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Today, indoor plants are an integral part of each house and each apartment, as well as any place of civilian purposes, such as office, shopping center. And this is not surprising – after all, evergreen houseplants due to their properties and characteristics create an atmosphere of heat, home comfort, good mood, freshness.

In addition to the fact that home flowers produce oxygen, thereby enable people to breathe clean air, it is a decoration and a raisin of any room.

Assortment of flowers and plants that can be grown at home, just a huge. The modern flower market presents a very wide selection of both well-known and familiar plants and exotic.

Among the entire diversity of evergreen plants, I would like to highlight the phylogendron, a plant that strikes the imagination with its beauty, and in most cases – and sizes. The article will get acquainted in more detail with this amazing plant, its species, as well as the peculiarities of the care of this “dwarf of the jungle”.


Philodendron – a tropical plant that fell into our edges from Mexico, South America or Pacific Islands. Plant family of aroid. To date, about 900 different species are known, but the botany claim that they have not yet been studied.

This is an evergreen plant resembling a real Lian. It can be small and neat, which is grown at home, and maybe a real giant that used to live and grow in real jungle. The plant belongs to epiphytes, colors, in most cases growing on trees, and attaching to them with air roots. The root system of this flower can be air, underground and ground. He has a round large leaf of all sorts of different shades.

It should be noted that the filosendron leaves contain formaldehyde, due to which the plant relates to therapeutic plants.

If the phyloodendron correctly care for, satisfy all its preferences and wishes, flower throws a very beautiful color. The bud of his flower resembles the pillage. In order for the plant to bloom, he needs to stand out on the street for some period.

To date, Philodendron can be found in a wide variety of places. It is quite logical, the plant is very beautiful, massive and perfectly fills the space even independently.


Let’s get acquainted in more detail with the views and varieties of Filodendron, which are the most popular and frequently encountered.

  • Guitar. The length of evergreen lianas is a maximum of 2 meters, so in most cases it is tested. As a stand for it, you need to use a support covered with moss. It is installed during the plants transplant, so that the roots remain intact.

The newly emerged leaves of the guitar phylodendron visually resemble the heart, and already matured – on the guitar, hence the name.

  • Drone. The foliage of the drone semi-epiphith has an oblong shape and sharp end. And also for this type of flower is characterized by green leaves with the presence of white streaks on them. If you fix the flower in a vertical position, then the size of its leaves will be able to reach 25 cm. If you do not sue, then the maximum size of the leaves will be 15 cm.
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    • Czeshuenny. The trunk of Czechuena Liana is hard and lowered. Young leaves of this evergreen flower have three blades, more adults – five blades. Leaf color bright green with almy streaks. The size of a mature leaf can be up to 30 cm. The great advantage of this variety: it blooms exclusively being a houseplant.

    • Warty. It is characterized by a bronze-green leaflet with the presence of a white apartment on it. Form of a sheet of heart-shaped. The size of the leaf reaches 17 cm. The maximum height of this type of Liana is only 2 meters.

    • Elegant. This is a tall largest plant, which only one barrel. Most often plays the role of a houseplant for high premises and is a winter garden highlight. Liana length 70 centimeters, and width – 30 centimeters.

      • Lases. Other name, more famous – ivy-shaped philodendron. The ideal place of landing for this species is a suspension pot, it is in the suspended position that the plant breeds. Sheet is very elastic, dark green, up to 15 cm long, up to 10 cm wide. This variety of Liana is also known to the smallest leaves, but it concerns height, it can reach 20 meters.

      • Philodendron Sello. Maximum plant height 2 meters. A distinctive feature of a species is smooth vine and a piece of egg-shaped and approximately 10, and even more sections. The older the plant, the deeper the cuts are becoming on the leaves. A sheet of this type of flower is quite impressive sizes, up to 70 cm.

      • “Atom”. This plant is slightly low, a maximum of 60 cm. It is characterized by slow growth. Visually this is a straight bush with curly bright green leaves, the size of which up to 30 cm.

      • Blushing. The lowest liana among all other species. Her size sheet is larger than the length of the stem. The sheet has a heart-shaped and light green shade. Sheet width reaches 50 centimeters.

      If you grow this type of phylodendron at home, then the maximum growth will be up to 1.5 meters.

      • “Ksanada”. Leaves of this variety of phylodendrone huge and differ in a dark green color. The older the plant, the hardness becomes the sheet, and over time it acquires a zigzag form. Liana bush, her height is 1.5 meters.
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        • Two-skiable. Very magnificent plant. Characterized by large, rude, oak leaves, maximum 90 centimeters. Blossom has burgundy color with white middle. Blossom throws up the arrow about 20-centimeter. This phyloodendron is the perfect option for the room.

          • Hastate. This plant is characterized by a bright green leaf, the surface of which is smooth and brilliant. Liana has a very subtle trunk, and it grows pretty quickly, so the garter is a prerequisite for its full growth and development.

            • Philodendron Martius. For this lyana, it is characteristic of the presence of a small main rod, the height of which is 30 cm, and the young plant does not have it, in general. The length of the sheet is 55 centimeters, the width is 25 centimeters, but the shape of its oblong, heart-shaped, whole and long.

              • Black and golden. For liana, the presence of a fragile, thin and high barrel, as well as a long heart-shaped sheet, dark green, almost black, whose size reaches 80 cm.

              • Philodendron Ilzeman. This is a decorative liana, for which the mandatory growth factor is the presence of a support, its height is 1.5 meters. Length sheet does not exceed 40 cm, width 15 cm. As for color, it is not possible to name one, this variety of lianas is distinguished by inhomogeneous color decoration of the leaves.

                • Radiant. Sheet is a happy owner of homogeneous green and small size, length of it 20 cm, width up to 15 cm. Excellent option for growing at home.

                  • Philodendron Evans. The plant is characterized by the presence of very large leaves, the length of which is 80 cm, width up to 60 cm. Oval sheet form, with sharp end and wavy edges.

                    • Stopovid or perch. One of the varieties of phylodendron is considered an ideal plant for growing indoors. For this flower, a thick foliage is characterized, at the expense of which a rather thick strong trunk is formed. In the course of the growth of the flower, he starts to need a support. As a support, it is good to use a bamboo stick with moss. Dark green leaf, like a triangle. The size of an adult sheet is 40 cm long, and 15 width.

                    • “Goldie Lok” or “Lemon Lime”. Liana has a compact, young yellow-salad leaves (hence the name), which then goes into light green. This variety is unpretentious: perfectly tolerates low humidity.
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                    Home Care Rules

                    Philodendron is an unusual, exotic plant for which the most reasonable place for habitat is the jungle. There are also such varieties that are not growing without problems in the jungle, but at home, The main thing is that the correct and appropriate microclimate.

                    It is necessary that the conditions in which he lives were most favorable for its development, growth and well-being.

                    Let’s look at how far the plant is in care, and how to create a necessary and comfortable environment for it.

                    1. Location. Philodendron is a plant for which the draft and air conditioning is unacceptable. It is thermo-loving, in the hot season in the room where the flower is located, the temperature must be +18.22 ° C, and in winter it is not lower than + 15 ° C. In winter, the plant requires additional light that it can get from the fluorescent lamp. You also need to avoid direct sunlight on it, leaves from them get burns and dry. But the dark angle of the room will not lead to anything good.
                    2. How to water. Before proceeding to watering, the water needs to be defended to retire chlorine impurities. Water not only roots, but also spray the foliage. The plant loves moisture very much, so spray it 2-3 times a day, especially if it is located near the heating device.
                    3. How and when to feed. For feeding philodendron, you can purchase a special complex in a flower shop. The number of feeders in which the plant needs, small, in summer 1 time per week, and in winter 1 time per month. Before pouring fertilizer, Liana needs to pour. In the presence of the required number of fertilizers, the plant will continuously grow and delight their owners.
                    4. The soil. Spring is the period when Filodendron must be transplanted, separating “children”. It is very important to organize the soil mix. There are several variants of a mixture that is ideal for, and it can be made independently.

                    If there is no desire to bother and cook the soil yourself, you can buy a ready-made substrate.

                    Remember that with the right, high-quality care, considering all the needs of the flower, Liana will constantly grow, develop and may even bloom.

                    It is very important that any work related to this plant (transplantation, cutting leaves) must be carried out strictly in gloves. This is due to the fact that the juice, which is contained in the trunk and leaves, poisonous, and entering it into the skin of a person is fraught with consequences.

                    How to care for philodendron, look in the following video.

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