Callist Demon: Description of species, landing and tips on cultivation

Callist Demon in our territories is considered an exotic plant, he comes from a distant Australia. The plant is a shrub that is distinguished by its amazing inflorescences. They consist of a huge number of stamens, which, by the way, very long and form peculiar brushes on the shoots. For this feature of Callist Dev, called the “multiple”. Also often meets another name – “Bengal Candles”.

Such shrubs fit perfectly in the interior of the house, creating a cozy atmosphere, and can serve as an excellent decoration to your garden or a balcony. In leaving the plant is not additive, so it is so popular among novice flower flower. A huge advantage of Callist Demon is that The plant can suppress the development of pathogens of microbes, using the highlight of phytoncides.

General characteristics

The plant for the name of CallisTemon refers to the family of myrth and is evergreen trees, as well as shrubs. The second name is a beautiful. In natural nature, it can reach from 0.5 to 15 meters in height. However, specimens intended for decorative purposes are much more modest.

Description of Callistemon

  • Croon plants looks very thick. This is explained by the shoots that are branched from the very foundation of the shrub.
  • Callistem’s side processes are directed in different directions, they are small leaves, the surface of which is lean.
  • Lancel plates pointed along the edges of the leaves are consistently located on shoots. Due to the presence on the surface of the leaves of the Callistemon of small gleeners, the plant can allocate essential oils.
  • Callistemon flower consists of long stamens in the form of beams. He has no petals, inflorescences have a void form. Flowering period – beginning of summer.
  • In most cases, the beams of the stamens have a red color, but this does not mean that the color scheme is limited to only one tint. Different varieties of Callistemon can be represented by white, yellow and golden inflorescences.
  • The formation of the Callistemon colors resemble the rash. Their length varies from 6 to 12 centimeters, and the width is 4-6 centimeters.
  • In September, the plant begins to ripen fruit. This is facilitated by small birds that pollinate Callist Demon. Seeds are small brown beads, whose shell is pretty dense and rustic.


The genus of beautiful plants has many different types of plants, in nature there are 37. In our country, one of the most popular species is Callist Demon Lemon. Sometimes it is also called citrus. This name is the representative of the family of this plant received for his pronounced fragrance resembling lemon. Citrus shrub arrived to us from the southeastern part of the Australian continent.

Plant branches Spotlights, its height can permanently reach 2 meters. Leaves have a lanceal shape, painted in dark green. Their length can reach 10 centimeters, and the maximum width – 8 centimeters. Stormy flowering comes from mid-summer. The thick inflorescence of the tree has a raspberry color.

Most Popular Citrus Citruster Call.

  • “White Anzak”. A distinctive feature of the variety is considered to have a white shade inflorescence. Decorative shrub height – 1.5 meters.
  • “Rieves Pink”. Characteristic of this variety is the availability of the inflorescence of the gentle-pink color.
  • “Devere Roven”. Stagger inflorescences of this variety have a bright red shade, which smoothly moves to pale colors. When the flowers fade, they acquire a light pink color. Shrub does not grow above 1.5 meters.
  • “Masow Mist”. This grade of a beautiful woman is different from the rest of the fact that the shrubs flowers are painted in a lilac color.

In addition to citrus Callistemon, there are several more species, very popular among gardeners.

  • Posovated beautiful girl. In this case, the feature of the species can be understood by the name. Leaves have a needle shape, so trees are like a cheva. Length of leaves can reach 12 centimeters, and the diameter is 0.15 centimeters. Piled foliage into a pale purple color, and the inflorescence of the plants have yellow-green shades flowers.
  • Prudoid beautiful girl. Trees of this species can grow up to 4-7 meters. Plant leaves have an oval shape, very narrow width. Their length on average is 5 centimeters. At the beginning of the summer, Callist Demon gives his first flowers, whose stamens are painted in a scarlet color.
  • Yves a beautiful girl. There is a plant from other types of their big sizes. The height of such a tree is 12 meters. Cylindrical flowers are painted in various shades of white, yellow, and also pink.
  • Beautiful beautiful girl. Representatives of this species are usually grown in roommates and are considered to be potatoes. Such Calliste Demon loves coolness. Flowers have a variety of color gamut and saturated with oilseeds.

Features of breeding

The process of reproduction of the plant is carried out in two ways: seeds and stalling.

  • Shining. The advantage of this method is that when breeding the plant does not lose their varietal features. At the first stage, cut the cuttings, the length of which should be approximately 10 centimeters. It is important that on each of them there was a minimum of 3 interstices. Before planting a plant, the cuttings should be treated with a special solution that stimulates the growth of shrub. It is recommended to land in greenhouse conditions, because for the cultivation of the Callistemon is needed a medium with high levels of humidity. Also the place must be warm. It is necessary to regularly venture and moisturize the plant.
  • Reproduction with seeds. The seeding process can be carried out in the period from the end of the summer before the start of spring. Greenhouse conditions are also well suited for the cultivation of the Callistemon of seeds, most importantly – regular ventilation. After the appearance of the leaves (3-4 pieces), you can transplant our beautiful pots on small pots. The growth of seedlings will be insignificant. Per year they add 3-5 centimeters.

If you want to grow a shrub in a short time, the extension method is best suited, since Callist Demon, grown out of seeds, will be able to bloom the minimum 4 years after sowing.

Rules landing

The cultivation of a beautiful hospital does not represent much difficulties, it is enough just to adhere to some rules when planting a plant. To begin with, it is recommended to purchase landing material in the form of cuttings or seeds. The period from August to March is considered the most favorable for landing of the Callistemon. You can plant a plant both in the open soil and in a small pot. To prepare a soil for planting, you need four types of soil:

  • Cherry land (4 parts);
  • Development land (2 parts);
  • peat (2 parts);
  • River sand (1 part).

On the bottom of the hole or the pot is best lay out drainage in order to prevent water stagnation. This material is perfect for this, as perlite.

After cooking, you can plant seeds in it. It is not recommended to scream them hard in the soil – it will prevent the seedlings to grow. By the way, also for this reason it is much easier to grow a plant with a way of drawing.

After completing landing, Plants are recommended to cover something, for example, a transparent film. In some cases used glass. The plant loves sunlight and frequent watering, immediately after landing, it is necessary to saturate Calliswere Demon 2 times a day. In this mode, the plant needs to hold about 3 weeks. During this period, the cuttings can normally be rooted in the soil, and a seedling will grow out of seeds. Indoors best put seedlings in the eastern or western part, since in these places the biggest dispersal daylight.

Paradox, But this exotic shrub is poorly tolerates heat. In the winter season, the optimal temperature for it will be 14-16 degrees. In the summer, the air temperature should not exceed 20-23 degrees. In the summer, a beautiful staff must be saturated with additional moisture and constantly spray the plant.

In the cold season with irrigation, it is important not to overdo it, since the abrasion of moisture can lead to various fungal diseases of the root system.

Recommendations for care

If you want your plant to look beautiful and healthy, then you should stick to some Callist Demon Care Rules at home. This process will not occupy a lot of time. So that the plant develops well and regularly bloom, it is recommended to feed it with a special fertilizer. Also pruning shrub.

  • Warm seasons are ideal for feeding. This is a period of intensive growth for Callistemon. Twice a month will be enough for fertilizer plants. It is best for this purpose to select special mineral-based complexes intended for flowering plants. In winter, such procedures should not be carried out.
  • Pruning is recommended directly after the flowering of a beautiful girl. After falling out the colors, small growths appear instead, which impede the emergence of new colors, and also spoil the aesthetic type of plant. Many gardeners that grow Callist Demon are carried out additionally pruning with the onset of spring. It helps the plant grow faster, and also gives it a beautiful form.

Often pruning is carried out in decorative purposes, to create a different kind of compositions.

On how to trim and form a Cronistemon crown, look next.

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