Aloe Motley: Description and care at home

Aloe is a decorative homemade plant that grows well and develops in the climatic conditions of our country. There is a huge amount of varieties of this flower, one of the most famous is the variety of aloe variety (or tiger). A similar plant is quite unpretentious in care, so many gardeners and lovers are bred. What is this botanical plant, how to properly care for the flower and how Aloe multiplies, consider in our material.

general characteristics

Motion Aloe was brought to Russia from distant South America. There, this plant is growing in natural conditions, in particular – on stony soils. In the nature of Aloe this variety can reach 35 centimeters in height. In general, the plant has a large number of useful properties, so it has become so popular. So, often Aloe is used in traditional medicine.

The tiger type of plant differs from other subspecies of aloe by some characteristic features. For example, botany distinguish an unusual growth process, as well as the original location of the leaves. These elements of the plant, having a spiral location, grow in 3 rows. The leaves have a rather large size: 15 cm long and 5 – width.

The second important feature of the motley aloe is its coloring. Despite the fact that the basic and basic color of the leaves is green, along the entire length they are covered with light spots. Thanks to these notes, this variety Aloe and received its unusual name. Like other types of a similar flower, a tiger aloe on the edges of their leaves has small and weakly sprinkled spikes that are a kind of visiting plant.

Motion flower can bloom. In the spring of the year, flowers on a long leg of the Aloe Center are knocked out. Their color is yellow-orange, and in size themselves, the inflorescences themselves reach 3 centimeters.

However, it is important to note that flowering processes occur only in mature plants not under 3 years.

Care rules

Despite the fact that Aloe – the plant is unpretentious in order for it to develop and pleased with its bloom, it is necessary to comply with some conditions of its content, as well as to fulfill the recommendations of flower care professionals.

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First of all, attention should be paid to the temperature regime. It is believed that the optimal temperature for the existence of a flower during the period of development and flowering – 22 degrees of heat Celsius. If possible, the thermometer column must be maintained in constant mode at this level. As for the cold season (when the plant is at rest), then a suitable temperature will be 10-12 degrees Celsius.

If we talk about the air masses, then the motley aloe can be kept in the air in the warm season.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the flower is not on draft.

No less important condition – water regime and watering. The amount of fluid must be varied depending on the time of the year (as well as the temperature mode). So, in the spring and summer you need to water Aloe 1 time in 7 days. In the colder season, watering needs to be significantly reduced, and moisturize the soil 1 time in 3-4 weeks.

It is necessary to pay attention to another significant environmental indicator – atmospheric air humidity. Such an indicator should be no more than 40%. Higher humidity level is able to lead to destructive consequences – Aloe may die.

To ensure air intake inside the plant and its healthy appearance, it is recommended to wipe the leaves with a wet napkin. So you get rid of the flower from the dust and dirt on its surface.

Tiger Aloe is a light-loving plant. Therefore, a flower is required to provide a sufficient number of lighting. The advantage is desirable to give natural sunlight, and in its absence it is necessary to establish artificial lighting with special lamps or LED tapes. Significant plus in care to the Pestry Aloe, which simplifies the content of this flower – no need to trim.

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If we talk about making fertilizers and feed, it is important to note that if possible, fertilize Aloe all year round. In the warm season, this procedure is recommended 1 time per week, and in the winter – 1 time per month. It is important to note that comprehensive fertilizers for succulents are most often used as feeding (usually such compositions are saturated with mineral substances).

In addition, the land where Aloe is growing is usually added, humid, as well as various vegetable beams and infusions.

Planting process

Before planting a plant, it is necessary to pay special attention to the soil into which you will put aloe sprout. At the request of the Earth, you can buy in any flower shop or prepare yourself. Anyway, it is important that the soil be loose and light. As for the composition of the earth itself, it should look like this:

  • compost (ideally it should be overworked);
  • sand with large grains;
  • drainage.

As additional additions, nerds offer to use a turf or leafy land.

In order for the flower with high quality, the planting process is recommended to exercise in spring. The procedure itself includes several stages:

  1. The bottom of the pot must be left at 2 centimeters with a drainage layer;
  2. From above, you need to pour the prepared soil mixture;
  3. Now it is necessary to carry out a small watering;
  4. Next, the sprout is placed on the soil;
  5. If necessary, the soil is sucked on top and another watering is produced.

When planting plants, it is important to pay special attention to the capacity in which you put the motley aloe. So, the ideal option is considered to use a flower pot made from ceramics or clay. But plastic containers are not recommended – the flower is quite heavy by its mass, so the pot of plastic or plastics can easily tip over, which, in turn, may entail the flower death.

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It is also important to remember that the pot is quite wide, but the depth can be average.

If necessary, do not forget to do drain holes.

As breeding?

Tiger scarlet can be multiplied by two ways: with shoots or with seeds. Consider in more detail both methods.


This method prefers novice flowerflowers, as it is quite simple. To implement it, it is necessary to take shoots, the length of which should not be less than 7 centimeters, after that they are required to be addicted to 24-48 hours.

Then the base of shoots should be lubricated with charcoal and specialized root. Next occurs the planting process. In mandatory, you need to use the support to which the young escape is attached. During the week, the plant will be rooted in soil.


The breeding of motley aloe seeds is considered more time-consuming and longer. Before placing seeds in the soil complex, you need to soak them in aqueous solution of manganese. In order to put seeds in the ground, they need to press a little inside. After that they need to be covered with a film. In such a greenhouse, the seeds should be kept until the first young leaflets appear. However, it is important to remember the fact that the film must be opened periodically to avoid the appearance of condensate.

Thus, observing all the rules for the flower care, you can get a healthy and incredibly beautiful plant that benefits and joy to all family members.

How to transplant the motley aloe, look in the video below.

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