Candlestick-lamp: varieties, recommendations for the selection

Despite the large selection of modern electric lamps, candles do not lose their relevance. They are used in rooms, and on the street (in the garden, on open balconies, terraces). If the candle is not enclosed in a ready-made glass or ceramic container, it is placed in a candlestick, performing and decorative, and practical functions. One of the most popular options – a candlestick-lamp. Consider the varieties of this spectacular accessory and deal with how to choose a suitable model.


Many dackets love summer evenings to sit on the veranda or on a bench at home and enjoy the evening cool and starry sky. In this case, candles can be very. Of course, without a candlestick will not do without. The most common street version is exactly the lantern candlestick. This is usually quite large metal products with glass walls. Some modern options are covered with polyester powder, which allows them to give them any color.

Due to the presence of small holes, the subject provides access required for combustion of the candle of oxygen amounts. However, the main part of the product is closed. This allows you to protect fire from attenuation and reduces the risk of fire.

In addition, the beautiful product makes the twilight romance even more mysterious.

The candlestick in the form of a lantern perfectly fits into the natural environment. In addition to illumination of recreation areas (arbors, terraces, patio), light sources can be placed in other places. For example, with the help of “Lanterns” you can illuminate tracks, bridges, stone stairs. They can be hung on trees, trellis and other supporting structures. A successful idea will decorate such a detail of a balcony or loggia. The main thing is to remember that the use of only closed candlesticks is permissible on the street (in order to avoid risk of ignition).

In addition to closed models that can be used and outside the house, and indoors, manufacturers offer and open lighting lights. Coloring and design varied. This allows you to find an option that perfectly fit into any apartment interior. Of course, on a festive dining table, such a candlestick will look too cumbersome and inappropriate, but placing it elsewhere, you can decorate the interior of an expressive stroke.

For example, create soft intimate lighting, putting a pair of “lanterns” on the shelf. Beautifully such an element will look at the chest of drawers or a coffee table. You can easily create a romantic atmosphere for a date or make a magic New Year’s Evening. Even without burning candle, the product can be a luxurious decor element. To do this, you only need to choose a suitable model from an extensive range.

Design options

Conditionally allocate two types of street candlesticks in the form of lanterns. First variety – models with a small loop at the top. They can be put on any horizontal surface or hang. Second variety – wall-mounted models, which are a design on a metal bar, which is fixed on a vertical surface. Such models resemble the sconce, only the function of the light bulb performs a candle.

As for the candlesticks intended for home use, they are also different. There are models that are put on the shelf or another piece of furniture.

There are options in the form of a desk lamp (created by analogy with wall street products).


Retro-style models are usually performed from an unpainted metal. Possible imitation of rust, artificial composition of the subject. The frame may be concise and simple or, on the contrary, be a beautiful wrought iron “lace”. Another option, ideal for Shebbi-Chic stylistics, is a product painted in white color with imitation of paint plates.

Modern design products are more accurate. For the manufacture of items, either chrome-plated brilliant metal, or a decorative color coated material. Candlestick can have straight face or rounded shape.

Exterior Products differ. There are models resembling antique lights, and there are unusual interpretations in the form of mesh or glass cylinders, original cubes with candle holes. Manufacturers even offer “Openwork” products that resemble a bird cell. At the same time, all listed items as a whole have a similar design, therefore are considered to be lanterns candlesticks despite the cardinal differences in design.

Coloring products are also varied. Snow-white models in laconic design perfectly look in rooms decorated in a fashionable Scandinavian style today. For neoclassics perfectly suitable exquisite white “lace” options. Gentle pink products can decorate any maiden room. Blue color also looks very pretty.

Black candlesticks are appropriate in almost any interior, although they are most effectively looking at a light background (indoors with white walls or in the snow-covered garden). Harmonious, dark coloring items fit into the Gothic style and brutal loft.

You can find a candlestick and for a specific case. For example, you can confess to love, giving a man a product with metal hearts on the edges of the subject.

New Year’s Eve will become even more fabulous if you decorate the celebration with Christmas motifs – the image of the Christmas tree, deer, snowflakes.

How to choose?

When choosing it is worth considering 2 main points:

  • where the subject will be used (only closed models are suitable for street lighting);
  • What design and color product will be better fit into the situation (it depends on the interior of the room, the design of the terrace or balcony or the mood you want to create in the garden).

About how to make a light-lamp with your own hands, look in the following video.

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