in the video below.

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