Flower stands on the windowsill: features and types

It is impossible to imagine a cozy apartment without vases with flowers. In addition to the decorative function, home plants benefit, constantly generating oxygen. Therefore, their large amount is a plus for any room.

Most often, flowers are placed on the windowsill, as they need a lot of ultraviolet. But from the periodic ingress of moisture for the flower pots, the windowsill remain red stains, which are subsequently difficult to extract.

In order to avoid herds and red spots from pots, you can install flowers on a decorative stand.


In flower shops, the widest choice of flower supports on the windowsill. But for ease of operation, such products must meet some uncomplicated requirements.

The stand must:

  • be stable (do not fall with a small displacement of the center of gravity due to hanging plants stems);
  • have a margin of durability (withstand several vases with earth);
  • do not interfere with the development of the plant;
  • approach the design to the interior of the room.

In addition, the stands placed on the windowsill should not interfere with the free opening of windows for venting and good daylight lighting of the entire room.

    Regardless of the design, the floral rack can place plants of any kind and configurations, only in a certain order. For large plants, lower tiers of such a design are suitable, and for small – upper.

    To the rack fit well to the interior of the room, you need to pay attention to the material of this product. Flower stand can be performed:

    • from wood;
    • MDF;
    • metal (tubes);
    • plastic;
    • steel (wrought steel).

    Since plastic windows are currently the most popular, both plastic stands choose most often. This type of rack on the windowsill can be called universal.

    Gamma colors in such products is distinguished by a variety, due to which the stand is simple and easily selected under any design of the room. In addition, plastic designs are light and quite flexible, which allows you to move them without much difficulty with several pots.

    However, this material and drawback is fragile. Therefore, it is more often on sale. You can find combined products made of plastic and metal.

    Less common metallic stands that can be both chrome-plated and painted in any color. They are much stronger, besides, are not subject to mechanical damage.

    The classic option is a wooden stand, which works organically with any species of plants and creates a cozy home atmosphere.

    It should be noted that this product has a large number of variations – from the supports in the form of Korgi to neat shelves made of wood or MDF. Stands for household plants from wood are suitable for any design of the room, except for the style of High-tech.

    It should be noted that the price category of such flowers racks is significantly higher than that of similar products from MDF. This explains the popularity of the latter. For the production of supports, only MDF is used, covered with laminate, as it is not afraid of moisture.

    The most expensive racks for colors rightly can be called wrought. They can not only buy in the store, but also order the master according to its own drawings. The price category of these supports is due to the high cost of work on their creation and uniqueness of the design.

    In addition, at the design of these stands, modern and fashionable shades are used, such as Patina or Bronze. And these products are very durable.

    Pros and cons

    Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of wooden stands are as follows:

    • Natural texture and unique wood pattern;
    • Ability to cover varnish and color staining.

    The disadvantages include:

    • a greater probability of mechanical damage;
    • Rapid under the right sun;
    • Poor moisture resistance.

    Such material as MDF is much better to carry moisture and sun rays, provided that its surface is illuminated. However, mechanical damage in the form of scratches and splits is also subject to.

      Plastic material for a flower stand is more practical in the sense of cleaning, as well as inexpensive. I am glad and its resistance to moisture. But such products quickly burn out in the sun. In this case, their appearance can be considered irreparably spoiled, as the plastic is difficult to repaint.

      The disadvantage of these types of products is the low strength.

      As for metal supports on the windowsill, their only drawback is the possibility of corrosion. Even despite the coating of powder type paint, this product may begin to deteriorate in places of water stagnation (under the pots). Therefore, for dry supports you need to follow.

      Otherwise, any metal products can be described only from a positive side.

      Mechanical exposure they are not afraid. Even if the stand fell and wounded, it is almost always possible to give the initial look just dispelled by the product with hands. It can be painted in any desired shade in accordance with the overall color solution of the room.

      So, after another repair, there will be no need to immediately change the stand, it is enough to repaint it enough. In addition, such a product can be chosen to any style and room design.


      Several basic types of colors stands on the window. Namely:

      • Stand stand;
      • spacer;
      • Corner type product;
      • Multi-tier stand.

        Rack has the easiest appearance. On one vertical leg, the stands or holders for flower pots are located in a checker. Its stability is ensured by the leg, as a rule, cross-shaped. The product has no additional fasteners and easily moves to anywhere in a few minutes.

        The strut is the stand in the form of a rack with space between the upper slope and the windowsill. The product will be an excellent way out for those flower products that have narrow window sills. For its installation just just 6 cm. The resistant rack mechanism simply cuts two surfaces without damaging them.

        This option is excellent for long-term cultivation of colors, as they can be moved in the required plane: horizontal or vertical. After all, spacer holders can be removed, without disassembling the entire design, in just a few minutes. It is worth noting that some manufacturers create products that can be installed on inclined slopes.

        This excellent way will decorate the windows, and diversified the interior, however, in both cases described above, some inconvenience delivers watering the upper vases. An practical solution will be unloading the rack and installing a paired stand in the other end of the window.

        Corner stands are designed to create a decor in the side of the window. From the other variations, it is distinguished by the presence of pots for pots only on the one hand, since its other part adjoins the window corner.

        Such products are perfectly combined with small windows. Corner racks are easy to install on the windowsill so that the windows easily opened and did not hurt ramps with plants.

        Multi-tiered floral stands in appearance resemble several benches, sustained one above one. They can be inclined or straight. The most popular are stepped and rectangular forms of products. They can be installed in any part of the window.

        I would like to note that there are hinged multi-tiers for windows on sale, but for their mounting it is necessary to drill the wall. In addition, such models are released and illuminated.

        Choice rules

        Often the hostess is bred on the windowsill a large number of indoor flowers that stand in. To create a more harmonious pattern of decor, you can use the colors for flowers on the windowsill. Currently, there are a large number of different models that differ in color, material and design.

        In order to make the right choice, you need to know some features of colors shelves.

        • The first thing you need to pay attention is the common style of decor in an apartment or house. In the presence of two fundamentally different directions, it is best to choose a stand in each room separately. But more often the decor of all residential premises is echoing among themselves, which allows you to buy the same products on all windows immediately. Such an approach will provide a more holistic design concept of the house.
        • It is also necessary to consider the size of the window. If it is big, then multi-tiered stands can be used for colors. For small openings, racks, struts or angular products are suitable, which leave a lot of space near them.

        • In order for the light to freely penetrate the room, you should not install on the windows of the stand with deaf walls, or, for example, flowers for flowers. The windowsill best decorate the products on the legs, but with an unusual decor in the form of curls or geometric mesh. It is also not recommended to choose for design windows in dark or black colors, as the room will look more gloomy. White stand will be more organic on the same window sill.
        • Details of the shelves should not be bulky and massive, but rather, on the contrary, thin. It is necessary to create an effect of easy and engineering design. Otherwise the windowsill will seem overloaded.
        • Important and quality material product. Better, if it is resistant to moisture, which will not be able to worry about the durability of the shelf and perform all the necessary manipulations for the care of flowers and cleaning of divorces, land and dust.

        • It should be noted that the color shelf on the window is one of those products to choose from which the manufacturer’s brand affects the last. Much more important so that it combined well with the common decor of the room and was quite functional.
        • It is worth remembering and about accurate calculations. First of all, it concerns the number of pots that should stand on the windowsill. When buying the shelf, you need to remember not only about beauty, but also about the number of poles for vases with flowers. With their large quantities you can buy a slide stand.
        • The atmosphere of the room in which the regiment will be installed. For the kitchen, you can choose a more modern version in the style of high-tech with chrome, smooth lines and curls will be suitable for the bedroom, a unique design will be appropriate in the living room.

        If we are talking about the decoration of a private house, for example, windowsill on the veranda, then it is better to choose a wrought-iron option that will be combined with a decor of brick and wood.

        More information about colors for the windowsill will find in the following video.

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