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Available for adults and children

Restricted by prescription

Has a combined effect

It is contraindicated for pregnant women and under 6 years of age

Available in tablet and syrup

May cause allergies and other adverse reactions

Used from the first month of life


Advantages of


Has an immunomodulatory effect

Not prescribed for under 2 years of age

Convenient scheme of application

May provoke an allergy

Sold without a prescription

It is forbidden to take at the same time with

It is used in preparation for surgery and for treatment of sinusitis

Cough suppressants

Description of the drug Ascoril

Ascoril Expectorant

Bromhexine and guaifenesin-based expectorant combination drug available as tablets from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India. Bromhexin is an expectorant medication. It activates the pericardial epithelium, reduces the viscosity of sputum, increases the volume of serous exudate, increasing its discharge.

Guaifenesin stimulates secretory cells, reduces the viscosity of the secretion, helps the transition of dry cough into productive.

Research and effectiveness

The drug acts on several parts of the pathological process, namely bronchoobstruction and mucostasis. These phenomena are characteristic of many chronic respiratory diseases.

The drug is safe and effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Side effects are extremely rare and associated with the presence of salbutamol, which is characterized by rapid absorption when taken orally.

Source: “Ascoril Combination Drug in the Therapy of Cough and Bronchoobstruction”. Knyazheskaya N.p. RBM. 2013.


Expectorant drug is contraindicated in hypersensitivity to the composition, under 6 years of age, while carrying a fetus and breastfeeding.

Other limitations to the intake stand out:

  1. AH;

  2. internal bleeding;

  3. ulcer;

  4. Diabetes mellitus decompensated type;

  5. heart defects;

  6. Myocarditis, tachyarrhythmia;

  7. glaucoma;

  8. Liver and kidney failure.

When there are gastrointestinal diseases, the drug is prescribed with caution. This also applies to patients with a compensated form of diabetes mellitus.

During pregnancy, it is not recommended to use Ascoril, since there is not enough data on its safety. During lactation, it is necessary to temporarily stop breastfeeding until the drug is completely eliminated from the body.

Side effects

When treating with Ascoril, there is a possibility of the following adverse reactions:

  1. Collapse, palpitations;

  2. Dyspepsia, vomiting, abdominal pain, exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease;

  3. The acquisition of a pink shade of urine;

  4. Hypersensitivity reactions, angioneurotic edema, anaphylaxis;

  5. Rashes, urticaria, epidermal necrolysis, erythema.

Cough syrup


Ascoril in tablets is prescribed after 12 years of age and adults 1 tablet, under 6 years – ½ tablet. Ascoril Expectant syrup is recommended for young children.

In overdose there is an increase in adverse reactions. Symptomatic therapy indicated. You need to stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

Who is suitable

Ascoril has the following indications for administration:

  1. asthma;

  2. whooping cough;

  3. tracheobronchitis;

  4. tuberculosis;

  5. bronchitis;

  6. pneumoconiosis;

  7. pneumonia.

Ascoril is a symptomatic drug and is prescribed in combination with other drugs in the complex treatment of the disease, which is accompanied by dry cough.

Description of the remedy Fluditek


The expectorant drug Fluditek on the basis of carbocysteine is produced in France by Laboratoire Innotech International. The active component of the drug has a mucolytic effect and stimulates the expulsion of exudate. Available as a syrup.

Fluditek not only gets rid of dry cough, but also promotes the regeneration of damaged mucous membranes, bringing back to normal its structure and function.

Studies and effectiveness

The use of Fluditek shortens the period of acute illness and reduces the number of hospitalizations. The duration of coughing when using the syrup is also reduced.

The drug has several advantages over its analogues. It has an immunomodulatory effect, increases the production of lgA. The effectiveness of Fluditec has been proven by numerous studies. The drug may be used in pediatrics and for the treatment of adults.

Source: “Fluditek experience in treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in infants”. Balyasinskaya G.l. Russian Bulletin of Perinatology and Pediatrics. 2010.


Fluditec has the following contraindications for use:

  1. intolerance to the composition;

  2. Under 2 years of age for the syrup 20 mg/ml and under 15 years for the syrup 50 mg/ml;

  3. First trimester of fetal carrying for 50 mg/mL syrup;

  4. Ulcer disease;

  5. Chronic glomerulonephritis.

In the second and third trimester Fluditek can be prescribed under medical supervision.

Side effects

Fluditek can cause diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, flatulence, abdominal pain, allergic reactions. If you have these symptoms, you need to consult a doctor.


Syrup from 2 to 5 years is prescribed 5 ml 2 times, from 5 years – 5 ml 3 times. The maximum dose is 200 and 300 mg/day, respectively. The course lasts 8-10 days.

In case of overdose, nausea, gastralgia, diarrhea. Conducted symptomatic treatment.

Who is suitable

Who is suitable for

The indications for the use of the remedy are:

  1. Acute and chronic bronchial and lung diseases, including asthma, tracheitis, bronchitis;

  2. Preparation for diagnostic procedures;

  3. Difficult to excrete secretions in diseases of the oral cavity and nasopharynx.

Cost and analogues

The drug




Syrup 200 ml – from 350 rubles

Tablets #20 – from 290 rubles



Syrup 125 ml 2% – from 320 rubles

Syrup 125 ml 5% – from 340 rubles








Which drug is better

Ascoril should be prescribed by a doctor. It is suitable for asthma, obstructive bronchitis, pneumonia. Fluditek is used to eliminate cough with viscous secretion. It is effective when there are inflammatory diseases of ENT organs along with cough.

With frequent relapses of the disease, Fluditek is also indicated, as it additionally has an immunomodulatory effect. Before use, a doctor’s consultation is necessary, as each remedy has contraindications and can provoke unpleasant symptoms.

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