Electronic Glowing Wall Clock: What are and how to choose?

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Recently it was believed that electronic hours due to the lack of external attractiveness can only be used in the interior made in minimalist style, and this device was rated more by ease of use and functionality. But today, thanks to the efforts of designers, they may look unusual and originally and become a fashionable decorative element of any residential premises.


Today, to be aware of the current time and at the same time, decorate the room, as a rule, looking for large wall-mounted electronic (digital) clock. Their mechanism includes two main details – a quartz generator and batteries (or battery), also exist network wall clocks, working from outlet and consuming mining of electricity.

Pluses of the digital device are associated with an accurate time definition. Even if there are some errors, the clock can always be reinstalled. Simple models have a low price thanks to automatic assembly, so available for most buyers.

The disadvantages of the mechanism are in its increased sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and the inconvenience of reading readings, when the room is filled with bright sunlight. Also a certain minus is that in such hours you need to periodically replace batteries. If there is a battery, someday and it will require a replacement.


Great demand for electronic wall clock is due mainly to their functionality, and in this sense, digital technology is very diverse.

At the moment, you can find the following types of devices on sale:

  • Digital LED 3D-clips with luminous digits and night brightness adjustment;
  • Wall-mounted electronic models of any form of durable plastic with backlit, modern design, barometer, alarm clock and thermometer, voice alert;
  • Elegant modern meteles with a classic dial, fluorescent illumination, the device is equipped with a hygrometer, a barometer and a thermometer, which is also displayed on the dial, which represents special convenience to use;
  • Interior clock-pictures with illumination, which are photoconditions with alarm clock and a calendar, the patterns of paintings are distinguished by manifold.

The last type of device, perhaps, can be attributed to the most popular types of products, as such hours can decorate the room decorated in any style.

How to choose

To choose a picture of a backlight on the wall for the house, need to be guided by certain criteria.

  • When choosing, it is necessary to repel from what stylistic direction is the interior of the room. If it is any modern style, it is important to select products with strict geometry and high-tech design, suitable topics – panoramic views of the modern city, abstraction, black and white decoration with the addition of one bright color.
  • For the classic setting, the device is suitable, the subjects of which are associated with nature. At the same time, the colors of panels are preferably choosing in bright, neutral shades.
  • If the design of the room is minimalistic, then the selected model is likely to be the only decoration that excludes all other decorative elements, otherwise it will not be able to support the overall stylist.
  • When buying, the size of the room is taken into account – the big pictures are suitable for spacious rooms where they will look harmonious.
  • Similar digital devices that initially differ in decorative appearance are not recommended to be placed in bedrooms. Such a bright element is best looking in the living room.
  • If there is a desire to use a luminous device as a night light, you need to choose models with bright backlight.
  • Regarding the type of food for home, of course, it is better to choose models with a network connection and a damage in the form of a battery.

In addition, the important point is the functionality of the product, and no matter how it looks, it is necessary that the time determination option was highly. If necessary, you can purchase structures equipped with a built-in atmospheric pressure meter, dosimeter and calendar. As a rule, the clock with a large functionality includes a remote remote control, which also needs to be checked.

It remains to add that buying electronic wall clocks need from proven manufacturers whose products managed to prove themselves well. The cost of famous brands may be higher, but it guarantees the quality and durability of the purchased thing.

Next, see the review of glowing wall clock.

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