Choose a photo frame with backlit

Frames for photographs with backlit – this is a stylish addition to the home setting. The backlight is usually located around the perimeter of the product. Bright light makes it possible to get a uniform glow of the entire photo, provides its radiance and makes realistic.


Photo frame with backlit turns ordinary photos to artwork. Works product usually from three AAA or from USB cable.

In order for a photo frame to be glowing, you need to perform a few simple actions.

  • You need to insert batteries. The compartment for them is on the back of the frame. It should be opened by pulling the left side.
  • After the batteries are inserted, the compartment should be closed. And the inclusion lever, located here, on the rear panel to install in Open position.

Now the backlight will earn, and the photo frame will light up, creating an additional room backlight. A photograph in such a frame insert is easy, for this it follows:

  • Move the latches inside so that they do not fix the glass on the frame;
  • Place the desired photo;
  • Now latch put in your place.

To the photographer with highlighting had a long service life, it is necessary to observe a number of measures. You should use the product only indoors, prevent falls and strong blows of the frame, do not immerse it into the water.

If the lighting is LED, the LEDs are usually not replaced. If the frame is assumed not to use for any time, then the batteries are better to remove.


Illuminated photo frame may be several species.

  • Levitating. There is a cable fixation mechanism that creates the impression that the photo is ferry in the air. A combination of several photograms with backlit will not remain unnoticed in any atmosphere at home or in the office. Glowing photo frames are used to distinguish between space space, because the photos can be installed both from one and on the other hand. In addition, the backlit frame can be used in advertising.
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  • LED frame For photos gained widespread in our days. Using similar energy-saving and decorative backlight, you can provide for photos a second life and help it become a major element of the situation. Using LED backlight will not hit the consumer budget, but will allow positive changes to the interior.

  • LED Strip Light It is also often used to create a photo frame backlight in the interior design of the room. It has miniature sizes and quite flexible, which makes it possible to illuminate small spaces. Therefore, it is often used in order to create the light effect in the premises of artists.

  • Wall photo frames with LED backlit will focus on the photo that will serve as a reminder of good events. Similar photo frames can act as a night light.

Tips for choosing

The main purpose of the photo frame is to save photos, preventing it from external influences. In addition, she has another purpose, it is that the frame can highlight a photo from the overall interior, makes it focus on it and give a complete view of the room. The correctly selected photo frame is able to become decoration of the situation and give it the originality. While the unsuccessful frame will make a photo inconspicuous and spoil all the impression of it.

Photo frame to choose easy, if you take into account all the subtleties. When choosing a product, you should know for whom the photo frame is intended. They are selected by different criteria for women, men or children. The photo frame is well suited as a present for a holiday. Also, the framework can be chosen for people who are fond of any matter.

For example, there are a wide variety of types of frames for people who are fond of fishing, hunting, unusual sports.

A good idea is the selection of photo frames as a collage, where there is an opportunity to place a complex of photos. When choosing a framework, close attention should be paid to the material from which they are made.

  • Plastic. Such products are not bad to fit into the situation of the urban apartment. Their cost is quite budget, and they themselves are comfortable and practical.
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  • Wood. Such products are manufactured using natural wood breeds. The design of them includes a stand if the frame is desktop, and glass where the photo is placed. The tree can be painted in a wide variety of shades, decorated with carvings or gilding.

  • Glass. For the manufacture of photo frames there is a special kaneylene glass. Products from this material have a strict species. As decorating elements here are inserts from white metal and various sparkles.

  • Steel. Such products have a unique appearance due to polished surface and gloss.

  • Ceramics. These products have a very picturesque appearance.

  • Plush. Products from this material are very pleasant for sensations. Differ in particular beauty because they are performed in bright shades.

The varieties of the photo frames there are many, and the right choice will allow you to make a good present for a loved one.

Beautiful examples

In any house you can find a lot of a wide variety of photos. The idea of ​​decoring an apartment using photographs came to us from Europe countries. In most cases, photos and photographs are placed on walls and horizontal planes.

As an element of decoration, both one large photo can be used and a few small.

The frame must be combined with a photo, and not to be in contrast. Photo frames of dark colors increase the intensity of shades in the photo, focus on warm or cold colors of the total color palette. Products in colors Gold, metallic, silver are well combined with bright colors and help muffle screaming.

For color photos, the frames of calm shades will fit, for black and white, the frames of black, white and gray colors will be useful. Vintage pictures should be placed in the product similar to the stylistic direction.

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About how to make a beautiful frame for a photo with backlight, look in the video below.

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