Desktop clock: varieties and tips on choosing

The clocks are a mandatory attribute in every home. Due to the variety of design, they can not only perform their own direct role, showing time, but also to be a real art object, delivering aesthetic pleasure. Today we will talk about table species.

How to choose?

A table clock appeared at the end of the XVI century, constructed their scientist from Holland named Christian Guigens. The initial look was chic and resembled medieval towers. They had only one arrow, but a couple of dials. One showed time on another alarm clock. Now the market has a large diversity of desk clocks. Usually the choice is made in favor of those suitable for a particular interior and become part of it. Designer products will be a present addition to the chest, buffet or the end of which they will stand.

In stores many different models from simple to original having a bizarre form. From small to large sizes.

Beautiful desktop clocks can serve as a good gift for real time connoisseurs.

Souvenir, small sets, complemented by various stationery attributes, are suitable for the present to the boss. Unusual in shape and design – girlfriend or friend. You can even pick up desk hours as a gift to a person who is fond of a certain activity.

For example, a traveler can give them in the form of a desktop compass or sea steering wheel for a sailor. When choosing a clock, it is best to clearly know exactly wherever you choose if you want to delight yourself or a certain person.


Desktop clock has many varieties. For convenience and save space, they may include several devices. For example, Watches can be with meteorological, thermometer, calendar. These are suitable in the office or library. To date, it is fashionable to have a trip, whose peak of whose popularity occurred on the 20s of the last century.

But the fashion is cyclical, it is constantly returning, making a certain temporary circle. Such hours will become a real decoration, in addition, they literally caress the rumor with pleasant relaxing sounds of the twisted signs with numbers. A shit mechanism combines the accuracy of time and the unique spirit of the antiquity.

Quartz on batteries or mechanical, which you need from time to time. Mechanical models belong to the premium class, they are more durable and accurate. They need to take care of them, clean it from time to the soft tassel itself mechanism from dust, but they are worth it. Additional functions, as a rule, are equipped with quartz, and mechanical is considered an unsalted classic that the extra options are not needed.

Specifications also include smart models, speaking time for blind or visually impaired, which is undoubtedly very convenient. There are watch with a timer that will notify the sound signal, which the time set by you for some purposes has come to an end.

As a rule, such a model is well suitable for the kitchen. In addition, there are desktop clock models with a battle and a pendulum, with girlish and gong.

Unlike wall clocks, these will not interfere with sleep at night because of the loud sounds of the battle, but at the same time they will plunge into the times of Charles Dickens and Sherlock Holmes, reminding itself every hour. Models with built-in radio will be by the way in the bedroom. Thus, Instead of an ordinary alarm signal, you can wake up for nice melodies of your favorite radio station.

The choice is huge, and he is yours. However, this is not all the characteristics that should be considered when buying. Let’s talk more about the materials from which they are manufactured, sizes, design and styles.


Along with a different kind of plastic models of hours, there is always an alternative more than more and better. For example, Wooden watches, quartz, crystal, porcelain, bronze, from onyx and other stone. Defined with the material from which the clock is made, it is necessary to take into account the conditions in which they will be.

Wooden watch case Will not suffer moisture or excess heating. Therefore, such a watch should not be put on a fireplace, heating room. The tree has the properties to diverge, and the clock mechanism can also be damaged.

Do not give to give Clock in porcelain or crystal case in a family where there are small or hyperactive children. These are rather fragile models, expensive and belong to collective species. Crystal body needs periodic cleaning from dust, and just a cloth here can not do. So that crystal glitter and for many years had a decent appearance, it must be processed by a solution of hydrogen peroxide, soda and water in proportion 1: 1: 2. Porcelain does not need additional care, except wiping from dust with a wet or dry soft cloth.

Stone or metal case hours is more versatile. Such watches are quite heavy, stable, solid. It is unlikely that the child will be able to damage them. In addition, choosing watch in a stone case, you buy not only the mechanism, interior decoration, but also a homely champion. It is known that the properties of different stones are able to clean the atmosphere, protect against various misfortunes, serve as assistants in affairs and bring good luck.

Therefore, before you buy a stone watch, ask, from which specifically the material they are made to choose the right one or a person who they are intended for.


Size range is also diverse. From big to very little. It is also worth considering the place where the clock will stand, buying the optimal option. It should be understood that the small-sized furniture should not put a large clock and, on the contrary, on a large and long table – put small. The most overalls of table species are classic models in stone, metallic and wooden housings. They are pretty brutal and look good in the living rooms, cabinets, on a fireplace portal, buffet, table, a tamba, among bronze candlesticks and paintings in massive frames.

The clock of small sizes do not fit here, they will be invisible. More appropriate they will fit into the interior in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the children’s room. Children love large unusual wall clocks, and as for desktops, it is better to buy simple and small models, so that the child does not drop them on themselves or did not break them.


Today in the design of interiors there is no fashion for some single-defined style, more in demand, mixing styles with the presence of objects from different eras. Therefore, hours as the subject of the interior can be selected for any design from the classics to modern.

We list the main styles that can most often meet in stores:

  • Provence;
  • classic;
  • baroque;
  • Modern;
  • modern;
  • Their varieties.

The clock in a modern style can be with a minimum number of parts, without a dial, and also have other details of a low-key minimalistic design, without special excesses in the form of steepness and various jewelry.

Classic models will also look good in modern, if companions will be present in the interior. They can not be better fit into the styles of ampir, classicism and neoclassic.

Provence style watches perfectly fit not only for the interior style of the same name, but also to such areas like Shebbi-Chic, Rustic, Retro. Such watchs will serve as an excellent addition and decoration of the house.

Elegant baroque watches look at the “Castle” interior. The abundance of various plant elements in design, bronze, silver, gold, stripping and solemnity of the image obliging luxury. They will not suit the usual design of the apartment. Such hours dictate their rules and oblige their owner to be a connoisseur of the beautiful. These are not the hours that will just stand in the corner, and show time is a real work of art.


Today you can buy hours of any forms and textures. Now it is especially fashionable desktop products whose body represents a thing that has nothing to do with the clock. For example:

  • bicycle;
  • motorbike;
  • guitar;
  • Angels and other figurines;
  • steering;
  • the globe;
  • Other.

In this regard, they are not better suitable for an unusual gift to familiar, friends and loved ones. Little inventors will be interested in the clock in the transparent building, where the whole mechanism is clearly visible. Another good option – give a watch with symbolism.

For example, The logo of the enterprise caused by engraving to the body will delight and surprise the head or employee of the company. Lovers can also take advantage of this idea, giving their half table o’clocks with a symbolic inscription or some sign that is a symbol that has stored love in a pair.

Beautiful examples

These photos show examples of hours of various types, style and design.

  • Classic. The clock is presented in the classic wooden body of natural shades, white, with vensels and without, as well as in the metal case. Desktop clock with battle and pendulum.

  • Baroque. Gorgeous baroque watches are a real work of art and unwittingly cause admiration.

  • Provence. Rustic, cozy Provence style, Rustic, Shebbi-Chic, retro. Creates an atmosphere of calm and simple beauty in the house.

  • Gzhel Returns again, and there are many lovers of this style painting.

  • As well as many options in other styles: Modern, modern.

  • Unusual, beautiful table clock models In the form of a guitar and other musical instruments.

In the next video, you are waiting for an overview of desktop clocks in the form of a tree bar VST-861-3.

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