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Dirty shoes – this is a very frequent phenomenon in the fall and spring when the land is blurred on the streets or snow. The problem was a pressing lot of years ago, remains relevant today. Few people know that in the past times it was invented an effective way to combat mud on shoes, and it was possible to clean it, not even entering the room. It was only required to take advantage of a special subject – Derttatoire.

What it is?

The word “Derttatoire” came from French, his literal translation – “from dirt”, or, less beautiful, “from feces”. A decrattor is called a special device that resembles a bracket or scraper, as a rule, metal. His goal is to clean the soles of the shoes from the puffed dirt, snow and any other unpleasant substances. Such a street clever was in front of the entrance to the house, and it was very simple to use it: it was necessary only to put the leg on the scraper and the reinforced movement to spend the sole in the bracket.

Similarly, many people cleans the shoes about access steps or borders every day.

Short story

In Europe and America, the XVIII century was the real kingdom of dirt. On the streets were constantly running and dogs were practiced there, horsepone was lying everywhere. Pollution often stuck to shoes. And the townspeople came up with the method of struggle: Derttoars. Such adaptations were expensive, there were prestigious. It was a real squeak of fashion, boom, and sometimes the inhabitants of the cities competed, whose decrattatuar is better. The middle class ordered simple brackets, often did them and personally, richly demanded from the masters of bizarre forms.

By the beginning of the XIX century, Derttoars began to rapidly spread the world, they could often be seen in those cities where the roads were made of clay and land.

In addition, such adaptations were mandatory to use married men. It was explained by the fact that the wife and so the whole day works on the housework, and nothing to carry extra dirt into the house.

The popularity of decratuars began to decline by the middle of the XIX century. Cars appeared, people no longer walked all day walk through the streets. Decottoires became the subject of danger to transport and pedestrians, because they are easy to cling and injured. Chapters of many states put forward demand to remove such structures from the streets. However, the subject still retained its purpose. Now these are peculiar monuments of culture, which are rare, but can be found in settlements, especially small.

Review of species

Derttoores intended for cleaning shoes used to be made entirely of metal. These were strong forged products that are making a conscience, and that is why they are still able to fulfill their functions even today. Nowadays, the range of such devices has expanded somewhat, and now, although Derttoars and you will not meet on the streets, they can be found in private houses.

For example, such a fixture will well show itself on the garden plot or in the country. Working in the garden after the rain, completely there is no need to carry the dirt on the neat tracks. Forged from metal Dertoires placed in a safe place, clean the dirt quickly and easily.

Derttoars can have a different form and configuration. For example, the easiest solution will be an ordinary metal bracket. If you need something more interesting, you can order a decrattatuar of an unusual form. Beautifully looks openwork models, devices, decorated with leaves, lion head, flowers.

Sizes, as a rule, standard, because about a high decrattuar will inconveniently wipe shoes.

Whether devices are used now?

Today Dertoires are also used, because these devices are incredibly convenient. True, they have undergone some changes. Current decrators often constitute devices with 3 brushes, including electrical. These brushes are needed to clean the shoes at once from 3 sides: Boc and sole. Convenient and functional.

Derttoars of old configurations can also be found, especially they like the lovers of history and all outdated. Beautiful decrattor of an unusual form will decorate the site. It will be remarkably harmonized with other forged subjects: furniture, railings, porch, urns. The main thing is to arrange it so that it does not imagine danger to moving. DertThatoire – good device for giving, you can choose the simplest product.

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