Books-books: how to make with your own hands?

Box-book made by your own hands – a wonderful gift for a holiday or birthday. Fantasy and nested labor of a living person make such a present particularly valuable and significant, and it will never be compared with the purchased, even if a very expensive and beautiful thing. Create a unique accessory at home, using simple materials and manual instructions.

Types and forms

A small beautiful box made from the book is the original thing that can be used for storing small items – jewels, hair decorations, souvenirs, apparel for needlework, but also for money. Decorative container can be additionally supplied with a cache in which memorable things are usually placed.

In large souvenir books, store receipts, documents, photos, if you make 2-3 compartments with the help of soft partitions, it will be convenient to place jewelry in them. Compact deep caskets are suitable for threads, buttons, bead storage, beads and other accessories.

Basically, such drawers are performed from wood, metal, stone, bones or plastic, but there is a simpler decision – to make a similar casket from the old book.

Externally superf identities involves various forms of product and types of its decor:

  • It can be a big book box for jewelry;
  • Book-safe, equipped with a small lock;
  • the variant of the miniature, but volumetric foliance;
  • Book in the shape of a chest glued from two or three books of different formats with drawers – the most complex product for self-execution.

It is possible to decorate a masterpiece with paper, felt, all sorts of decorations – artificial flowers, beads, ribbons, papier-mache figures and ready-made souvenirs.

The most interesting option for designing any box is a decoupage. This technique provides for techniques of processing, like patination, stencils, gilding, cloth decoration and paper. In principle, a variety of materials and techniques can be used to decorate the prepared box. However, such works need certain skills, and for those who first decided to make a souvenir thing with their own hands, it is better to use simple technology.

Preparatory work

For the manufacturing process you will need an old unnecessary book with hard curlers, dense sheets of paper, a stationery knife and a set of blades, scissors, scotch lalar, metal ruler. And it is also necessary to prepare polyvinyl acetate glue (PVA), reliable, fast-frozen glue, best “moment”, alcohol (shellah) and crustaceous varnish, paints – acrylic and oil, pencil and tassels for the use of listed funds.

Additional materials for registration – ordinary sheets of paper, decorative elements, for this are broken earrings or brooches, ribbons and ribbons, pieces of multi-colored felt, may need thin hair bands, if there is a desire to make a clasp.

Master Class

Gift box work divided into several stages.

  • First mark the casket mark. To do this, you need to open a book, turn the sheet connecting the book block with a binding, and the first sheet, and with the help of the clamp to fix them to the cover.

  • On the next sheet, you should draw a square or a rectangle, making an indentation from the edge of 2 cm. It will need to be neat and smoothly cut out of the thickness of the folio.

  • You can not cut through all the pages, taking 3-5 sheets, and putting a metal ruler. It is worth paying special attention to the corners. Pages with “windows” should be carefully turned over and also fix the clamp.

  • When all pages are cut to the cover, you need to cry the inner part of the future casket. The paper is placed on her bottom, after which it is from the inside and outside the pva glue, all sheets are punctured – it is not necessary to sick them. One more paper sheet is put on top, after which the design must be put under the press for 12 hours.

  • The top sheet is then deleted, the side walls will now be saved. It’s time to cut the forboy and the first sheet in the same way as the other pages, they are glued, and again put the workpiece under the press for 2-3 hours.

  • To leave the cover in an original form, it needs to be placed by a painting ribbon, and then paint the inner and exterior side parts of the casket acrylic. The choice of color remains for a cradle, but more interesting design can be achieved by choosing the dark tones of the base, for example, dark brown, or a mixture of brown and black shades. The paint is applied in several layers, each of which should be succeeded before applying the following. In the same way, alcohol varnish is superimposed in 3 layers.

  • Lastly it uses the applying of a crockel lacquer to create small cracks. More natural cracking looks, if done with a roller. To dry out about 6 hours.

  • Formed scenic cracks should be lost to oil composition or pastel, preferably, contrast tone.

  • The next stage is staining, it is carried out using wipes and wands by wiping. The box can be given a red, green shade, or make its surface with rainbow mixing of various calves. You can pour selected colors from different ends so that they are mixed, and control the process by applying a wand. Paint should be slightly spread.

  • You can dry the box by putting it on a flat plane, and the resulting pattern to leave both or can be corrected by adding other colors and tilting the book. However, the adjustment is possible until the film layer was formed on the surface. As a rule, this happens after 4 hours. Fully box dries after 2-3 days.

  • The final stage is fixing with two layers of varnish, and the internal decoration with paper for scrapbooking.

If you wish, you can decorate the souvenir box with a colored felt by gluing it to the sides, the material is taken for the cover of another coloring. To close the corners, cuts are made on the fabric, and the material refills inside, the felt is also needed to wrap and stop. Dried the product under the press.

If you want to give a casket relief uniform, You can stick to its outer surfaces crumpled, and then painted paper, which can then be painted using a sponge with paint in any color. And the resulting folds should be painted. The details of the decor for every taste are fixed from above – flowers from twisted paper, bows of satin ribbons, other decorations. Your exclusive gift is ready to hand!

How to make a box book, see the following video.

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