Candlesticks made of wood: varieties, recommendations for the choice

Fire is a phenomenon that simultaneously scares, admires, cleans, soothes. Such a mystical effect is not able to create modern lighting appliances, it will help to achieve a candle inserted into the candlestick. Special delights are distinguished by candlesticks made of wood – they fill the room with a mysterious atmosphere and are immersed in an ancient era.


Wooden candlestick is an interior object that simultaneously performs practical and decorative functions. As for his direct destination, it is not worth talking here about daily use or during a random turning off electricity. Quicker, Such an unusual subject is applied during the holidays, especially church or, for example, to create a romantic atmosphere for a special family case. The decorative component of the wooden candle holder is valued much more.

In the Middle Ages, candlesticks made of valuable woods decorated with expensive stones and sold to honorary customers. They were used for important ceremonies.

Gradually, this niche was taken by porcelain, crystal and glass candlesticks, but the wooden products did not lose their popularity. So, in the era of revival, copies were appreciated, decorated with natural ornaments, and for the Rococo era, angels, rustic landscapes were characterized by.

Over time, not only design has changed, but also the shape of a wooden candlestick. Now instead of a classic leg, tapering up, there were true works of art with sophisticated carvings, sculptural details and solemn images.

Nowadays, designers with special trepidation belong to wood candlesticks. These items can fill the room with comfort, family warmth, soften too bold room design, and therefore wooden products are still popular, including in elite houses.

The candlestick from the valuable tree species can be a unique presentation, which will emphasize the high status of its new owner.

Now the exquisite carved products are common and laconic unified stands for the style of minimalism. The exact wooden candlestick truly serves as a symbol of returning to the era of our ancestors, when the natural material had a special value.


Candlesticks can be divided into traditional models where one candle is inserted, on the candelabra, which accommodate several candles, and on large instances, designed to install up to 50 candles.

Also products can be classified by mounting.

  • Outdoor. This sample will give the premises to the mystical atmosphere, fill the room with riddles and secrets, “will take” into the world of the last century.

  • Desktop. The most popular option, which is often applied according to its intended purpose. It can be put on the table, for example, during a romantic dinner. Very beautiful such products look at the bulky table in retro style or on piano.

  • Wall mounted. Another sought-after model. There are single and paired options. More often used in decorative purposes, for example, for designing a mirror on both sides. Because of the proximity to the wall covering, it is not recommended to apply a wall candlestick according to its direct intended purpose for safety reasons.

Design options

During the excavations, archaeologists often find ancient wooden candlesticks, in shape they look like pyramids or aroma lamps. This design attracts many antiques connoisseurs.

For lovers of contemporary art, candlesticks are made in the form of ethno-models, for example, in the form of decorated squiggle.

Alternatively, such a wooden snag is suitable for decoring a rustic-style room. If the handicraft has a calmer design, you can use it and in the style of country.

For those who pick up a candlestick to decorate the room in the style of Scandinavian minimalism, a unusual composition is suitable in the form of a snake. Even the diverse wooden balls where the candles are inserted, will become a harmonious addition to the romantic feast.

Rough and unwanted products from the clip will produce the shocking effect, But their colorful color will create a flirty and movable atmosphere in the apartment. Usually this option has a pretty simple attachment in the form of recesses.

Unusual decor elements from wood can be done with their own hands, for example, it is allowed to use wood roots.

Above the mentioned snag – one of the options. To do this, it is necessary to release the selected instance from the bark, to handle the sandpaper and perform a hole tool to install the candle. Suitable for crafts and wood bark. You can make a composition of the numerous branches of the same length, for example, to connect them and install on a wooden stand in a disreter.

Even ordinary lamps are suitable for the manufacture of candlestick. For example, conventional bars of 10-15 cm sizes can be applied to craft. The drill is performed by a hole for a candle-tablet, and the edges are maintained by sandpaper.

Creative connoisseurs of independent labor can experiment with the design and make exclusive logs from logs, collapsed in half.

How to choose?

When buying a wooden candlestick Listen to the following recommendations.

  • If the product is selected for Easter or Christmas, then pay attention to the features of the candle attachment. The size of the opening must be small, where the church candle will fit without any problems and will not “hang out”.

  • For income, it is very easy to choose a suitable sample, Especially since even specimens brought specifically from India or Thailand are offered at a small price. In general, an interesting composition will allow making products from mango wood, black or pink wood, decorated with thread or bamboo weaving.

  • Connoisseurs of antiques it’s not so easy to choose. Present retro is quite difficult to find, such a candlestick should be at least 50 years old, its cost is not available to everyone, but it fills a room with some kind of special atmosphere, the spirit of the era. If such a thing is impossible to find, then you can limit the vintage product – it is made 15-25 years ago, and therefore it is much easier to find it on sale.

  • If the apartment is made in the style of Provence, Shebbi-Chic, AR-Nouveau, Baroque or even a classic, That win-win version – decorative lights-candlesticks outdoor species. Most often, they are a rectangular or square lamp of the exquisite shape, made in a certain style, but not the usual lamp is inserted inside, namely the candle.

  • The easiest way to choose a wooden candlestick for Provence style. It can be figures of animals, bulk birds, unusually curved stems and branches, bowls of flowers. Such elegant models are more decorative art objects than functional stands for burning candles.

In the next video, you will learn how to make an unusual candlestick made of wood with your own hands.

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