All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots

Almost every woman has a lot of indoor plants. And, of course, the flower pot is an integral part of the normal life of flowers. Now you can find a variety of pots and vases for plants, among them Pots Santino.

All about Santino pots

Types and characteristics

Santino – Vases, Kashpo and Pots with a variety of similar characteristics, but their distinguishing feature is that most Santino models are made with an automatic irrigation system. Thanks to this system, you can forget about watering colors, from time to time only adding water to a special tank.

All pots of this line of frost resistant and have ultraviolet resistance, What noticeably distinguishes this line of pots from others.

Santino products with automatic irrigation are made with a drainage system that takes extra water from the plant, and do not rot the roots. Moreover, the roots are provided with air circulation, the plant can breathe freely.

All about Santino pots

The lineup

Consider the basic models of the brand.


Double flower pot with basic automatic watering system. Designed for domestic flowers.

There are different colors and volumes:

  • 0.6 l;
  • 1.2 l;
  • 2 l;
  • 3.5 l;
  • 5 L.

All about Santino pots

Deco Twin

Characteristics Santino Deco Twin fully coincide with the characteristics of Santino Arte.

The difference is only in shape, colors Pot and its volumes (liters):

  • 1.5;
  • 2.5;
  • 4;
  • 5,8.

And also there is a special DECO Twin series with 9 liters pots.

All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots


Santino Latina can be used not only at home for home plants, but also in the garden. The main differences between these vases are that they have a special low element that controls the water level, and the drainage cartridge that regulates the level of moisture supply.

Volumes (L):

  • 2.5;
  • 3.7;
  • 5.6;
  • 9.1;
  • 11.5;
  • 14.5.

In addition to ordinary Santino Latina Vases, there are balcony vases. They have a larger volume – 6.7 liters and are equipped with two drainage cartridges.

All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots

Orchidea / Orchidea Twin

Pots specially intended for cultivation of orchids. Santino Orchidea – Ordinary Vase, without autopolivation system, and Orchidea Twin has a wicking system of automatic watering, wick helps maintain the desired root humidity.

Their feature is that they are made from polypropylene and completely environmentally friendly.

Santino Orchidea Vases can be two sizes: 1.3 liters and 2 liters, Orchidea twin can only be a volume of 2 liters.

All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots


Pots Santino Asti according to characteristics, not counting forms and volumes, no difference from Santino Arte and Santino Deco Twin, but they can be used both at home and in the garden.

Volumes in liters:

  • 2.5;
  • 4;
  • 6;
  • nine;
  • 12;
  • fifteen.

Based on this, it should be noted that the Santino Asti series is more suitable for large colors.

All about Santino pots


Another series of vehicles with autopolis. The peculiarity of these vases is that they are wide and suitable for plants requiring a large area.

CalipSo Vases are similar to the characteristics with Orchidea Twin: they have a wick system of automatic watering and water level control.

Volumes (liters):

  • 2;
  • 3.3;
  • 3.8.

All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots


Santino Vista is suspended porridge, they can be used both at home and on the street, in the garden. Characteristics are the same as Orchidea Twin, the difference only in size: Vista is less than 3.8 l.

All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots


There are three varieties of Santino Lilia:

  • “Lily suspended” (volumes of 1.5 l, 2.5 l, 4 l);
  • “Lily on the leg” (volumes of 3.5 l, 6 l, 9 liters, 14 l);
  • “Lily with a pallet” (volumes of 1.5 l, 2.5 l, 6 l, 9 l).

Their peculiarity is that they are made without a fleet of polypropylene, eco-friendly.

All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots


Same as Santino Lilia, only volume is different: 1 l, 2.3, 4, 6, 9.3 l.

All about Santino pots

Santino Jardi

8 l balcony boxes that are not equipped with an automatic watering system.

All about Santino pots

All about Santino pots


About Santino products Buyers leave only positive feedback. The only drawback that does not like everything is delivery without packing.

Users marked:

  • a variety of colors palette, (white, purple, black, red, green, blue, brown, cream, yellow and so on);
  • the choice of pots, vases and porridge depending on the wishes of the buyer;
  • Little combination with the interior;
  • capacity;
  • ease of care;
  • An acceptable price.

All about Santino pots

What to choose?

The choice depends on the characteristics of the product that the buyer is needed, from what plant needs to be put in such a pot, and your own preferences in color, size, volume.

After reading all possible options, weighing everything for and against, you can safely acquire the necessary vase, pot or cadpo.

All about Santino pots

Santino Asti Flower Vase Overview, see next video.

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