Iron or steam generator: choose an efficient ironing device

A simple and effective device to smooth out crumpled clothes was invented a long time ago. Convenient design, multifunctionality (thanks to the efforts of progressive brands), safety – all this is about the classic iron. But there are other, no less effective devices on the market – steam generators. What is the difference between the two household devices, and which should be given preference?? Get all the answers you need from our experts.

Iron: Features, advantages, when it is better to use


The iron is a widespread household appliance, the main task of which is to smooth out creases on any fabric. The principle of operation of the device is very simple: the sole of the device, which operates from the electric network, heats up after a while after switching it on, and when moving on the fabric, all the folds disappear from it. Iron soleplate can be made of different materials – metal, ceramic or combined.

Although most models of irons operate from the mains, there are unconventional examples – travel: they operate on battery power, are compact in size and have limited functionality.

Particularly popular among consumers are steam models of irons that perform wet ironing. They are equipped with a special water tank. Steam irons are ideal for dealing with particularly stubborn creases, are safe for absolutely all fabrics (including silk) thanks to the built-in thermostat, and have a uniquely designed soleplate with a very smooth glide.

Manufacturers also offer products with a special function – “steam blow”. Such devices are equipped with a special button, when you press it, a high-pressure portion of steam is delivered to the fabric surface. It’s ideal for wrinkled or over-dried clothes, fabrics, and creases.

Iron is a very common household appliance for ironing, primarily because ofmany advantages:

  1. Easy to use – the basic principle has not changed over the decades, and the functionality is continually being added to as the steam generator is designed to fit seamlessly into your appliances.

  2. A wide range of functions – the possibilities of modern irons are almost unlimited. A quality device can cope with any task. The product with the steam function will help easily smooth out curtains hanging in the window, make perfect arrows on pants or smooth out creases without special equipment. Moreover, unplugged devices do not cool down immediately, which allows you to iron the cloth away from the outlet, for example.

  3. Easy to clean – just use a wet cloth or a special pencil to properly clean the appliance.

  4. Low price – sometimes even multifunctional, ergonomic products are quite affordable to the mass consumer.

But it is impossible not to take into account a few specific points related to the use of irons. The main one is the risk of damaging the fabric in the case of wrong temperatures. Besides, the iron is not suitable for ironing things with pleating, many small folds, “tube” cuffs, etc. And the need to have an ironing board on hand or look for a suitable hard flat surface is not the most convenient moment.

Steam generator: device, advantages

Steam generator

Although both the iron and the steam generator have similar functions, the latter has clear design differences and is used for somewhat different tasks. What a steam generator is? The device is a small iron with a stand in the form of a steam generator (steam station), consisting of a water tank and heater.

The creation of hot steam for ironing the fabric takes place after the steam generator feeds water directly into the ironing iron through a special hose. The iron itself does not have a water tank, with few exceptions. Visually, the steam generator looks like a compact vacuum cleaner with a thin water hose.

Most models of steam generators are equipped with a special hanger (rod), where you can hang the ironed clothes for convenience. There are also designs with small dimensions, usually without a hanger, and sometimes without a steam station. The steam generator is integrated directly into the iron.

What a steam generator is good for? The first thing to pay attention to is for those who need to iron several sets of linen, tablecloths, lots of curtains a couple of times a month, and for those who have several small children. The steam generator is the best solution for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, ironing hanging curtains, steaming almost any fabric, even multi-layered.

The main advantages of the steam generator:

  1. High functionality – the appliance easily copes with any wrinkles – even natural materials that are difficult for an ordinary iron, no problem for the steam generator. The device creates high temperature steam, which is considered “heat shock” for an iron. Steam iron easily steams things with lots of fittings, easily ironed fabric folded several times. With its help, you can not only properly iron the clothes, but also refresh it.

  2. Versatility of use – the steam generator can be used not only for smoothing clothes and linen, but also for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, kitchen surfaces, mirrors, windows, etc.d. (selected models).

  3. Practical – the steam generator works equally well in both vertical and horizontal positions.

  4. Lightweight – the iron itself is compact and lightweight.

But we can not exclude some negative factors in working with the device: it requires constant replacement of consumables (filters, cartridges, etc.), it is not suitable for steam bathing.d.), noisy, often bulky, and there is a risk of steam burns if handled carelessly, etc.

Comparative characteristics

Comparative characteristics


Steam generator


Medium range – 1500-2500 watts

Average range – 2000-3000 watts (extreme – not for every wiring)

Steam function

Only for models with a water tank


Steam delivery

10-150 g/min

80-100 gpm



Approx. 3-14 kg (industrial models weigh more)


There are compact models to take with you on the go

There are compact models, but they are not suitable for travel

Ironing of things with a lot of fittings

Not suitable

Suitable for ironing fabrics with buttons, knobs, decorative elements, etc.

Ironing of multi-layered, difficult fabrics

Only expensive models with a steamer

Suitable for multilayer fabrics, fabrics which are difficult to iron as well as difficult materials such as linen, guipure, lace, etc.

VERTICAL Steam in upright position


Can be


Not suitable

Suitable for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, kitchen surfaces, windows, mirrors

Cord length

0,8-4 m

1,5-4 m


From 1000 rubles

From 4000 rubles

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