Daikin MC70LVM

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Specifications Daikin MC70LVM

Overall performance

Purpose of the deviceair purification
Power consumption65 W

Air purification

Air purification performance (CADR)420 cubic meters.m/h
Air purity controlThere is
FiltersPre-cleaner, photocatalytic, electrostatic


Ionizationthere is
Power supplyNetwork
Other infoThe timer for 1-2-4 hours, child lock, the minimum noise level of 16dB, minimum power consumption of 7W


Controltimer, remote control
Noise level48 dB

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions (WxHxD)403x576x241mm
Weight8.5 kg

Reviews about Daikin MC70LVM

Advantages:After a year of use you suddenly think, looking at the familiar cleaner and realize that you have been cheated.
Disadvantages:Doesn’t eliminate odors. Yes, it collects fine dust, but much less in a month than a vacuum cleaner at a time. Noise is always heard if on automatic, you have to put it on minimum. After a while you realize that I bought a useless thing
Disadvantages:I have two cleaners from different manufacturers, the use of them, if not zero, then milligrams. I am thinking of trying robot vacuums. It has been praised by everyone now, even though they used to praise the purifiers.

rom rom

Advantages:Really cleans the air, foreign odors disappear Automatic mode No noise
Disadvantages:At first there was a slight ozone odor, but then it disappeared, or we got used to it.
Disadvantages:When children appear at home, along with them there are new smells))) I will not explain what). Then my husband and I realized that we needed to buy an air purifier. We were looking for a long time and found Daikin. It can do the job, and my relatives that come to visit me have noticed the difference at once). In general, I am satisfied with the purchase.

Smolina Vera

Advantages:Quiet, reliable. I wash the filters once a week. Does not require attention. The fan is rattling, it’s time to change the filter or clean it.
Disadvantages:I often change the blue filters – I have about a month and a half for 1 filter.
Disadvantages:I have been using it for four months now. No complaints, it sucks up a lot of dust. Well, if it collects dust – so it works properly – I get less of it in my lungs :)

Vadim Filippov

Advantages:Worked well, but not for long
Disadvantages:It began to smell
Disadvantages:I bought the air purifier DAIKIN MC70LVM. At the beginning everything was fine, my family members did not feel the odors in the apartment, there was less dust, but it was like that for about a month and a half. But soon all my relatives started to get periodic headaches, I had to reread the instructions again. I realized I bought the wrong one. The principle of absorption of odor in this air purifier is based on ionization, and it is not good for health. So I decided to look for a way out. And found through acquaintance specialists from a European medical center. They recommended my air purifier IQAir Healthpro 250 – unknown brand to me, but I decided to trust it. It traps airborne contaminants and odors, fine dust particles, effectively removes allergens, it has a low noise level. We all have a very easy to breathe at home and most importantly nothing hurts, and that is worth a lot.

Zhenya Simashko

Advantages:Works very quietly
Disadvantages:After 2 months the deodorizing blue filter started to stink
Disadvantages:The first 2 months all is great – the smell cleans, ozone is practically did not feel, does not make noise. Then there was a strange faint odor in the room something sour – I took apart the cleaner, I realized that it smells like a blue grid deodorant filter. The instructions say that it can pick up odors, but if you vacuum it up it will be OK. Both vacuumed and ventilated on the balcony – the smell does not go away and gradually it gets stronger. So after 3 months of use the unit just spreads a stink – it became impossible to use.

Delgas Kirill

Advantages:It removes odors and picks up dust very well
Disadvantages:Can not cope with cigarette smoke
Disadvantages:A good air washer if you have allergies or pets at home. It came into my family for 2 reasons: 1. The baby had an allergic runny nose after the repair; 2. My husband smokes on the balcony and if the door is not tightly closed, the smells sometimes penetrate to the other part of the apartment. The first item was a success, the baby is healthy, there is no dust in the house, the smell of food on the “turbo” mode is coped with very quickly, so I dragged her from room to room with toxicosis. The second point was unpleasantly surprising. If to smoke in the room 5 sq.m.m. When the washer is on, then it takes a very long time to clean the smoke, even on “turbo” there is a light smog left after 30 minutes of cleaning.

Natalya Loschilova

Advantages:All functions correspond to the declared ones.Removes odors quickly.Good automatic mode.
Disadvantages:No ozone odor!

Vasiliev Ivan

Advantages:Very quiet, solid appearance, cleans odors, well built, 5 filters included (the manual says 1 filter for 2 years), odor sensor and dust sensor, great capacity.
Disadvantages:Very strong odor (like ozone), price.
Disadvantages:Very nice device, assembly China (judging by the suggestions of stores this model with rare exceptions is assembled in China). But the exterior looks decent, opens nicely, easy operation, plastic is quite decent. Comes with 5 filters. As for the device performance: Only been running it for a few days. The air in the apartment is very quiet. Odor sensor turns on alcohol deodorants and citrus deodorants, starts working faster. If you shake the dust rag, the dust sensor goes off. t.e. The toy would be great if it didn’t smell like ozone. The whole principle of odor absorption is based on ionization. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smells so bad that it makes your throat hurt and you can taste the iron in your mouth!!!!!. My pregnant wife gets a headache when the unit works. From the symptoms, it is similar to ozone poisoning, which is not particularly beneficial. I think that the device should not be used all the time and in a non-residential area. Unfortunately the manual only says that the device emits ozone “safely” and no more. How much and how much is not stated. After 4 days of use the unit has more dust on the filter. But there seems to be less dust in the air.

Sazhin Andrei

Advantages:Quality cleaner. Effectively cleans the air including odors. The electronic nose reacts sensitively to pollution.
Disadvantages:Not detected
Disadvantages:Good unit, happy with the purchase. The air in the apartment is noticeably cleaner and lighter. Momentarily reacts to odors (deodorant, orange, tobacco, etc.) And effectively removes them. Maintenance: once a week I treat the filters with a vacuum cleaner.

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The advantages:Quiet, efficient, easy to maintain
Disadvantages:Not found
Disadvantages:The device is well thought out to the smallest detail. Instantly removes odors and fine dust.

Zholnay Kirill

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