Electrolux Fireplaces: Popular Brand Product Overview

Each owner wishes stylish and fashionable to decorate their home. Electrical Fireplace Electrolux will be the highlight of your room.

In this article we will consider the main features and advantages of products of this company.

Features and advantages

The Swedish firm has long won the love of buyers of the whole world. At the heart of all inventions – practicality, style and high quality. Electrograms will allow creating a cozy home atmosphere.

The main advantages of such products include:

  • Creative design. Many buyers seek to acquire not only a useful thing, but also a stylish subject of interior. Each model is unique. Even the most demanding buyers will find a product for themselves.
  • Safety. This parameter is one of the most important. The product should be not only stylish and beautiful, but also fireproof. This will allow you not to worry about the well-being of family members.
  • Economy. Many buyers think that electrocamine will lead to significant expenses. ELECTROLUX offers options with energy consumption from 0.9 to 2 kW. It is even less than the electric kettle.

  • Easy installation. The product can be easily installed. It will also just use the electrocameal. Each device is attached simple and understandable instructions.
  • Wide range of additional functions. For example, it can be the simulation systems of the burning focus “Real Fire”, the ability to adjust the brightness of the flame, as well as other elements that will help create a sense of realism of the real fireplace.
  • Thanks to additional options, you can feel comfort and convenience In the use of the subject. For example, it may be the presence of a remote control panel, a thermostat for maintaining a certain temperature and protection against overheating and other.
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  • Wide range of. Electrolux is remarkable not only by high-quality products. Here you can find a wide variety of options for your home.
  • Availability. Democratic value will be a pleasant bonus for each client. You can purchase goods at an affordable price without making a hole in your wallet.
  • Great mood. Decorating your room with a stylish product, you will feel comfort and warmth of the home. The mood will be raised, and the atmosphere of good and understanding.


The undoubted advantage of Electrolux is a wide range of models.


EFP C 1000RC. This original version will have to do so buyers who appreciate the excellent quality and the democratic value of the goods. Collectible series “Camemin Classic” allows you to organically combine the classics and innovative technologies. This product has a special module in which an angular orientation is present.

The device will suit any interior and will not take much space.

EFP / F 100 models are also popular. They have a high-quality finish of the MDF Metal Corps. Such products weigh about 20 kilograms.

Wall mounted

Stylish wall-mounted options will look great in every living room. They will help to fill the room not only with realistic fire, but also warm. The ultra-thin housing and low weight allow you to easily place the device. Models are available in different variations, for example, EFP / W-1150URLS. Its weight is 12.8 kilograms.

The model can be mounted in the wall. There is also a control panel that will help to easily manage the product.

EFP / W-1200URS option noteworthy creative style, has vertical orientation. Your interior will certainly play in a new way, will become more exclusive and fashionable.

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Model EFP / W 2000s will attract the attention of buyers with their stylish design. Mirror facial panel is a trendy accent that will transform your interior. Decorative stones perform the role of fuel, which will create comfort and comfort in your home. The product has two heating power levels. So you can create the climate you need in the apartment.

There are products and special overheating protection. This will ensure the safety of the device, as well as the surrounding. Thanks to the remote control, you can comfortably control the product without getting off your favorite chair.


Built-in models are perfect for all classic connoisseurs. These options will be the center of attraction for the whole family. The main thing is to organically combine products with the general concept of the room. Interesting options and 1250uls and 1100urCl. Thanks to the excellent quality of the device look pretty realistic.

Black model EFP / P-3020 will conquer all connoisseurs of real foci. The effect of natural flame is achieved due to the burned firewood, as in the real fireplace. You can turn off the heating function at any time, leave only bright flags of fire. Brick decoration inside the furnace allows to enhance the decorativeness of the fireplace.

EFP / P-2520 option Attractive with numerous options. Here you can adjust the power, there is a thermostat, convenient remote control. The product can work as a decorative element, and also actively warm the room.

It is noteworthy that electronic focus you can embed in various niches. So it will be convenient to visually divide the room to different zones. For example, you can separate the kitchen from the living room. You only need to define a suitable place in advance, install the device and turn on the outlet.

Miniature options

Peculiar mini-fireplaces, for example, as EFP / M-5012B, have their advantages. In addition to compact dimensions, devices can be placed in a comfortable place for you. You can position the model on the floor, on the shelf, on the coffee table. A small electronic device will help create a comfort in the house. Such a mobile heater can be combined with other devices. There is an option with a white glossy finish or with a matte black surface.

Models can be installed personally. At the same time, if you are not sure about your abilities, it is better to contact a specialist. So you will save your strength, nerves and time.

We reviewed the main advantages of Electrolux electrocamines, as well as the most running models that will allow you to decorate your home. Be sure to determine the faithful product dimensions before making a purchase. You should also focus on the overall style of the room so that the fireplace is organically fit into space.

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Detailed review on the electrolux EFP / W-1100ULS fireplace you can see in the following video.

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