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Hepatoprotective drugs help the liver to recover and protect it from many adverse factors. Among the well-known drugs of this group are Maxar and Heptral. We have broken down both remedies and will talk about their features and differences.

Heptral – features of the drug


The drug Heptral is available as a powder for solution preparation and tablets for oral administration. It contains ademetionine. This will be the key difference from Maxar, which is made on a plant basis. The drug is made in Italy.

Heptral refers to hepatoprotective drugs with antioxidant, neuroprotective, detoxifying, cholekinetic and antidepressant effects.

The drug is used to treat patients with various liver pathologies. A number of studies have shown that Heptral eliminates increased fatigue in patients with diseases of the hepatobiliary system. The substance ademetionine helps improve mood in alcoholic liver disease. There is also a weakening of such symptoms as skin itching, general malaise, jaundice of mucous membranes and skin.

In “Ademetionine: physiological effects and use in the treatment of liver diseases” d.m.n. Silivonchik N.n. Presented data showing that ademetionine is extremely important in the treatment of liver. In studies, it has been shown to help to mitigate damage to the organ. It is concluded that ademetionine helps in the correction of liver function and can be the basis of therapy. Research also shows that the substance is well tolerated without pronounced and persistent side effects.

Maxar – features of the dietary supplement


The remedy contains herbal ingredients, namely, Maackia amurensis wood extract. Refers to hepatoprotectors of plant origin. Produced in Russia.

Pharmacological action of the remedy:

  1. Has a choleretic, hepatoprotective effect

  2. promotes normalization of histoarchitectonics of the organ;

  3. Reduces the number of necrotic hepatocytes;

  4. Eliminates fat and protein dystrophy of the parenchyma;

  5. Improves respiratory function of mitochondria;

  6. Increases excretory function;

  7. Inhibits the formation of fibrosis;

  8. Has anti-inflammatory and antinecrotic effect.

What is more important, Maxar provides a choleretic effect, that is, it increases the rate of bile secretion and excretion of bilirubin, cholesterol and acids. The action of the herbal medicine is milder and gentler. Side effects occur in exceptional cases and are easy to eliminate, as the manufacturer himself says.

What are the indications for use

indications for use

Hepatoprotective agents are used to accelerate the recovery of the liver in various diseases. They have a wide range of uses.

The drug Heptral has the following indications for use:

  1. hepatitis;

  2. Fatty dystrophy;

  3. cirrhosis;

  4. cholangitis;

  5. encephalopathy;

  6. depression;

  7. Cholestasis in pregnancy;

  8. Increased fatigue due to liver disease.

All but the last three of these conditions are associated with cholestasis in cirrhotic and precirrhotic conditions. Therefore, the main indication can be identified as slowing down the passage of bile for various reasons, which is especially common in pregnancy.

An article “Principles of Choice of Hepatoprotectors in GP Practice” was published in the journal “Treating Physician” 08/16, where the author highlighted cholestasis as an extremely unfavorable factor leading to the progression of liver disease. Its treatment with hepatoprotectors at the initial stage has proven effectiveness.

The instructions for use of Maxar indicate the following indications:

  1. Acute and chronic hepatitis;

  2. Fatty hepatosis;

  3. cholestasis;

  4. cirrhosis.

Heptral with the active therapeutic agent is more suitable for the treatment of severe diseases of the hepatobiliary system. The drug with herbal components is better used in the remission period when the patient’s condition is stabilized.

Contraindications and side effects


Heptral is not used in cases of hypersensitivity to the active substance. Contraindications will also include a vitamin B metabolism disorder, age under 18 years of age, and bipolar disorder. In the first trimester of pregnancy is prescribed with caution.

Maxar is not used when carrying a fetus, while breastfeeding, if gallstone disease is exacerbated, and under 18 years of age. In the absence of contraindications, this remedy is safe and the risk of unwanted symptoms is minimal.

When it is necessary to treat the liver in pregnant women, Heptral is always prescribed. Other hepatoprotectors may lead to complications and provoke miscarriage.

The herbal medication may cause side effects in the form of an allergic reaction. There is a risk of rash and edema. If prone to allergies, start treatment with the lowest dosage. In case of signs of hypersensitivity, consult a physician.

Possible adverse reactions from the use of the drug Heptral:

Frequent. Nausea, dyspepsia, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, itching, asthenia.

Infrequent. Urinary tract infection, hypersensitivity reactions, confusion, agitation, laryngeal edema, dry mucosa, vomiting, flatulence, dyspepsia, muscle cramps, fever.

Diarrhea, headache, and nausea were identified as the most common adverse reactions in studies involving 200 patients.

Application and dosage

Maxar is prescribed 1 tablet 3 times half an hour before meals. The therapy course is 28 days. The dosage and duration of treatment may be changed by the doctor depending on the condition.

The use of Heptral for various disorders:

  1. The initial therapeutic dose is up to 250 mg per kg per day;

  2. Cholestasis and increased fatigue – 800-1600 mg per day;

  3. depression – 800-1600 mg per day in several courses;

  4. Therapy may begin with an i/m injection or directly from the tablets.

Overdose of the drug is unlikely. In case of a significant increase in dosage, gastric lavage followed by symptomatic treatment.

What to know when treating with Heptral and Maxar

The use of

Heptral gives a tonic effect, so it is undesirable to take it before bedtime. During long-term treatment with the drug it is necessary to take regular tests to determine the level of creatinine and urea.

There is evidence of depression turning into mania or hypomania in people who take Ademetionine. In depressive states, there is a risk of suicidal thoughts, so with long-term treatment, a constant observation with the doctor to assess symptoms.

Patients may experience a sudden increase in anxiety. The condition normalizes with reduction of the dosage, so cancellation of the drug is not always required.

It should be taken into account that dizziness may occur when taking Heptral. It is not recommended during treatment to drive a car and work with potentially dangerous mechanisms.

Maxar does not interfere with driving or operating machinery. There are no specific indications for the use of this herbal remedy.

Cost and analogues

The drug




Powder for solution preparation 0.4 #5 – from 1660 rubles;

Tablets 0.4 #20 – from 1550 rubles







Tablets 0.06 #50 – from 1000 rubles






Which drug to choose – Maxar or Heptral

What to choose
  1. Heptral is a leader in the market of hepatoprotectors. The positive effect of the drug on the hepatobiliary system is pronounced. Prompt restoration of the organ cells takes place, which prevents earlier occurrence of cirrhosis and fibrosis. According to practitioners, Heptral is an effective means to maintain the state of the gland.

  2. Some specialists, however, treat this treatment with caution and prescribe the drug only when absolutely necessary, when there are severe liver diseases.

  3. Maxar is considered an indispensable adjunctive agent in the main therapy. The herbal medication is effective during the subsiding of general symptoms, in remission. According to doctors, it is a good dietary supplement to maintain the state of the liver.

  4. Maxar is not officially announced in pharmacies. You can buy it on specialized websites, which makes the potential buyer suspicious. As you know, dietary supplements can provoke various side effects, for which the doctor is not responsible.

  5. Heptral, on the other hand, is a medicinal product and has proven effective in the fight against various diseases of the hepatobiliary system. The remedy improves the performance of patients with severe conditions. Hepatologists believe that for emergency care it is necessary to use such powerful drugs. But therapy with herbal remedies can be done later, when the condition is normalized.

  6. Conclusion: Heptral is prescribed by a doctor for obvious liver disorders, Maxar serves as an auxiliary agent in the main therapy and can not be used as an independent agent. Self-treatment with drugs is unacceptable, you need to consult a doctor.

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