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Doing an analysis of materials used for roofing, we were faced with the fact that many builders can not choose between ondulin and corrugated boarding. We will not give peremptory advice, as the choice is still up to you, but we will try to facilitate this difficult choice by making a comparison. The discussion was attended by competent experts from “Expertise”, who know about roofing everything, or almost everything.

Affordable price, safety or quality? The choice is yours

Roofing is the “first line” of building protection from precipitation, solar ultraviolet and other adverse effects, so it is worth paying special attention to its coverage. The market of modern roofing materials strikes the imagination, and it is especially difficult to make the right choice for beginners roofers. For them, we have one piece of advice: First, decide what is more important to you: the price of the material or its quality and durability.

For a comparative analysis, we took the most popular materials to date – ondulin and corrugated sheeting. They do not have any similarities, except for their popularity, except that. On the technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of materials will be discussed next, but as for the price, be prepared that the cost of simple galvanized corrugated board lower than that of Ondulin, while corrugated sheets with a protective polymer layer is more expensive.

Let’s compare the main characteristics of corrugated boarding and Ondulin


The choice of building and finishing materials – a task with many unknowns, and it is better if it is done for you by professionals, and especially when it comes to covering the roof. Here it is important to consider multiple factors, and to know how durable this or that material and how effective protection the building he offers. Now everything in order.

Durability of materials

Speaking about the durability of the roof, covered with ondulin and corrugated board, it is worth paying attention to the composition of the material. Let’s start with the profiled sheets with a corrugated surface. In their manufacture thin sheets of galvanized steel are used, covered in some cases with a polymer coating that improves the strength characteristics.

Despite all the “charms” of the material, profiled sheeting has one big disadvantage – the need to protect the attachment points to the elements of the roof. If you do not, corrosion is not long to wait, which can not be said about Ondulin, in which the problem is solved. Increased protective functions in the attachment points contributes to the composition of the material, and for the manufacture of Ondulin used compressed fibers of cellulose, protection which provides bitumen impregnation. In the attachment points the holes are “sealed” and the material does not let moisture through, which increases the service life of the roof. In this regard, the choice in favor of Ondulin seems obvious to us, but this does not mean that it is more durable than profiled sheeting.

Ondulin manufacturers claim that it can operate for up to 50 years, while water-resistant to a hundred percent, it is considered only 10-15 years. Do you want to live 25-30 years under a leaky roof? If not, choose corrugated board with a lifetime of 40-50 years, and guaranteed, because even corroded metal still does not pass water.

Did you know that? Despite the fact that the decking, covered with polymer, although it is more expensive Ondulin, can not withstand Russian frosts, but that you were wrong about the choice, will tell after 2-3 years, peeling the surface

Meet “dress”, or what the material looks more impressive

As we have found, corrugated sheet with polymer coating over the years may not look presentable, although this applies to the benefits of regions with harsh climatic conditions. If you are not worried about high humidity, heat and strong frosts, you can consider the coverage of profiled sheeting, as an alternative to Ondulin.

In order to understand that the latter looks more aesthetically pleasing, it is enough to make a visual comparison of houses covered with different materials. And in this case, experts prefer Ondulin, which due to the rough matte surface looks very presentable. In no comparison with this is not a simple galvanized sheet, which looks relatively “cheap,” although it is more profitable compared to the gray slate – all learned by comparison.

Performance properties

profiled sheeting

Once again, we remind you that we are not urging you to buy Ondulin, because in addition to advantages, it is also not ideal, and in this you will see after considering the performance properties of the materials chosen for comparison. In fact, Ondulin is not as strong as it seems, and if we talk about the strength and the ability to resist mechanical influences, it significantly loses to the profiled sheeting. To see for yourself, just look at what happens to the material after the fall of a branch or the impact of a large hail.

Remember ! To walk on the roof is contraindicated, especially in frost and heat, when the material is particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage – in summer it is soft, and in winter, fragile

Accordingly, the strength and resistance to mechanical stresses in profiled decking is higher. This can be explained by the presence of stiffeners and natural strength of the metal, albeit of small thickness. Unlike its competitor, corrugated board takes temperature changes well, but is very afraid of bends, which can not be said about Ondulin with good plasticity. This means that the profiled sheet suitable for roofing with the correct geometry, and for the curly roof is better to choose ondulinovoe coverage.

If we compare the weight of the material, which is especially important for organizing transportation and lifting, the experts did not find much difference. Both tested are lightweight, especially when compared to asbestos slate and other heavy roofing materials.

Fire safety

Speaking of longevity, it is worth recalling such an important property as fire safety. In this respect Ondulin does not seem to us the ideal roofing, since it is, in fact, paper impregnated with bitumen. You can imagine how well such a roof burns, so experts categorically do not recommend the use of the material to cover social infrastructure facilities.

Although manufacturers of Ondulin and do everything to increase its fire resistance, better in this respect corrugated board. Made of steel sheeting, it does not support combustion, so it is safe. It is recommended for use to cover the roofs of kindergartens, schools, medical facilities and industrial buildings.

Areas of application

We consider Ond

    In terms of roofing and profiled sheeting, but in this respect corrugated sheeting has a major advantage. In addition to roofing it is indispensable for home landscaping and industrial plants. In addition to roofing, it is used for the construction of fences and temporary buildings.

    Features of installation

    Ondulin sheet width is 96 cm, the height of the corrugation – 36 mm, and a thickness of 3 mm, while its length does not exceed 2 meters, which can not be said about corrugated board. The thickness of corrugated board varies from 4 to 8 mm, the wave height can reach 75 mm, width is within 1.1-1.25 m, and length reaches 12 m. Transportation such sheets are difficult, and often without special equipment can not do, complicated and lifting on the roof. Another plus in favor of Ond

      It can be cut with a standard hacksaw, and the ease of installation allows it to be mounted in the most inaccessible places.

      it is necessary to notice that ondulin is afraid of high temperature, therefore its installation in hot time is complicated, that isn’t told about profiled sheeting. Another disadvantage is the need to use more dense crates, in contrast to the profiled sheet that has additional stiffening ribs. This significantly reduces costs. The advantages of profiled sheet can also include the possibility of ordering material of any width and length, which helps reduce consumption by reducing the amount of waste. It is not recommended, meanwhile, to bend the profiled sheet, more time-consuming and its cutting.

      Trapezoidal is strongly heated, since it has a high coefficient of thermal conductivity, so under the roof is a violation of the microclimate. The consequence is the appearance of condensation on the inner surface of the roof, and it means that in addition will have to spend money to equip a waterproofing layer.


      In general, the installation of a roof of Ondulin, including the purchase of the material will cost more than in the case of corrugated board, but this is relative. The fact that the cost in the case of Ondulin finally will be lower, since his delivery does not need to hire special transport, in addition to unload the profiled sheet often have to use lifting equipment, the services which are expensive. Even not a professional roofer a few days to cover the roof Ondulin, and work with corrugated sheeting can only professionals, and call their services cheap difficult.

      What to choose: ondulin or corrugated board?

      Summing up briefly, it can be noted that the compared materials have both positive and negative properties. In a condensed form it looks like this:

      1. Profiled decking is a universal material, and use it as a roofing coating, for installation of hangars, fences and garages.

      2. Ondulin, for its part, looks more presentable, so for connoisseurs of beautiful roofs is of particular interest.

      3. Ond

          It is easier to install, there are no difficulties with the delivery and lifting.
        • Guaranteed service life of corrugated board is longer.

        • Condensation often forms under profiled sheets.

        • Raspberry roofing is not durable, since it can actively resist moisture for only 10-15 years, which can not be said about the profiled sheeting, designed for dozens of years of operation

      Considering the pros and cons, we do not recommend making hasty conclusions, since each material has both advantages and disadvantages. Properly assess the conditions under which the roof will be used. It is very important whether it is a private home in the Far North or a school in central Russia, where there is no exhausting heat and severe frosts. We hope that you will take advantage of our advice and make the right choice.

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