A set of tools for the fireplace: Choose everything you need

A set of tools for the fireplace – a functional and very useful purchase, irreplaceable during the care of the heating unit. Any kit has all the items necessary for servicing the fireplace that are not only perfectly combined with each other, but also harmoniously looks in the interior.

It is included in the kit

Despite the huge variety of sets that the modern market offers, there are standard configurations that are represented by a poker, scoop, tongs and a broom.


Necessary for stirring coal, the imposition of charred, but not burnt pieces of wood, the removal of ash. It is a metal rod with a comfortable handle on one side and a curved edge with the opposite. Produce products that have a handle have one ring for convenient holding the entire hand, and such models where the holes are provided for each finger. The handle can be made of ceramics, wood or from the same material as the rod. A good nocherga is distinguished by strength, tensile, heavy weight.

Brush (sweater)

The tool, the main purpose of which is to clean the ashes, cleaning the smoke collector and the bottom of the pipe. Functional features Denate the appearance of the product. Brushes have an oblong holder, due to which all the above operations are performed quickly and comfortably for humans. The bristles are most often made of a natural pile, for example, from horse-tail or mane. Made from synthetic raw material The pole can easily ignite, and this is unacceptable according to the rules of fire safety, so such materials are categorically prohibited in the production of kaminov sets.


An indispensable object, with the help of which the ash is collected and carbonized and the charred residues of flights. High-quality blade is a metal accessory having a thickness of 2 mm. If the base of the working surface is too thin, with frequent use of the scoop, it is gradually deformed and quickly come into disrepair. This tool must be as strong as possible so that under the weight of the coal, its main part does not begged, the handle should be the same strong. Some modern models can change the handle, if she stopped like for any reason (lost aesthetics, broke).

Tongs are used to supply wood coal to the hearth. Thanks to the hand pinches, the owner of the fireplace will never get dirty and smell smoke. There are tongs in the form of scissors and tweezers.

Depending on the nature of the decoration of the heating agent and the premises in which it is located, you can choose the perfect toolkit, for example, Rondo firms.

Despite their diversity, all sets are divided into three groups:


Sets of this group are designed for any stylistic direction indoors and are suitable for all models of heating devices. Bright sample – brass devices on a stand with simple but elegant woodlons.


Forged devices for cleaning and maintenance of the fireplace are made in an unusual style. The main emphasis in such sets is placed on the use of unique design ideas.

Produced in two versions:

  • Wall – Tools are hanging on the wall to which the fireplace is adjacent;
  • Classic is the most popular and sought-after version, since it does not need additional fixation. Put on the floor, next to the heating unit.


These kits are distinguished by an unusual (for example, a set in the form of a knight’s figure), and can also contain additional tools in addition to the basic configuration (each manufacturer they are different).

On average, the height of each of the tools is 70 cm. In rare cases, this measure may be greater (mainly in homemade devices). Sets of a smaller height refer to decorative and to a greater extent serve as an ornament of gas or electrocamine.

As a rule, the fireplace care devices are placed near the hearth heat. They are hanging on the wall or put on the floor. However, more organically tools look at a special service desk. Such a device will perfectly fit into any interior of the room, will create an interesting design.

Additional tools

Not all manufacturers of attributes for cleaning the fireplace are limited to the release of four base appliances. Many complement sets of different accessories, which are also designed to make their contribution to the fireplace service process.

Additional devices include:

  • Woodcut – Device required for storing lanes or coal and protection of flooring from heating waste: small chips, pieces of bark, dust. Woods are distinguished by the original design, so they are often acquired by the owners of gas fireplaces, so that with the help of a beautiful product to complete the design of their housing. These attributes are made in different versions: on wheels, in the form of a stand, drawer or basket.

  • Screen – An important detail of the room where the fireplace is. He covers all the surrounding fireplace items from departing hot sparks and coal, decorates the room. Screens come from different species, for example, modern with heat-resistant glass or classic adhesive. In shape they resemble scigma.
  • Capacity for coal and ash, Most often made in the form of a bucket, is an excellent idea for storing charcoal used for extracts, as well as the collection of ash formed after the combustion of firewood. The bucket created from the heat-resistant material is not deformed, even if you pour hot coals into it. Thanks to the original design, these products will perfectly fit into the surrounding decoration.

Materials manufacturing

Raw materials, from which a set for various kinds of fireplaces is produced – an important criterion requiring special attention when choosing a set.

The basis for the release of instruments serve:

  • Steel. It is characterized by increased resistance to mechanical impacts and high heat-resistant indicators. Accessories made of steel do not lose an attractive appearance even after the expiration of the long period of operation.
  • Brass It is distinguished by excellent properties and is used mainly for decor.
  • Cast iron refers to the category of inexpensive metals, but it is not inferior to their wear resistance and other properties, although there is still an external difference. Cast iron seeming coarse steel.
  • Bronze – Dear alloy. It is used for forging king with decorative inserts.

In addition, some set tools are covered with a special substance that increases their wear resistance and heat-resistant features.


Kit for fireplaces “Knight” – a great app to the fireplace and an outstanding solution in the interior of the house. These accessories that are used during the operation and cleaning of the fireplace perform aesthetic function in the interior.

Included “Knight” provides all required devices and other additional devices. They are produced in a single stylistic ensemble, and they perfectly complement the armor of the knight.

The fireplace accessories are fixed on a special floor or suspended holder. They are created in gold, bronze and silver performance.

Any selected model, regardless of whether the aristocratic bronze is or glossy gold, harmoniously fit into any interior style of the room, especially if the rooms are decorated in the direction of antiquity.

“Knight” will satisfy the requests of the most sophisticated consumers, Becoming the best decoration of the private house, apartments with high ceilings or officials of the official. He will indicate the status of its owner and will demonstrate his impeccable taste. The kit will not be able to leave indifferent a single visitor, the visitors will certainly turn their eyes. Meanwhile, the necessary devices for servicing the fireplace in the “knight” will provide a qualitative performance of the practical function.

Tips for choosing

Buying a kamin care kit is not the case when you can purchase the first set. It is important that all of its compounds differ in high quality, practicality, aesthetically approached the interior of the premises, complemented it.

All tools must be:

  • Durable. So that they can serve as much as possible, the kit must be based on high-quality raw materials.
  • Resistant to corrosion processes. Must be allowed cleaning parts with water and liquid solutions.
  • Resistant to mechanical stress.

So that the selected set responded to all the listed qualities, it is better to give preference to famous manufacturers who are engaged in the release of such products for many years.

It should be remembered that the original design and external appeal should not stand in the first place when buying a set, the main thing is its functional purpose. If the purchase of a set is performed for a gas or electrocamine, you can not be limited in choosing. After all, the main task of such accessories is to decorate the room, create a unique decor and an extraordinary atmosphere in the room where the fireplace is.

Review set for the fireplace “Hunting” See below in the video.

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