Bulk candles: features and tips on choosing

Candles are traditional interior decoration, which creates warmth and comfort in the house. The new candle in the world is bulk options. They have a unique design that is easy to create on their own, and at the same time continue to gain popularity. Read more about bulk candles from this article.


Such candles are called pearl, sand or granulated, they are made of various materials, while have a concise and stylish appearance. Moreover, such candles will become an excellent gift for needlewomen.

All candles have a similar composition: wick, capacitance and filler.

The main advantages of bulk candles are described below.

  • Ecology. Candles are made of natural materials that do not harm human health. Moreover, they are made from various compositions, so it is easy to choose an option to your taste. Such candles when burning will not smoke and do not smell.
  • Economy and long service life. This renewable type of candle. After use, it is easy to pull the burnt wick, insert a new one and glue a bit of granules. In addition, the old candle is easy to create a new. To do this, it is enough to take another container and pour the contents into it.
  • Appearance. You can create a candle of any shapes and sizes. Thanks to the transparent capacitance, the light will look brighter and more interesting. With their help you can decorate the table, fireplace, shelves and cabinets.
  • Uniqueness. As a capacity, you can choose a glass, a vase, flask or any other glass container. You can choose any color of the granules or mix several different types.
  • Easy to use. Such options can be used both indoors and on the street. In addition, they can be easily transferred during burning from one room to another.
  • Availability. All bulk options have low cost.
  • Wind resistance. The flame protects the container, so they can be used even in windy weather, not fearing the spread or swelling of fire.
  • Safety. Even if it is accidentally challenged such a candle, then the granules fall out when the granules fall, and the fire sweeps – it reduces the likelihood of burning burn.
  • Easy to create. This model is easy to create yourself – it is enough to purchase a filler and wick, and the capacity is easy to find at home.
  • Accuracy. Such models do not flow, which means they do not pack the surface on which they cost. Spoiled granules easily remove from the tank.
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For the production of pearl candles used materials described below.


This material is obtained as a result of oil refining. In its properties, it looks like oil and diesel, but differs in its texture. Recently, other materials are being developed to replace wax sand, since in the future it is possible to seduce the production and use of oil. Wax is considered a rather dirty product, since resource production for its manufacture pollutes the environment. Nature defenders oppose the use of such candles.

As for the properties of paraffin candles, they are widely used in everyday life and in the decor. This is due to low price and excellent burning. Moreover, they are easy to use. However, paraffin is rarely used for the production of sandy candles. This is due to the fact that paraffin granules have an unpleasant smell, and in the process of combustion in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide and water particles fall into the atmosphere.

Alive Stearin

Stearin is an organic material. It can have an animal or vegetable origin. For the production of animal stearin, animal fat is used, which is pressed and subsequently processed. The disadvantage of this material is the need for large amounts of fat, for which it is necessary to kill many animals. The stearin of animal origin has an excellent analogue, which is characterized by economy and, unfortunately, a high price.

Veatery stearin

This is the second type of stearin, which is made from the fruits of oilseed palm trees. The world leader in the production of this material is Indonesia, since it is in this country the greatest amount of oilseed palm. Fruits are collected and pressed, resulting in oil. Wax made from palm oil.

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Compared to paraffin and animal stearin, the vegetable stearin process is considered environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. In its production, palm trees do not suffer. However, the product has a high price that grows as a result of an increase in demand for palm oil.

As for the properties of stearin granules, there is no unpleasant odor with burning, but carbon dioxide is distinguished, but in smaller quantities.

The choice of material depends on human preferences. If it takes care of the environment, then the last option is the best.


  • Lori. The company is engaged in the production of various sets for creativity, among which there are several excellent sets for the manufacture of candles together with children. You can purchase options with various designer solutions.

  • Organika. The company produces vegetable stearin granules with a diameter of 1-2 mm. You can purchase a filler of any color. In addition, the company provides a wide selection of containers of various shapes and sizes.

  • “World of Candles”. This brand produces multi-colored paraffin granules. You can purchase a filler weighing 500 g at an affordable price.

Beautiful examples

Using bulk candles in vases of different heights, you can create a unique decoration for the summer platform of the restaurant.

To create a romantic mood to decorate the table with stylish snow-white models.

Several candles in tandem with unusual vases will be excellent living room decoration.

To create a unique wedding path, you can put a candle in high transparent containers along it.

Pearl options will become excellent room interior addition with fireplace.

With the help of large candles, you can decorate the hall of the restaurant and divide it into several zones.

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To create a cozy zone with a sofa, it is enough to arrange a vase with a snow-white filler at the wall.

To create a merry autumn mood, you should choose several options for different colors.

Multicolored models from several layers will be a bright accent in the interior.

To decorate the path in nature, it is worth choosing bulk candles.

Another excellent example of decorating the summer terrace.

To create an unusual table for newlyweds, you can arrange bulk options in tandem with rose petals and floral compositions.

How to work with bulk candles, look in the video.

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