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Differences in the composition of the different forms. “Advance” additionally contains a fast-acting anesthetic – benzocaine. “Ultra” contains GCS hormone and zinc sulfate antiseptic.The drug is strictly prescribed by a doctor, taking into account all the nuances of the disease.


Advantages and disadvantages

The above drugs suggest a rapid relief of painful sensations and pathological changes. Both drugs – Proctosedil and Relief have proven themselves well in the rapid relief of acute manifestations of the disease, causing pain, bleeding and a feeling of discomfort. After application, the quality of life of patients is significantly improved. But the drugs have different types of action and composition. Proctosedil is characterized by rapid relief of pain and inflammation, literally in minutes. Characterized by anesthetic and wound healing effect, reduces the risk of thrombosis. The drug is not suitable for long-term use because of the hormones in the composition. After a week it is necessary to choose another drug or use other methods of treatment.

Product properties




Contains hormonal substances, but in a lower concentration than in Relief, plus NSAIDs, antibiotics, vasoconstrictors, anti-aggregant agents.

There are hormonal substances in the composition.

The speed of absorption



Time of use


Limited: up to 10 days.

Side effects

Burning, itching, painful anus.

Similar to.


Hemorrhoids and gastrointestinal diseases + gynecology.


No contraindications.

Tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea.

Herpes Zoster, smallpox, hepatitis, peptic ulcer disease.

Pregnancy first decade.

Allergic reactions to the composition of the ointment.

Not recommended for children.


Proctosedil manufactured in India. The price of the drug is lower than Relief. Treatment with this ointment is cheaper.

Relief is produced under the well-known pharmaceutical brand Bayer, which guarantees high quality production. The suppositories are more expensive

Relief is designed for prolonged use. The anti-inflammatory component allows you to limit the focus of inflammation. Depending on the severity of symptoms, you can choose different combinations of the drug – with an anesthetic or a hormone.

Which drug is safer and how long you can use

The choice depends on the severity of symptoms and the presence of any contraindications. The main contraindications for Relief are blood and vascular diseases – thromboembolism, granulocytopenia. With caution – hypertension and arrhythmia, metabolic disorders – diabetes mellitus and hyperthyroidism. Proctosedil should also not be used in infections of viral, fungal or specific lesions. Prescribe with caution to those with cardiovascular disease. Both drugs are prescribed in pregnancy and lactation, in children due to lack of clinical data.


The final choice depends on the doctor’s prescription, although this is an over-the-counter form. It is better if a specific drug is advised by a proctologist based on the severity of the process. Other, more radical methods may be necessary for a complete cure. Remember – self-treatment can lead to irreparable consequences and complications! Only a doctor can determine the degree of safety of a remedy, indications and contraindications in each case. Treatment depends on the regularity and correct use of the drug. Before you start using it, it is advisable to read the instructions that come with the medicine.

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