Balzine reproduction at home

The family of balsamine includes one- and perennial herbaceous vegetable cultures. One of the representatives is Balzamin, its genus includes about 500 species. The plant is found not only on all continents (in wet tropical forests Indochita and Africa, on the islands of Sumatra and Madagascar, in the conifer taiga of Siberia), but also successfully divorces at home. We will talk about the reproduction of Balzamine at home.

Balzine reproduction at home


Balzine has a lot of “nickname”. For the moisture-loving character, he is called his “Vanka wet”, for the appearance of a sahamist liquid on the edges of a sheet plate, similar to Dew – “Monastic Sugar”, for the unavailability of seeds – “Lady”, for abundant flowering all year round – “diligent lizzy”.

Balzine – Little Bush. He has a reprehensive stem, to which twigs are adjacent with a lot of leaves. They have an oval form, they are pointed at the base. Flowers in the plant have an irregular shape and texture. They are smooth or terry, collected in inflorescences or single.

Buds are painted in one (white, pink, coral, red, orange) or in several colors depending on what kind of plant belongs to. Of all the indoor plants, Balzamin is the most undemanding. Do not need special skills to care for a flower and breed it.

Balzine reproduction at home

Balzine reproduction at home


There are two ways to breed a plant: seeds or stalling.


Seed reproduction – painstaking and long ways to get a new culture. Much of The time of procedure depends on the selection of seeds:

  • For the decoration of flower beds / loggias, the annual plants choose;
  • For growing on the windowsill, seeds of perennial varieties are chosen;
  • If in the future they want to multiply balsamins, then the seeds of hybrids do not buy;
  • To obtain a culture with the colors of the desired shape and coloring, refuse to buy a mixture of varieties.

Balzine reproduction at home

Buying seeds, look at their shelf life. They are vhorborn for 7-8 years. Than the date on the package closer to the day of purchase, the better.

Balzamine reproduction seeds – a difficult process. Seeds take a long time, and besides, many sprouts die at the initial stage. To germinate them, special conditions are observed. The chance that the plant will be the same as in the photo from the package, the minimum. Varietal plants do not pass their characteristics to seeds.

Balzine reproduction at home


The most common breeding method is shirt. It refers to the number of vegetative. The new plant is obtained using separate parts of the subsidiary – cuttings. The method is popular for the following reasons.

  • Save varietal signs of culture.
  • Because of the simplicity of technology, a newcomer will cope with reproduction, which does not have the experience of breeding indoor plants.
  • Quickly turns out the result: after having drawn in March, in the summer you can already enjoy the type of flowering plants.
  • Efficiency: almost always the new plant develops a root system. The stalk does not give roots if the flower breeding is neglecting the requirements for the procedure or multiplying it in improper conditions.

Such perennial grades of Balsamina as the “Novoguinsky hybrid”, “creeping” or “Balzama Waller” put together with stalling.

Balzine reproduction at home

Main nuances

To shine a plant at home, comply with special requirements.

Spring – the best time for the shilling of Balzamine, because the exchange processes flowing in it are accelerated. Cells are actively divided by forming new ones, and the cuttings are easy to get rooted.

A week before rooting, Balzamin feeds with complex fertilizers. From a healthy plant, macushi of young twigs with 2-3 interstices of 8-10 centimeterin. Ideally, there should be no colors on the cut escape, but if they are, remove them. Also cut off the leaves located below the cuticle, and the upper leave.

Before rooting dip the tips of the cakes into the solution of general purpose growth hormone. Experienced flower products use root formation stimulants. Those and others improve rooting, accelerate the formation and development of powerful roots. The cuttings are treated with a dry stimulator of a height stimulator with charcoal or kept in water diluted with water.

Balzine reproduction at home

Methods of rooting

There are two ways of rooting cuttings. The first – in water, and the second – in the ground.

In water

Take a capacity of plastic or dark glass, pour water room temperature and immersed in it cut cuttings. Bottom leaves are cut down so that they do not cause the drainage of the cutting. Capacity put in a bright and warm place. A week later they check, roots appeared or not.

Balzine reproduction at home

In the soil

The cuttings are rooted in the substrate formed by 1 part of the wet sand / peat mixture, 1 part of the vermiculite and 2 parts of the perlite. Peat nourishes escape, and vermiculitis and perlite give the earth looseness, breathability and prevent hypothermia / overheating of the root system. If the cuttings root in the ground at a permanent place, carefully pick it up.

Balzine reproduction at home

The newcomers in flower growing is better to buy a special soil in a flower shop, and to make it an experienced flowerfish on their own, taking advantage of one of the recipes:

  • garden land + sand in equal parts;
  • 2 pieces of leafy humus + 1 part peat + 1 river sand.

The soil should not be nutritious. Before planting, it is necessary to disinfect the substrate for 2 hours in the oven.

It will save the ground from harmful microorganisms. Then shed the land with powder, solution or paste called “Phytosporin-M” to improve the microflora and reduce the risk of developing young plants “black leg”.

Choosing a pot

Cuttings root in the ground using plastic cups by making holes in them for water lead. Through the transparent walls, they are observed for the development of the roots of the seedling.

Balzine reproduction at home

When transferred after rooting, a clay, ceramic or plastic pot of small volume and diameter is used.

In a close container, the plant is actively blooming, and in bulk increases the root system and leaf mass without flowering. If there is no other packaging, except wider, then several rooted cuttings are planted into it.


Before landing prepare everything you need from List:

  • pot;
  • soil;
  • cutlets;
  • drainage.

At the bottom of the pot make holes for water lead. Then they put the drain layer with a thickness of 2-3 centimeters and fall asleep with the edge of the prepared substrate. The cuttings are placed in it, and then watered with warm water in which a little potassium permanganate adds.

Balzine reproduction at home

When Balzamin gave roots in a plastic cup, transplanted him into a pot of transshipment method.

To do this, remove the plant from the old packaging and placed in a new one with an earthen room. Then the substrate is being added to the same composition as used to root the cuttings. Its gently adjusted with his hands, covering the rooted escape and removing emptiness in the pot.

Care after drawing

To contribute to the rapid rooting of the cuttings, cover the pot with a polyethylene package. It is not pressed tightly to the soil, leaving some air. “Greenhouse” twice a day is ventilated, and the water drops accumulated on the package shake. This prevents the appearance of fungus.

Tar with a plant is transferred on a good lighting window (preferably on the window overlooking the southeast or east), but from direct rays of the sun shadow.

Balzine reproduction at home

So that the cuttings have taken root, provide air temperature in the area +22 + 25 ° C.

They are afraid of sudden temperature drops (it should not fall below + 16 ° C) and drafts.

First, the soil is moistened with water from the spray. Then the young plant is watered with the help of the pallet, so as not to replete the soil and do not cause the root neck of the root. In the morning, in the evening and in cloudy weather, he has a luminescent lamp seedlings so as not to cause violations in their development.

If you correctly organize care, then after 2-3 weeks, the flower water will notice that Balzamin develops. From now on, before the end of flowering, he must make mineral fertilizers every 10 days. Balzine is not fed by nitrogen fertilizers. They cause the growing green mass, poor bloom and serious illnesses. To fill the content of nitrogen in the soil, it is better to carry out a plant transplant in a new primer with the replacement of the old.

Balzine reproduction at home

Balzine reproduction at home

When shoots stretch, pinch them.With the help of the segments form a lush bush and contribute to the formation of more buds

We advise without regret to remove extra branches, remove the sworded buds and the clothes. The only thing to remember is: do not remove everything at once, otherwise Balzine will begin stress.

Possible problems

Sometimes young Balsam, even with the right room, the care of. Young plant is striking gray rot. Reason: neglecting the processing procedure for the handling of a cooked mixture or a purchased substrate with a mixture of fungicides or heating in the oven. The cuttings are rotated, because “greenhouse” do not ventilate. If they are tugged when rooting in water, then the dried cut. The cuttings are pulled out of the water and make a new cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Another reason for this phenomenon – hitting the escape of direct sunlight.

Balzine reproduction at home

If the roots grew up, and there is no overhead part, there are no reasons for concern. Seedling is increasing the root system.

As soon as it becomes powerful, it will also develop an overhead part. The main thing is to monitor the temperature in the room and lighting. Balzamine’s reproduction at home does not arise problems. For this you do not need special skills and a lot of time. Using the drawing, you can easily get a new flowering plant.

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