Casket dolls: varieties and step-by-step instructions for manufacture

Among the huge list of functional items for the decor, casket dolls are especially popular. Today they can be purchased or done independently, using simple infirm materials and tools for this, as well as a bit of fantasy.


There are many ways to inhale the second life in toys, of which children have long grown, as well as use with the benefit of things that are in most cases to be disposed of, in particular, various reusable packaging from food products. In this matter, the creation of a unique casket doll will be relevant. Such a thing is considered a multifunctional, since it is able to serve as a useful storage capacity, to act as an original present.

In the light of such versatility there are many ways to create an original thing. It can be used at the same time, and exclusive raw materials for the manufacture of an expensive casket.

Today, to realize a similar idea to create a casket doll, even a novice master, since the design of a beautiful and functional thing is notable for its simplicity, as well as the ability to use its imagination in the work, which will create a real masterpiece from the minimum amount of materials.

Necessary materials and tools

Among the list of used raw materials for the manufacture of a casket doll is to highlight the basic components of the product, namely the shopping doll either made by their own hands, as well as any container that will act as a storage office for small objects. In this role, the bottom compartments of the casket can perform, the cover of which for one reason or another came into disrepair, Also, plastic containers, capacitances, bottles, etc. These two components will play the role of the frame and two main parts – top and bottom of the casket doll.

As for the rest of the set of useful materials for creating a box, the master can pick it up, based on his personal preferences, as well as the main idea and work skills. It can be:

  • Cuts of fabrics of any density, colors and textures;
  • ribbons and lace;
  • Singyprc or any other filler for the lower branch;
  • rhinestones and beads, beads;
  • sparkles, buttons;
  • braid.

    For making a box in Kanzashi technique, special sets are commonly used.

    However, all these materials will require reliable fixation with each other, as well as the basis. Therefore, for work is usually used:

    • glue;
    • threads, needles;
    • Stapler.

    As an important tool, without which it is unlikely to be able to realize a similar idea, it is worth noting the stationery knife, scissors.

    How to make it yourself?

    There are many master classes to create a box with the use of dolls, the most popular are described below.

    From plastic bottle

    To work, you can use the container of any color, its dimensions must be selected, taking into account the planned dimensions of the future casket, as well as the functions that it will perform. To make a casket doll, in which the decorations either will be stored or sweets, you can use a container, with a volume of 1.5-2 liters.

    Step by step algorithm works described further.

    • First of all, you need to divide the container into three parts. The middle of the bottle will not be used in the work, so the depth of the lower box of the casket can be adjusted at its discretion. However, the cut in the upper and lower part should be smooth to avoid traumatic situations in the future. You can pre-draw future borders with a marker.
    • After the main components are cut, the bottom of the bottle will need to decorate using the selected material. If necessary, inwards should be placed in a synthepion or put any other filler. You can fix the cloth using glue-gun or stapler.
    • To make the box as much as possible, it is possible to additionally glue the lid of plastic, unnecessary disk.
    • Next, the works will touch the upper part acting in the role of the cover. Doll is used in this case only partially. Usually the toy removes all the torso to the hips. Then the narrow part of the bottle is fed into the dolls so that its edges for a couple of centimeters went out for the belt. For reliable fixation, the toy is attached to the neck with glue.
    • After that, from plastic or cardboard you need to cut a circle that will be larger in diameter than the lower part of the box. It should be attached to the doll from the bottom to form the cover finally. On the one hand, the lid-doll can be attached to the bottom or make a box with a completely removable lid.
    • The final stage of the work will be the decoration of the doll, namely the creation of an outfit for her. For these purposes, you can use any fabric you like. It creates several circles, the first is delayed on the waist of Barbie dolls, the rest are sewn until the material covers the whole design. For decoration you can use satin ribbons, lace. To supplement the image of the doll, it is also worth taking care of the headdress or the corresponding hairstyle from the toy.

    From mayonnaise bucket

    In addition to drinking plastic containers for making a casket doll, a container with a large diameter can be used, for example, a bucket of mayonnaise or ice cream.

    Work will be reduced to the following actions.

    • First of all, it is necessary to issue an inner part of the future casket, for this, the container should be covered with the material, the skin, in addition to putting the syntheps or cotton disks. Next, the outer part is decorated, it can also be seen by the material, tied with a crochet, decorate with a twine, tosing it in a circle.
    • The next stage of the work will be the task of fixing the doll for the further design of the cover at the future casket. In this case, the toy will only be partially – to the waist. This part is glued to the lid of the bucket with a thermoclaus or any other fastening agent.
    • Next, the master’s task will be to create a dress for a toy. It should be lush, since the diameter of such a box will be much larger than in the previous version with a bottle. You can use the idea of ​​the doll on the example of ballrooms. To make the top of the dress, you can use gypsum from a set for children’s creativity, simply paint the torso or sew it out of a small cut, making a bodice. The skirt is made of round cuts of the material of any length, greater in diameter than the lid. The amount of dresses used from the roller and tiers used.
    • The final stage of the work will be fixed covers to the ground. This can be done if you sew the edge of the cover on one side, you can also leave a box with a fully separated cover.

    From newspaper tubes

    An alternative to creating a box of fabric and plastic containers can be a variant of its manufacture of rolled paper tubes. Riding will be part of any plastic doll. The bottom in this case also woves from the tubes by the type of basket. Its sizes and depth can be varied based on its individual needs.

    As a basis that helps to carry out weaving, any capacity you liked. The first priority will be the preparation of the desired number of tubes.

    Ordinary typographic paper suitable for these purposes as it is impossible. You can use sheets from logs, in this case the box will look more colorfully and attractive. So that the tubes were more pillars in work, before starting weaving, they can be slightly moistened with water. You can twist the consumable material yourself or use a thin knitted knitted needle as the basis.

    Making a casket occurs as follows.

    • Tubes fit back by forming basic risers. As a result, in each group there will be several tubes laid in the form of a star.
    • Next, weaving lies in the rises of tubes in a circle of each riser from the bottom up, starting from the very core of the future casket. To build material, it is necessary to insert one tube to another or bore.
    • When the bottom of the paper reaches the required diameter, the second task will be to form the walls. For this, the basic risers must be drove up, after which it is to continue weaving according to the algorithm described above, increasing them in the same way as the main tube for weaving. So that the form was neat and correct, you can temporarily insert any suitable container that tasks the product correct contours.
    • At the final stage of weaving the lower part, the remaining tubes are trimmed and glued to each other, so that the edges do not create unsightly defects.
    • Next you need to start weaving a doll. Racks need to be done around the waist, fixing them on the toy. So that the weaving was even and proportional, can also be used inside the tank of a suitable diameter, but with the extension to the bottom so that the lid closes the bottom of the base. The color of the top tubes and the bottom of the casket can coincide, and may be a contrast composition.
    • Add the decor the casket can be created by a soft pillow for the bottom, it is also worth decorating the head of the doll with a headdress or a beautiful hair accessory.

    Beautiful examples

    A thematic gift for New Year holidays can be a decorative casket in the form of Snow Maiden. Such a gift will be guaranteed to decorate for any interior, And for its creation, simple materials present in any house will be required.

    Casket doll can be a thematic gift for the wedding. The lid with the toy and the lower part, decorated in the style of the bride, will be relevant and memorable presentation for newlyweds.

    The casket in the traditional folk subject will be a wonderful piece of decor, Relevant in any dwelling, it will also be a beautiful emphasis in the premises decorated in ethnic style, in country houses or dachas, in restaurants.

    How to make a casket doll with your own hands, look next.

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