Fireplaces of the Meta Group: Model Characteristics

The Russian company “Group Meta” specializes in the production of furnaces, fireplaces and furnaces. Firm offers buyers a wide range of products. A variety of design and dimensions of models will satisfy the most demanding taste. Razeable prices make goods available to people with any income level.


The main difference between the Kaminov Group “Meta” from the goods of other manufacturers – the maximum adaptation under the weather conditions of our country. Since in many localities of Russia in winter, the temperature reaches record low marks, it is important that the device is warming up for the shortest possible time and it could also go well with even large rooms.

Meta group furnaces withstand heating up to 750 degrees. All heating elements are reliable and adapted to such use. Convection system of fireplaces allows you to quickly warm the room and maintain the thermal effect for many hours.

It is worth mentioning about high aesthetic qualities of brand furnaces. Models look very spectacular and able to decorate themselves any room. Interestingly, the company’s assortment contains not only classic models of black and other dark colors. The company offers both white and beige furnaces that especially like amateur “air” light interiors.

Many models (“Narva”, “Bavaria”, “Okhta”) are equipped with hobs, which is their additional advantage and expands their uses.

Such a cooking surface cools gradually, which extends the effect of heating air.

Differences CamineTati from fireplaces

Russian brand offers buyers both classic fireplaces and other variations – Camine. Such devices are capable not only to dampens the room and keep heat, but also to decorate the interior due to its original design.

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CamineTati are models of large sizes without foundation and additional cladding. Steel or cast iron is used as a material in the constructions of the CamineTati. The outer surface of such furnaces is frozen with heat-resistant tiles. From the popular models of Kamiemetyti Group Meta, you can note “Viking”.

With cold winter evenings, you can enjoy a charming view of fire, as all similar fireplaces are equipped with transparent doors. It is worth noting that such glass is automatically cleaned from Gary, so the car’s care does not deliver you a special hassle.

Caminesti “Viking”

“Viking” is a wipe model with chimney and the possibility of top and rear connection. Its height is about 2 meters, and a rather impressive room with an area of ​​up to 100 square meters can fuck such a powerful fireplace. M. “Viking” is performed on the special technology “long burning”, which helps save fuel. For example, with full loading, the furnace can work up to 8 hours. The Viking model will become an excellent option for a country house, and the classic design of this heating device will perfectly fit into almost any interior.

Stove-fireplace “Rhine”

Model “Rhine” – one of the leaders of sales in the Russian market. This model is distinguished by small sizes and high performance. The elevation of the fireplace is 1160 cm, width – 55 cm, depth – 48 cm. The space indoors with such a device heats up literally for half an hour. With the maximum loading of firewood (up to 4 kg), you can maintain a flame to 8 hours. The same is maintained and heat (thanks to the convection system).

The area of ​​heated space reaches 90 kV. M. Interesting design of a fireplace in the form of an octagon with a grid of cast iron and heat-resistant glass, thanks to which the possibility of admirement by fire is achieved.

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Fireplace “Duet 2”

According to reviews on the Internet, “Duet 2” is very popular. This model is an analogue of the Duet oven, but it is distinguished by an improved design and properties. The furnace of the device is decorated with an artificial stone that does not crack, even if the heating reaches the maximum temperature.

Such a furnace is able to adjust the craving, so you can easily change the room temperature. Thanks to the advanced technology to warm up the room, just a few minutes. Fuel can be chosen at will. It can be classic firewood or brown coal. Having bought the fireplace “Duet 2”, you can also adjust the power of the flame and safely observe it from any distance, since thanks to the special built-in system, the sparks from open fire will not differ.

Fireplaces with water contour

Some Meta Furnaces can be connected to a water loop, which allows you to evenly damn several rooms at once in the house. For example, the model “Baikal Aqua” has a heat exchanger for 5 liters, and the Angara Aqua model, Pechora Aqua and Varta Aqua are equipped with 4 liters heat exchangers. In their reviews, buyers and masters pay attention to the fact that the choice of coolant is important for such an oven. If you are permanently residing in the house and heat the oven every day, you can use conventional water. If in the winter you “visit” the house only occasionally and do not hear it often, it is better to use a special antimony (so that the heating system does not freeze and damaged the pipes and other design elements).

Marble fireplaces

In a special category “Lux”, you can include the Meta Group models with the design “under marble”. They realistically repeat the appearance of classic fireplaces. The difference is only in a safe closed furnace and a more efficient room heating system. In the manufacture of these heating devices, the innovative Meta Stone material is used with marble crumb, due to which the hearth has high heat transfer.

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Diverse design opens up great opportunities in the design of the room. You can choose a classic white color, solar yellow or noble beige. At the same time in the assortment there are even luxurious models with a gold patina. In addition, such improved fireplaces are distinguished by a different level of heat transfer (in one, two or three directions).


In the old days, the furnace was an integral part of each residential building. Together with the advent of high-rise buildings, heating appeared, but gradually “fashion” on fireplaces returns. Reliable and beautiful furnaces of the “Meta” group will give you comfort and warmly, adding the image of the ideal “Dream House”. The fireplace will show the sophisticated taste of the owners, will create an incomparable comfort in the room and gives it to the “soul”. In addition, the purchase of a budget fireplace will become an indispensable acquisition for the country house or cottage.

High-quality heating equipment will serve you more than a dozen years, without delivering trouble to care and operate. Also among the indisputable advantages of the fireplaces of the “Meta” group, you can note the perfect combination of indicators “Price – High Quality”.

Choosing a furnace-fireplace, do not forget to pay attention not only to the appearance, but also on the functionality of the model, its practicality and design features (in particular the method of ignition, the size of the furnace and the design of the chimney).

Characteristics of the fireplace firebox “Camilla 800” from the company “Group Meta”, see the following video.

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