Concrete fireplace: types and features of manufacture

Which of us does not dream of rainy autumn spend the evenings as Sherlock Holmes, sitting in a rocking chair, when it was already cold on the street, and before the main heating is still a month.

Now such an opportunity is the inhabitants of the ordinary apartment – a concrete fireplace. Such a kind is suitable for both the private house and the open veranda. The advantage of the model is that it has high heat transfer.

Unlike natural stone, concrete is cheaper and easy to use, easily transfers temperature differences and moisture change.


Concrete fireplace You can collect both from factory details, so come up with your unique design. Widespread models from rings. They are easily mounted and can be used to prepare dishes both on open fire and in Kazan. This type of focus is perfect for accommodation on the household plot.

Decoration stone will give the design neat appearance, which will organically fit into the exposition of the garden plot. Very beautiful will look around the fireplace, laid out with tiles in one color scheme with a stone.

By type of blocks, it is possible to highlight fireplaces:

  • from ready-made concrete blocks – can be in the form of rings or molded parts;
  • from ordinary concrete blocks that require refinement;
  • from molded gas blocks;
  • Cast concrete.

By location:

  • confused;
  • built-in;
  • island;
  • Corner.

By the type of foundation:

  • on a brick foundation;
  • on a boob foundation;
  • On the cast concrete foundation.

By the design method:

  • in country style;
  • in modern style;
  • in classic style;
  • Loft and other style.

Installation and assembly

Such models, as a rule, at the base have foundation. Experts advise you to think about the placement of the fireplace before the construction of the house. If you install it indoors, for less deformation of the design and increasing service life, follow the lack of general bundles with floor.

Otherwise, you will have to dismantle part of the floor covering.

Installation work includes the following steps:

  • Prepare a drop of 0.5 m slightly more external fireplace diameter.
  • Dno lay out first rubble, then sand.
  • Pour the resulting CPS pillow consisting of one part of cement and four sand.
  • To prevent condensate from entering between the upper rows, laid waterproofing material.
  • The foundation must perform above the floor.
  • The resulting support plate is left for a couple of days until concrete solidification.
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Next, you should think about the placement of the chimney. It is better to place it inside the wall, if your home is at the construction stage. In the completed room, the chimney will need to do as a separate design.

To properly cut down the flue opening, you must first note and cut it on a concrete ring. Ring should be applied to chimney without applying the CPS.

Make a hole more convenient to a special saw with a diamond disk that you can rent, Bulgarian in this case will not fit. Fueling with special glasses, headphones, construction vacuum cleaner, overalls and proceed to work.

Now it’s time to start eating the fireplace itself.

The first two rows can be connected to the CPS with the addition of lime. They will serve for assembling ash and will not be very hot. Then use crushed clay mixed with sand. The resulting mixture should have elastic consistency. When applied, it follows from time to time to check the level of masonry.

In the apartment or room it is better to build a fireplace from ready-made concrete blocks. They are going similarly brick:

You will need the following materials:

  • Blocks for rear wall thickness 100 mm.
  • Side blocks thick 215 mm.
  • Concrete slab 410×900 mm with a 200 mm hole, which will serve overlapping the smoke collector.
  • Frame portal.
  • Pulling, acting as a base.
  • Steel sheets and refractory bricks for the design of the implementation site, for the purpose of fire safety.
  • Fireplace shelf.

Fireplace device:

  • “Under” – a place where firewood burns. Lay it out of refractory bricks on the lumber above the floor level to ensure uninterrupted traction. You can install an extra lattice.
  • Between the base and subhead install ash. It is better to make it removable in the form of a metal box with a handle.
  • Portal grille, preventing the fallout of firewood and coal from the fuel chamber.
  • Laying with refractory chamotte brick fuel chamber will save on a lining.
  • Laying the rear wall of the fuel with a slope of 12 degrees and its finishing with a cast iron plate or steel sheet will allow the heat-reflecting effect.
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  • Manufacture board will give the design sense sensation and beautiful appearance. It can be done both from concrete and marble, granite.
  • Establishment of the fuel chamber of the smoke collector in the form of a pyramid will prevent the cold air from the street into the fireplace.
  • The furnace valve installed at a height of 200 cm helps to adjust the force of thrust and prevents the blowing of heat through the chimney.
  • The smoke tube should not be below 500 cm. To ensure a full thrust, it is removed on a height of 2 m above the ridge of the roof.
  • During construction, it is necessary to comply with the proportions of the fireplace regarding the heated premises.

Construction of a fireplace from concrete in the finished room

  • Preparation lies in the dismantling of the part of the floor and the copper of the pit for a depth of at least 500 mm. In a two-story house – from 700 to 1000 mm. For markings of the boundaries of the foundation take the size of the fireplace table and retreat 220 mm on each side.
  • When adjusting the fireplace on the second floor, 2-way beams are used, which are mounted in the capital walls per width of 1, 5 bricks. For light models, it is enough to strengthen the lags.
  • Building foundation. Booth or red bricks are used as a material when masonry. Its height should not be above the floor and must have waterproofing to prevent moisture from entering. When building a foundation from a boot, the upper two rows lay out brick. To build a foundation from concrete, a special solution is prepared with the addition of a sandy-gravel mixture, which must be four times more than Portland cement. This solution should be strengthened by the reinforcement grid. It can be purchased ready or welding from metal rods with a cross section of 8 mm, saving them between themselves at a distance of 100 or 150 mm.
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  • After the frozen, we begin to build a fireplace table of concrete or a special refractory brick, which is adjacent to the premises.
  • Lay out the side walls of the fireplace.
  • Build a fireplace chamber. For the hitch of finished blocks, a mixture of one part of sand and cement and six parts of sand is used.
  • Install the slab with a smoke unit. The latter is attached with a solution with a thickness of 1.5 cm.
  • Mantel. As a finish, it is worth abandoning ceramic tiles, as it may not withstand high temperatures. Usually in such cases a brick or stone is used. They have it in the same way as during the construction of the house – with a displacement of Polkirpich.

Fireplace assembly sequence of ready-made gas packs

  • Building foundation.
  • Moisten ready-made blocks.
  • Fasten the smoke pipe on the altitude indicated in the instruction, leaving the output open. At the CPS fasten the sheets of mineral wool along the entire length of the chimney.
  • Install the blocks on each other without adding the CPS and mark the construction pencil size and location of the smoke hole. Cut it with a grinder with a diamond disk.

      • Install the blocks on the fireplace table from the iron sheet, bonding them with a mixture of clay and sand.
      • Insert the finished subzolenik.
      • Lay out the fireplace chamber.
      • Fix the stove.
      • Making cladding brick.

      Read more about this in the following video.

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