Decoration of the fireplace with your own hands

    The fireplace creates a warm-looking atmosphere, which contributes to the presence of open fire. Here we spend a quiet evening in a chair, reading a book, or lead a warm conversation with friends for a cup of tea with quiet winter evenings. The room with the fireplace traditionally becomes the center of the family coziness and heat. Any fireplace can be made special and unique with decoration and decoration elements.


    The fireplace shelf and the place above the hearth serves to create a homely coziness with the help of decorative objects and small things, without which the house design would be incomplete. Wooden bizarre sculptures of individual work and vintage utensils will bring the room to a rustic style.

    Glass products in the form of a vase, glasses will be added to the homely atmosphere, highlights of the holiday and romance.

    Metal installations or natural stone products on a fireplace shelf will give home the type of blood and solidity. Fireplace hours, photos of loved ones, bright panels, flowers in Cachepo are placed, taking into account the interior of the room and the taste of the owners.

    In the best aristocratic traditions over the fireplace, the picture or mirror hangs. Giving tribute to modernity, you can use this place under the TV. The main thing is not to forget about the heat insulation so as not to spoil the equipment.

    Decor ideas can be the most diverse. They can even make them hands and hang on Falsimin. These designs are often decorated with a cafeter or stone. Also suitable concrete. Zone near the wall should also be decorated. Around the fireplace in the apartment you can make space in your chosen style. Do not forget about the boxes of the design itself.

    Decor ideas

    There are many ideas for decorating the fireplace with their own hands.


    Special heat resistant glass is used to decorate the fireplace. It can be used in the form of a mosaic and lay out fantasy patterns on the case. Fireplace doors and fireplace screens are also made of heat-resistant glasses. Glass can be transparent, toned and stained glass.

    It is important to use heat-resistant glass for the screen or doors capable of withstanding high temperatures. Tempered glass used for the production of dining tables is not suitable for such purposes. It will not stand such heat loads and burst.

    Screens not only serve as a decorative decoration, but also guard the house from burning products, in other words, serve fire safety. In addition, if there are children in the house, the fireplace screens and doors protect them from burns. Watching the fire through the glass is much safer and more comfortable than sitting at the open hearth.

    Glass, even heat-resistant, will not stand the temperature of coal burning. Using glass for the screen or glass doors, you need to trample the fireplace only by firewood.

    Decorative stucco

    Stucco can be made of plaster, polystyrene and polyurethane. The application of stucco is justified in different styles, but is often used for a fireplace in classic design, as well as in ampir styles, Baroque, Rococo. Gypsum and polyurethane are more in demand for these purposes. Polystyrene foam is less durable and faster collapsing from using temperature drops. It is advisable to mount the stucco not near the furnace, but on the chicken casing.

    Lack: If the products of firewood are falling into the premises, it will make it difficult to care for stucco. After all, it contains complex patterns and ornaments, with a variety of recesses and convex elements that are not easy to extort. Over time, pollution will spoil the general view of the fireplace.


    Opening a fireplace tree – not the most expensive option, but with competent and skillful surface treatment looks worthily, modern and stylish. The main condition, laying away the composition away from the furnace. Previously, it is necessary to treat a tree with special non-flammable solutions that protect the design from fire. For fire safety, it will be better to close the furnace with the door so that the sparks do not fly around the room and did not sit on a wooden plating.

    Not all tree breeds are designed for fireplace decor. Ash and alder poorly tolerate temperature changes and lose weight, losing shape.

    Cafel and stone

    The most popular finish of fireplaces ceramics and stone, which is distinguished by a great variety.


      For the design of the fireplace in Russian style, one of the types of ceramics – tie. Oven or fireplace with tiles – original Russian invention. Difference of the tile from the ceramic tile in the method of applying to the contour of the fireplace. The tile is simply glued. And under the influence of high temperatures, often falls off.

      According to the technology of ties are installed in cells, which not only serve as a focus for the material, but also help to maintain the heat of the stone. Until now, in the Winter Palace and in the Alexander Menshikov Palace, the XVII century furnaces, decorated with tiles.

      Material for manufacture serves clay. The surface is treated with icing, which is easily clean, unlike the modern tile. Tiles can be combined in any order, change, add.

      The right technique of the installation will create a special Russian style of the fireplace and the entire premises in general, and will also look expensive and aesthetically.

      The main advantages of the facing of the fireplace tiles:

      1. Well absorb warm and give it gradually, which serves as long-term maintenance of the thermal effect, it serves as a huge plus for fireplaces.
      2. Tiles are durable, they retain a wonderful appearance after long years of use.
      3. Unpretentiousness and simplicity.
      4. Tiles consist of natural components, they are environmentally safe and do not distinguish harmful substances when heated.
      5. Feature of laying of ties gives the fireplace additional strength and reliability.
      6. If defects, irregularities were present in the fireplace of the fireplace, then you can hide them with the help of.

      Ceramic tile

      Finishing of the Fireplace Ceramic Tile – Completed Decoration Option. Here the choice of coloring and texture depends on the style of the style in the interior of the room. Natural stone texture is often used. Ceramic tile – good substitute for natural materials. Decorative facing material, imitating stone masonry.

      There are several types of facing panels that differ in manufacturing material:

      1. Concrete panels;
      2. clinker panels;
      3. Panels from Ceramographic.

      Clinker and porcelain products are durable and durable. In the manufacturing process, the burning is subjected at a temperature of 1200-1300 ° C, which makes products from them wear-resistant and heat-resistant.

      Compliance with masonry technology on the clinker tile fireplace or porcelain stoneware guarantees:

      1. long service product;
      2. preservation of heat;
      3. Safety use of materials.

      Natural and artificial stone

      The use of natural materials gives the fireplace a unique view and increases the cost of decorative trim.

      Each natural stone has its own features to use:

      • Shelchik It is easily processed, it is inexpensive, but, having a porous structure, can eventually score dust and products of burning firewood and losing a presentable view.
      • Limestone and sandyK are also relatively inexpensive natural materials. They are diverse by species and colors and fit in almost any interior. But not too durable and durable.

      • Slanets Interesting and peculiar material, it has an unusual appearance that comes far from each interior.
      • Marble – Not the most expensive stone, enjoys high popularity as a facing material. Figure and color of marble unique and depends on the field in which it is mined. With properly selected color, it will fit in almost any interior style.
      • Granite is one of the most durable facing stones. It is firm and difficult enough in processing, but withstands heavy loads and durable to use.

      With a professional approach to cutting, grinding, polishing stone Care of surfaces from marble, slate and granite is simple and does not require much effort.

      Applied for finishing and panels from polymer resins with the addition of crumbs of natural stones or, in a different way, artificial stone.

      Artificial stone is also durable and cannot be exposed to high temperatures. He is well polished, it is difficult to damage. It does not absorb harmful substances and smells. With proper application, it will last for many years.


      In addition to panels, imitating stone masonry, there are decorative plaster:

      • on the basis of cement, not the most durable option;
      • acrylic;
      • silicate-based liquid glass;
      • based on silicone resin;
      • Venetian plaster, which looks like a polished stone.

      Venetian plaster is not the easiest material for coating a fireplace and requires certain application skills. But it is very convenient and unpretentious in care, does not absorb dust and is easy.

      To finish the fireplace, you need to choose a heat-resistant material. Preliminary surface preparation must correspond to the selected material. Glue and other solutions required for fastening and processing facing materials should be heat-resistant. It is also necessary to consider, a fireplace is used as a decorative element of the interior, carries a purely aesthetic function, or as a heating device with regular melting.

      Processing of the fireplace simple plastering is a rather unprokeve way of finishing, which does not require special efforts and skills. In addition, this does not lose fireplace, so there is no need to further strengthen the design. For plastering requires a special mixture that does not crack with a long service of the product. The advantage of plaster can be called what the color of the cladding is easily changed, if you need. You can additionally decorate the casing with intricate patterns using heat-resistant paint for this.

      Hard and painstaking work on the decoration of the fireplace is better to entrust the finishing. If desired, the necessary knowledge and skills can be done this work.

      Finishing plasterboard

      Covering the fireplace housing with heat-resistant plasterboard, you can invent and create complex, rounded designs or multistage asymmetric models. Metal framework, which is subsequently applied, attached to any fantasy form.


      Metal elements are used in the manufacture of fireplace doors, screens and ventilation grids. Typically used cast iron or heat-resistant metal alloys. If the fireplace is assumed to be put out not only firewood, but also coal, then preference is given to the cast iron as the very heat-resistant material.

      The only minus cast iron products is their big weight.

      In other cases, the choice of metal can be made at the discretion of the owner. Often for creating a product with an individual pattern apply forging technologies. Alloy models are generally available and sold in specialized stores. Patterns and ornaments on the doors and lattices are usually tied to the style and finishing of the entire room.

      Festive design

      The fireplace serves as a place to collect the whole family, especially on New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Therefore, it is very important to decorate the fireplace shelf and place next to the hearth. According to the old European tradition over the fire, socks with the names of family members, so that Santa Claus is not mistaken at night, laying out his gifts.

      The fireplace shelf decorate by Mishur, garlands. You can put on a hearth a small dressed up. In the glass dishes it is better to fold multicolored New Year’s balls. Candles in candlesticks placed on the shelf above the fireplace will complement the festive atmosphere.

      Fireplace decoration for each holiday, for example, for a wedding, can be special and every time new. It all depends on the imagination of the author and the artistic orientation. On the day of all the lovers, you can create a special mental atmosphere with the help of a fireplace, putting flowers and decorating with hearts space above the hearth. For the portal in the summer, live flowers are most suitable.

      The fireplace serves not just a heating device, but also the center where it is convenient to gather the whole family, spending time over a conversation, celebrate holiday dates and other joyful events. It can be put on both the studio and a private house.

      From how the fireplace looks like, our mood depends. Owls a little time to decorate the fireplace, we transform your home, bringing to perfection even small details of the decor. And invite friends and loved ones to the fireplace to share with them happy moments of your life.

      Beautiful examples in the interior

      For the New Year’s option, you can choose all kinds of tinsel and christmas toys. Decorations can be made with your own hands.

      Beautifully looks in the fireplace decor in red and white colors.

      Gentle should be decoration for Valentine’s Day. Add as many cute little things as possible.

      Tips for designing the fireplace for the new year, see further.

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