Description and cultivation of the grade of violets “Amadeus”

One of the most beautiful varieties of SENPOLIA is “Amadeus”, standing out among the others with its attractive bright crimson and snow-white cut. It is necessary to immediately clarify that Senpolya in gardening is also known as violet Uzambarskaya, so such a name will be often present in the following text.


Violet “Amadeus” is a business of the breeder’s hands, whose name Konstantin Morav. He brought this variety in 2012. By the way, the correct name of this plant looks like “CM-Amadeus Pink”, where Pink denotes the color – pink. SENPOLIA has a sheet of saturated green shade collected into a neat outlet. If you do not engage in its formation, the diameter of the formation will reach 35 or 40 centimeters. Violets rather long cuttings, and the leaves themselves are slightly directed down. Terry petals with clearly designated edges painted in bright crimson.

Light kaym moves from the center, so not only edges are different coloring, but also the central part. When “Amadeus” blooms for the first time, the wavy petals grow larger than in the following times, but not very neahrow. In general, the size of the discontinued bouton is within borders from 5 to 7 centimeters, but sometimes reaches 8 centimeters. Coloring is capable of changing when changing the temperature regime. For example, in the cold, petals are painted in a dark raspberry color, and when warming is replaced by a delicate pink shade.

Saintpolia bloom can occur yearly, but in winter the plant most often rests, and the flowers please the flowerflowers from the beginning of the spring to the end of autumn. In the southern regions, bloom, by the way, can continue in the cold season. Root system is a rod with a low-tech main root and a number of thin side roots. A branched stem reaches 40 centimeters and is either upright, or a little fluttering. As already mentioned, leaflets of adult plants turn out to be dark green with uniform fluff on the bottom surface, and here young people can be lighter.


Looking out the violet more conveniently in the purchase of soil, although an independent compilation of the substrate will be no less successful. To do this, it will be necessary to connect part of the vermiculite, part of the peat and 3 parts of the Earth from the garden, after which it is necessary to roll everything in the oven for a pair of hours. An once solution becomes 3-day frost in the refrigerator at a temperature of from -20 to -25 degrees, or abundant treatment with a 1 percent solution of manganese.

The perfect pot has a diameter of 4 to 5 centimeters.

If the size of the capacity is highly large, then all the forces of the flower will be given to the development of the root system to fill the space, and not on the immediate flowering. With the growth of violet, it will certainly have to transplant in a pot of more, but the diameter of the latter should still be on 2/3 less plants outlet.

Amadeus will develop well on windowsill windows looking to the East or West. Since the violets fits only the dissipated light, if the flower is located on the southern window, it must be protected from direct sunlight, creating a shading. In principle, the cultivation of SENPOLIA and on the windowsill windows looking to the north. However, in this case, it is important to monitor the condition of the flower – if it starts stretching, it means that he lacks lighting. In the cold season, the plant is recommended to further highlight. Anyway The duration of the daylight should be within 10 to 12 hours.

“Amadeus” feels well at room temperature, in borders from 22 to 25 degrees of heat. In winter, the violet will grow at 18 degrees of heat, and in the summer even with 30 degrees of heat. Drafts affect its condition extremely negatively up to the death of the plant, so it is important to avoid them. Violet also reacts poorly to sharp fluctuations in temperature. Optimal humidity ranges from 50% to 55%. With a lower indicator, the plant will not perish, but the size of the flowers can decrease, and the leaflets themselves will be a bow. Increase the level of humidity will result in both by purchasing an air humidifier and placing an ordinary glass with water near the pot.

Satpolia spraying is strictly forbidden, as it leads to a loading of sheets and shoots.


Since over time “Amadeus” grow greatly, it has to transplant. Usually the need occurs when the volume of the pot is simply not enough for the developed root system, and it happens once or two per year. It is important that The dimensions of the new capacity were 2/3 of the flower socket, otherwise he simply could not bloom. In order not to damage the root system, transfer the violet TRANSFER METHOD, implying the transfer of the plant into a new pot together with an earth’s room.

To start a transplant, it is necessary to prepare a potted potted with 70 percent alcohol or 1 percent solution of manganese. Drainage is laid on the bottom, and after an earth layer is formed with a thickness of 3 to 5 centimeters. The violet is removed from the pot, and if there is a need, it is washed from a bad substrate in warm water. Immediately remove old and damaged roots. If the ground is in order, then the earth is only a little shaken.

SENPOLIA is located in a new pot, and all intervals are filled with fresh soil. Puffed flower is cleaned in a well-warmed place with scattered light. Trimming procedure is carried out in the period from March to November. In winter, while the violet is at rest, it should not be disturbed. Remove mostly already dried shoots and leaves, flashing boutons, as well as those parts that spoil the decorative attractiveness of the flower. Experts advise at the beginning of the vegetative period also eliminate the lower branches of the outlet to make further development more efficient.

The application of fertilizers should be year-round, with the exception of the rest period, usually occupied for the winter. As a rule, for this purpose, complex compositions are selected containing all the necessary trace elements and macroelements. You need to make it 1 time in 2 weeks or even 10 days. From folk agents you can try to use coffee thick, citrus cuse or tea welding.

At the end of autumn and winter fertilizer, it is not necessary to make it necessary, as the flower is at rest.

In the spring, feeding sensipolia is better than nitrogen-containing compositions, allowing the flower to restore the green mass and create new shoots. Starting from May, you can restrict ourselves to potash-phosphate. This combination is able to extend flowering and increase the number of successfully drop-down boutons. It is important to mention that It is better to use mineral mixtures intended for violets. If other mineral compositions are used, then the concentration should be reduced a couple of times.

In addition, it should be remembered that it should not fertilize the flower for a month after the transplant. Forbidden and making feeding, if the temperature indoors is below 20 degrees of heat or above 25 degrees of heat. Do not fertilize those plants that are sick or exposed insect attacks. Finally, the procedure should be carried out in the morning or in the evening, that is, at a time when there is no direct impact of ultraviolet.

Irrigation should be sufficient, but inextant. Ideally, water should be pouring into the pallet as the soil dries. It is important to ensure that the liquid does not fall on the flower socket, otherwise it may even lead to the death of the plant. Water should be taking a standing and room temperature – the cold will provoke diseases. Upper watering during the cultivation of “Amadeus” is used extremely rarely and only skilled specialists. Well manifests itself and the bottom irrigation method.

To apply it, the liquid must be pouring into the container so that the violet falls on 2 or 3 centimeters. There is a pot in the water from a third of the hour before half an hour. Watering for the comfort of the plant is carried out 1-2 times a week depending on the state of the soil. It is worth mentioning that somewhere in 2 months the violet sheets are washed. It is easier to do it with the use of a sprayer – first spray sheets, and after wiped a soft cloth.

It is important to eliminate all the drops so as not to contribute to the development of grinding diseases.


Multiply violets accepted by seeds and cuttings, but most of the gardeners prefer the second option. To get a new sensipolia, you will need to take a healthy and strong leaf, located on the second or third row of the lower tier of the plant. At the bottom of the leaflet is made oblique incision at an angle of 45 degrees in advance with a disinfected tool. Next leafleka landed either in the ground, or in clean water room temperature. In the case of liquid, the first roots will appear approximately 1.5-2 months.

To speed up the process, you can add a couple of drops of growth stimulator.

Diseases and pests

Often the cause of “Amadeus” diseases becomes improper care or even landing in a pot of excessive size. To solve the problem, it is enough or transplant the flower, or change the leaving system. However, often the violet suffers from the attacks of the web tick, malievable dew or fuzariosis. In case of disease, immediate treatment is carried out by fungicides. For example, pulse dew is cured by the use of “Topaz”, and fusariasis – with the help of “Fundazola”. Ticks first will have to remove mechanically, and then to process the sick-sick sensipoly “phytodeterm”. Of course, in all cases damaged parts of the plants will have to remove.

The emerging rot, most likely, is a symbol of phytoofluorosis, and it appears due to overvailing air or soil. To correct the situation, it is necessary to reduce irrigation, treat the plant with a suitable agent and dive into a container with clean soil. If only roots rot, then the problem in the soil filled with harmful elements that highlight plants. The violet in this case will save only a transplant to a new pot. The appearance of a white plaque talks about the disease with mildew, and leaf twisting – about the attacks of the web tick and aphids. Will help in both cases only the use of special compositions.

About the beautiful terry violet “Amadeus” look in the following video.

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