Causes and treatment of flower and buds from the Decembrist

Decembrist – Pretty popular indoor plant. But few know his real name – Skluberger (Sigocactus). Decembrist – like the Christmas, Decembrina, Christmas cactus – just a nickname given by the inaders.


Skluberger belongs to the family of cacti and is known that it does not have a barrier, and it blooms this view in the cold. It blooms abundantly and beautiful, glading eyes when the rest of the plants are at rest.

There are several types of Decembrist. They differ not only in the appearance of the plant itself, but also by the appearance of its flowers. Flowers can be familiar with raspberry or red, as well as orange, white, lilac or even coral. In addition, the flowers of the Decembrist can be two-color.

For beautiful and abundant flowering you need to provide a flower as favorable living conditions.

Decembrist – Plant with character. He does not like high pots, so the optimal option for its cultivation will be shallow and wide containers – This is due to the fact that the root system of the plant surface. The straight sun rays harm the plant, so it is better to clean it in the shadow. And despite the origin in Brazil, the plant does not like high temperatures – the most suitable temperature range is 17-20 ° C.

When the Decembrist flowers blooms?

The name of the flower is not accidental: the plant blooms starting from late autumn and throughout the winter, sometimes it can also bloom again closer to the beginning of spring. And the point is not at all that the plant loves low temperatures, but in the fact that it is from the tropical latitudes of Southern Brazil, where the period of flowering plants falls on our calendar winter. In our latitudes, the Decembrist is becoming buds by the end of November, then they are blooming, and the end of blossoms fall at the end of January.

Decembrist Plant Perennial: The term of his life can reach 20 years. And as soon as he reaches the age of flowering, it begins to bloom annually throughout the years of life.

Why buds dies?

But there are cases when the flower provided all the conditions, and the desired flowering does not happen. Zaezazi on the plant are formed, but suddenly it swings their unacceptable buds. This can affect this several points:

  • Moving the pot with the Decembrist into a new place is the most common cause of all;
  • insufficient soil moisturizing or excess of moisture in the soil;
  • drafts;
  • temperature differences;
  • Direct exposure to the Sun;
  • disease or pests on the plant;
  • unsatisfactory plant care – not providing a normal temperature regime during resting period, not holding planned plant trimming, ignoring the annual transplantation and soil exhaustion.
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How to prevent loss?

    So as not to become a witness of how falling flowers from the Decembrist, you need to provide the right care to the plant.

    As soon as the buds began on the Decembrist, the pot cannot be moved, shake and in general somehow disturb him. Until the moment when the buds open, you need to leave it alone on the place where it is worth. Pot only can be easily rotated at the stage of launching buds in order to achieve uniform their appearance. Otherwise, buds may appear only on one side of the plant.

    It is necessary to carefully monitor the soil moisture in the pot. During rest, the irrigation rate can only be 1 time in 2 weeks. But during the flowering period, you need to ensure that the soil does not dry. Watering stands at that moment when the ground is just starting to push. At the same time in the pot you do not need to make a swamp.

    Especially dangerous oversupply of watering at low temperatures indoors. In this case, the roots of the plant can suffer greatly. And the fact that it drops buds will be a smaller problem, because the Decembrist may die completely. Soil should always be a bit wet.

    Buds dry with a lack of moisture. And so that the level of humidity is sufficient, the Decembrist can also be sprayed during the bootonization and flowering. Through the leaves and flowers, the plant also effectively absorb moisture, as with the help of the root system.

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    Decembrists contraindicated drafts, sun and temperature drops. It is worth taking care not only during flowering, but throughout his life. In the tropics there is no such problem as low temperatures, so the plant reacts to them negatively.

    For healthy blossom, it is important to care for the Decembrist not only during this period. So, it will be useful to feed the plant at the end of the flowering period so that it can restore the strength and collect new. Best time for feeding – Spring and summer. Spring feed the Decembrist once a month half recommended portions. This will be enough at the recovery stage after long flowering.

    In the summer you can start giving a full dose of fertilizer twice a month. During this period, the Decembrist is gaining energy for the future winter period.

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