Choose plastic porridge for flowers

Flowers create an atmosphere of heat and coziness in the house, and in return requires quite a bit of attention and care. The main in caring for indoor flowers is landing and timely watering. To do this, it is necessary to choose a suitable container that would fit the size of the flower and conditions of content.


Kashpo is a decorative vase in which the plant is placed. Functional purpose of kashpo – aesthetic interior decoration, creating the desired atmosphere, protection of surfaces from a wanted land or spilled water. Sometimes kashpo is used for planting plants. To do this, on the bottom, the layer of claymps is placed on the bottom or cut holes at the bottom (if it is made of plastic). Flower porridge is made from almost all materials. It can be ceramics, clay, metal, wood, glass, polymers, plastic.

Kashpo, placed on the street, more often called Vase or Decorative Vase. They are very durable and stable, most often made of thick plastic or concrete.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of the variety of materials, plastic occupies a leading position, as it responds to almost all consumers’ requirements.

His characteristics:

  • economy – plastic kashpo is significantly cheaper than clay or glass counterparts;
  • high resistance to atmospheric precipitation, exposure to moisture and high temperatures;
  • Practicality: do not require special care, it is enough to rinse them with water;
  • durability;
  • High aesthetic properties.

Plants planted in plastic pots or kashpo, grow well and bloom to the joy of hostess.

With all the advantages and indisputable advantages of plastic, it is important to take into account his minuses. It does not let the air and moisture, so it is possible stagnant water and the death of the plant. These disadvantages can be easily corrected by the presence of clay or drainage holes.

Size and form

A huge selection of plastic products allows you to successfully grow indoor plants. With their help you can give a completely different mood of the boring interior. So, a suspended porridge, having a special fixing device, can be placed not only on the street or balcony, but also to locate in the apartment, for example, in the door or window opening. Wall cachets have special holes for fastening on the back wall. The most amazing thing is that this is not the limit. Manufacturers made an amazing kashpo, which can be attached to the window. Pluses of this location – abundance of natural lighting, the use of window space, beauty and ease of leaving plants.

Color and Design

The most common is a monophonic, black, white, brown, terracotta and dark green color. Transparent porridge for orchids can be not only matte, but also colored. Their transparent walls allow you to skip the light that the roots of these plants are vital.

A large decorative variety of colors and textures allows not only to grow its green pets, but also emphasize the style of the interior.


Plastic Caspo plants for indoor plants are widely represented in the market, which are produced in Poland. Efficiency, simple forms, multifunctionality – distinctive features of Polish products. The abundance of colors and shapes allows it to use it for live plants and artificial flowers.

The assortment of TechPlast company presents a variety of products made of high-quality plastics. A huge selection of colors and sizes, the presence of pallets make products in demand and popular among lover of indoor plants. Plastic kashpo for flowers is distinguished primarily, practicality, convenience and reasonable price.

Terapalast manufactures Cachepo, complying with all the requirements of capricious fashion and all new trends in new items of interior solutions. Made of plastic on technology 3D products very light and durable. Plastic containers have anti-vandal properties, resistant to any atmospheric phenomena and ultraviolet rays. Different with high frost resistance and durability, so they are recommended even for installation on the street and in crowded places.

The coating of the surface of plastic kashpo is carried out in different ways: Pouring, spraying, dipping, applying patterns, thereby achieving various textures, which successfully imitate any surface: roughness of clay and rattan, wood heat, monolith of concrete. With their help, you can support any design solutions in the interior. Products from TeraPlast are represented in a rich color palette – among them there is both pots in neutral shades and in saturated paints. They are distinguished by interesting solutions and pleasant texture. “Coal”, “graphite”, “bronze” – their names speak for themselves. The form can also be any – in the form of a cone, ball (spheres) or, for example, cylinder. Rectangular and square floor specimens are able to accommodate volumetric plants,

About how to make kashpo for flowers with your own hands, look in the following video.

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