Comparing Phenibut and Noophen | Determining the best

Nootropic drugs are used in psychiatry and as a sedative to improve brain function. Not all doctors consider them effective, but the drugs remain popular for a long time. We took apart two representatives of the nootropic group – Phenibut and Noophen, to find out which of them does its job better.




Wide area of application

Cannot be used during pregnancy

No serious contraindications

It affects attention and reaction rate, and it is prohibited to drive a car or operate machinery during treatment

When used for a long time, liver function is impaired

Severe mental side symptoms are possible if taken incorrectly




Used in pediatrics

Cost higher than analogues

Has fewer adverse reactions

Not recommended for use before the age of 8 years, but can be used from the first days of life if necessary

Slight contraindications

Good for withdrawal syndrome

May cause severe allergic reactions and dyspepsia

Costs about 10 times as much

Description of the drug Phenibut

Phenibut (aminophenyl butyric acid)

The nootropic and psychostimulant drug Phenibut based on the substance of the same name is produced by Rick Farm in the form of tablets of 250 mg. The remedy relieves stress, removes anxiety, improves sleep. Strengthens the effect of sleeping pills and neuroleptics.

Used for the purpose of improving the functional state of the brain. The active ingredient helps improve metabolic processes, affecting the cerebral circulation. Improves microcirculation, reduces manifestations of asthenia. Improves mental and physical performance.


Phenibut has no serious restrictions on its use. The drug should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the composition. It is also contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and acute kidney failure.

Side effects

On the side of the NS, there is a possibility of insomnia, drowsiness, dizziness. When the dose is reduced, symptoms go away in most cases. Dyspeptic manifestations may also occur, and with prolonged use there is a risk of hepatotoxicity.

A long course of treatment may also cause emotional lability. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea appear less often, which is typical for the beginning of the course.


Dose is tailored individually for different disorders. Usually prescribed 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. Maximum tolerated doses are 750 mg for adults, and 500 mg for the elderly. Course duration – 2-3 weeks with possible repetition in a few weeks.

Who is suitable

According to the instructions, the drug Phenibut is effective in such cases:

  1. decrease in intellectual activity, impaired attention, memory, attention;

  2. Psycho-emotional disorders;

  3. Various sleep disorders such as insomnia, nightmares, and night anxiety;

  4. Increases resistance to stress factors;

  5. Complex therapy of withdrawal syndrome;

  6. Kupirovanie psychopathological disorders;

  7. Tics, stuttering in children.

Description of the drug Noophen


Noophen nootropic and psychostimulant drug contains aminophenyl butyric acid. Produced by Olainfarm in Latvia. Used in medicine due to anti-amnestic and anti-hypoxic effect. Has the properties of a tranquilizer.

The drug Noophen has a positive effect on attention, memory, learning ability. Increases work capacity, relieves psycho-emotional tension. Can also relieve anxiety, sleep problems. Enhances the effect of neuroleptics, sleeping pills.

Research and efficacy

The drug Noophen shows its effectiveness in narcological and psychiatric practice. The drug can be used both in inpatient and outpatient conditions. Some studies show that Noophen increases the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic work.

Patients become more receptive to therapy while taking the drug. With alcohol and drug addiction, the drug can reduce anxiety, irritability, ease the withdrawal syndrome.

Taking Noophen improves sleep. It increases resistance to stress. Noophen can be recommended in the complex therapy of patients with mental disorders.

Source: “Use of drugs Adaptol and Noophen in psychiatric and drug treatment practice”. Jeksembina A.e. 2013.


Noophen has the following limitations to use:

  1. Renal failure of acute course;

  2. up to 8 years old;

  3. Hypersensitivity to the formulation.

During pregnancy the use of the drug is extremely undesirable. Noophen can be prescribed only in case of acute need. During lactation during treatment it is necessary to stop breastfeeding until the drug is completely eliminated from the body.

Side effects

Noofen is well tolerated, only in rare cases causes allergic reactions and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It may be vomiting, abdominal pain, dyspepsia.


Noophen is prescribed at 250-500 mg per day for a course of 3 weeks, up to a maximum of 6. For the prevention of seasickness – 1-2 tablets at the first symptoms. Your doctor chooses the dosage and duration of therapy individually in each case.

Overdose is accompanied by drowsiness, increased BP, vomiting. You should wash your stomach and take an enterosorbent – activated charcoal.

Who fits

Who is suitable

Noophen is effective when emotional and intellectual activity is reduced, attention and memory are impaired. The drug can be prescribed for anxiety and neurotic conditions, asthenia, anxiety, fear. It is prescribed for children to treat stuttering, enuresis, tics. For the elderly – for nocturnal restlessness, insomnia.

Cost and analogues





250 mg #20 – from 85 rubles



250 mg #20 – from 980 rubles

Which drug is better?

Noophen is more often prescribed for children. Fenibut is actively used in old age for the treatment of glaucoma by improving microcirculation in the tissues of the organs of vision.

Noophen has fewer adverse reactions and contraindications. It may be considered a safer remedy. But it is also more expensive.

Both preparations can be used for neuropsychiatric conditions. It is up to the doctor to prescribe them. Before using the drug, you need to consult with a specialist.

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