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Used before, during and after pregnancy

No phosphorus

Few contraindications

Below is the dosage of some substances

Low risk of side effects

Must be taken with other drugs for severe deficiencies

Higher concentration of vitamin E, which increases the chance of conception

Eliminates risk of anemia and avitaminosis




Contains phosphorus, which is necessary for the development of bone tissue

More contraindications

Safe for the health of a pregnant woman

No iodine, chromium, selenium, molybdenum

Higher content of B vitamins, which reduce the likelihood of hydrocephalus

Cost is higher

Not suitable for diseases of the urinary system

Beneficial effects when antibiotics need to be taken

It improves the condition in case of toxicosis

Vitrum Prenatal Description

Vitrum Prenatal Forte

Vitrum is used to replenish missing substances in the body. It can also be prescribed during the postpartum period. Produced in tablet form by Unipharm, Inc.

The multivitamin complex has a positive effect on the immune system, reduces the risk of avitaminosis and calcium deficiency, which is often observed during pregnancy. Taking the drug avoids iron deficiency anemia and prevents some congenital defects. Active substances serve as regulators of metabolic processes.

Vitrum contains the following components:

  1. a;

  2. s;

  3. d3;

  4. e;

  5. v1;

  6. v2;

  7. v6;

  8. v12;

  9. v9;

  10. RR.

Vitrum complex also contains zinc, calcium, iron and excipients.

Research and effectiveness

Vitrum has the status of a drug, which is an advantage. Preference is given to vitamin and mineral complexes, which are considered medicines rather than supplements. This is due to the fact that the latter do not undergo serious clinical trials, the requirements for them are not as stringent.

Vitamin complex must contain a full range of minerals and vitamins, including antioxidants, iodine, iron, folic acid. All these substances are in the Vitrum drug. The drug has been proven effective and safe in 8 studies. It is indicated for the prevention of complications.


  1. Open randomized comparative study of the efficacy, tolerability and safety of Vitrum Forte in patients with threatened preterm birth at 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. Physiology Department of Russian State Medical University I. Bushtyreva.o.

  2. The characteristics of immune parameters in pregnant women from the risk group for the development of gestational complications against the background of Vitrum Forte. GUU NIKI RAMN 2005. Pasman H.m.

  3. Vitrum Forte Clinical Study Report in pregnant women with preeclampsia. 2007. Kurbanov D.d.


Vitrum is contraindicated if allergic to the components. The drug should be abandoned in cases of hypervitaminosis, high calcium content, excessive accumulation of iron, urolithiasis.

vitamins for pregnant women

Side effects

The vitamin complex is well tolerated while following the dosage.

Rare side symptoms from taking Vitrum include:

  1. skin rash;

  2. headaches;

  3. drowsiness;

  4. redness;

  5. Gastrointestinal disorders;

  6. heartburn;

  7. anaphylactic shock;

  8. edema;

  9. fever;

  10. hypercalcemia;

  11. Kidney failure;

  12. Arrhythmia.

With long-term use, there is a risk of increased calcium in the urine, seborrheic rashes, paraesthesia, dry skin, hair loss.


Vitrum is taken 1 tablet a day. The duration of intake is determined by the physician.

Who is suitable for

Vitrum is used during the planning period, during pregnancy and during the postpartum period to replenish substances in the body.

Retinol in the composition supports normal development of the body, affects vision. Vitamin E favors cellular structure by having an antioxidant effect, suppressing the effects of radicals. Vitamin C regulates hormone, amino acid, and carbohydrate metabolism. It is responsible for blood clotting, increases the body’s resistance to adverse factors.

B vitamins take part in cellular metabolism. Folic acid is responsible for normal blood and immune system development. Vitamin D is beneficial for bone tissue. Together with calcium and zinc, it prevents the development of rickets.

Description of Elevit


Elevit – vitamin and mineral tablet complex, which is recommended when carrying a fetus. Produced in tablet form by Rottendorf Pharma.

Elevit complex contains 12 vitamins, 4 minerals and 3 trace elements:

  1. Vitamin A – synthesizes lipids, proteins, mucopolysaccharides, provides a healthy state of the skin, mucous membranes and organs of vision;

  2. B1 – affects the work of the NS;

  3. B2 – promotes regeneration, restores the skin;

  4. B6 – supports bone structure, teeth, has a positive effect on erythropoiesis;

  5. B12 – promotes normal nervous system function;

  6. C – is involved in blood clotting processes, the regulation of metabolism in connective tissue, stimulates the formation of hormones, normalizes capillary permeability;

  7. D3 – maintains mineral balance, prevents rickets;

  8. E – acts as a natural antioxidant;

  9. Biotin – promotes normal protein absorption;

  10. calcium pantothenate – is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins;

  11. folic acid – prevents congenital neural tube defects;

  12. Magnesium – synthesizes protein;

  13. Calcium – is involved in the development of bones, the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction;

  14. Phosphorus – takes part in energy metabolism, bone tissue formation;

  15. Manganese – helps mineralize bone tissue;

  16. Zinc – needed for regenerative processes, the formation of the fetal skeleton;

  17. Copper – needed for iron metabolism and normal red blood cell function.

Research and efficacy

Elevit Pronatal is used to prevent gestosis due to its favorable effect on the endothelium. The use of the product achieves correction of magnesium, calcium and other substances. Creates favorable conditions for the intake of vitamins A and E. The remedy provides serious support to the antioxidant system of pregnant women, with disorders in which there is a risk of endothelial dysfunction.

As a preventive measure, Elevit is recommended to take 1 course of 1 month during the 1-2-3 trimesters of pregnancy. At high probability of gestosis Elevit is appointed on 1 tablet during 60 days together with progesterone preparations.

Source: Evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of the vitamin-mineral complex Elevit Pronatal for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia and gestosis in pregnancy. Brain E.v. BREAST CANCER. 2011.


Elevit has the following restrictions for use:

  1. hypersensitivity to components;

  2. Diseases of the urinary and hepatobiliary systems;

  3. Hypervitaminosis A and D;

  4. hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria;

  5. Severe insufficiency of renal function;

  6. Failure of the metabolism of trace elements;

  7. Lactose intolerance, lactase deficiency.

It is recommended to use during pregnancy, after childbirth and while planning the process of conception. Therefore, only general contraindications are taken into account.


Side effects

Possible unwanted symptoms from the use of the product may be allergies. It is facial edema, rash, anaphylactic shock, hyperemia. In such a case, it is necessary to consult a doctor and stop taking the product.

Other side effects of Elevit:

  1. Abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, diarrhea;

  2. Hypercalciuria;

  3. Dizziness, insomnia, hyperexcitability, headache.

During the reception of the complex, the urine may be colored yellow. This reaction is harmless due to the riboflavin content. Stool may also be stained black, which is aided by iron. This phenomenon is also of no clinical significance and poses no danger.


Elevit tablets are taken orally, 1 tablet a day. Recommended duration of course – 4 weeks before conception, the entire period of pregnancy and lactation.

In case of overdose there is a possibility of excess of vitamins A and D, as well as iron. Symptoms in such a case are headache, stool disorder, constipation, confusion, diarrhea, vomiting. Hemolytic anemia may occur when more than 15 g of the product are used. Treatment consists of the cancellation of vitamins and prescription of symptomatic drugs.

Suitable for Whom

Elevit is prescribed to pregnant women for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Elevit can be used for iron deficiency anemia, B9 and B12 deficiency. The doctor may recommend Elevit during pregnancy planning and breastfeeding.

Cost and analogues of Vitrum and Elevit drugs

The drug

The price is



#100 – from 1255 rubles


The tablet replenishes the daily requirement for important substances for pregnant women, prevents iron, iodine and phosphorus deficiencies. Used for those who suffer from malabsorption, as folic acid is present in the form of metafolin.

The disadvantages – the high price, the use only during the first months of pregnancy, in the 2-3 trimesters should pick up other complexes.


#100 – from 1700 rubles

Folic acid:

Affordable medication containing a single vitamin – B9. Used for prevention of defects of the spinal cord and brain of the unborn child. The advantages will be – low price, prevention of anemia, reducing the risk of toxemia and accelerating the elimination of contraceptives from a woman’s body.

Disadvantages – the risk of allergic reactions, with prolonged use is addictive, which reduces the effectiveness of application.


Vitamin E is indicated for this substance deficiency. Can be used while carrying a fetus and after delivery. This is an affordable drug that is on the list of free for pregnant women in Russia. It is used in different forms – lozenges, solution, capsules.

Disadvantages – risk of allergies, only makes up for E deficiency.

Centrum Materna:

Used in the second trimester, contains iodine and other components necessary for women. Of the disadvantages – high cost, risk of allergies.


Multivitamin complex with micro- and macroelements, contains iodine, can be used during the entire period of pregnancy. Disadvantages – it takes 4 capsules a day, they are large, it is inconvenient to swallow, the cost is higher than many analogues.


Tablets for pregnant women with calcium, iodine and iron. There are specials for taking in the morning and in the evening. Have a pleasant taste, small size. Disadvantages – you drink 6 pills a day, the package lasts for 2 weeks, the price is high.

Ledis Formula:

Vitamin complex of broad-spectrum action. Make up for iodine deficiency, eliminate irritability, improve mood, maintain hair, nails, skin. Minuses – no calcium, expensive, there is a risk of allergies.


Complex for women in the third trimester of pregnancy. The price is affordable, the package lasts for a long time. The drug is well tolerated. The disadvantages – there is no iodine, which is important in the last months of pregnancy.

Complivit Mama:

A supplement that can be used from the moment of conception. The composition includes folic acid. The drug is well tolerated, allergies are extremely rare. Disadvantages – no iodine, can cause symptoms of toxicity.


Capsules to take in the morning and evening. Sold in large packages, lasts a long time. Their cost is high, can cause nausea.


A multivitamin complex of 5 minerals and 11 vitamins. Can be taken at any age. The cost is relatively high, there is a risk of allergic reactions.

Multitabs Perinatal:

Universal vitamin complex with vitamin D, iodine, folic acid, calcium. Fulfills the need of pregnant women and the fetus in micronutrients. Contains amino acids and antioxidants. It is taken in 2 pieces per day. May cause allergic symptoms, nausea. Positive effects are not observed in every case.

When choosing a vitamin complex, you need to take into account the term of fetal delivery. There are many universal complexes, but more those that are shown in different periods of pregnancy. Not all drugs contain the full range of vitamins and minerals.

Which drug is better?

Vitrum has no phosphorus, but there are important components such as iodine, selenium, molybdenum, chromium. There are no such components in Elevit. Both drugs are popular during pregnancy. Vitrum is cheaper, but does not differ much from Elevit, so it is more often preferred.

Vitrum and Elevit complexes have contraindications and risk of side effects. It is necessary to consult with a doctor before starting a course of administration.

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