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Nothing is better for an infant than mother’s milk. Only it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the right amounts. However, current trends are such that more and more mothers cannot breastfeed their babies.

Lactation problems may be caused by a variety of factors, including the environment, stress, disease, and other concerns. That’s when the formula comes in handy. Not a complete, total alternative to mother’s milk, of course, but it can help you raise a healthy baby.

But what is the best formula?? Especially now at the shelves there are dozens of varieties. However, the most popular are Nutrilon and Frisolak. Let’s find out which formula is best.


The Nutrilon brand produces a huge number of varieties of milk formula, which differ in composition and use. In addition to normal nutrition, Nutricia produces products for babies with sensitive digestion, with allergies or risk of allergies (including lactose intolerance), and special versions for low birth weight or premature infants.

Of course, the composition differs as well. For example, “Nutrilon Pre”, designed for young children, includes a huge amount of prebiotics, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Such a composition provides complete nutrition for the newborn, who needs a richer diet than that presented in mother’s milk.

A series of products for children with sensitive digestion includes the following products:

  1. “Nutrilon Comfort”Based on partially hydrolyzed proteins. They are much easier to metabolize and are therefore easily digested by the body, without “burdening” the sensitive intestines of the baby. Due to the easy-to-digest proteins, it prevents constipation and colic;

  2. “Nutrilon Sour Milkcontaining lactic acid bacteria. They are essential for normal intestinal function. This is why this option is recommended for children who suffer from functional digestive disorders, including colic and flatulence;

  3. “Nutrilon Lactose-free.”, which does not contain milk proteins and is therefore suitable for children with lactose intolerance. The main substance in the composition – calcium caseinate, which is complemented by a complex of fatty acids;

  4. “Nutrilon AntirefluxNutrilon Anti-Reflux” for babies with regurgitation syndrome. Helps to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon due to the inclusion of natural thickeners, while having a positive effect on the digestive system of the baby;

  5. “Nutrilon Pepti GastroBased on fully hydrolyzed proteins. Extremely easy to digest, has low allergenicity and meets baby’s energy needs.

However, all these formulas are part of a therapeutic diet, so a doctor’s consultation is required before using them.

Nutrilon Premium or Nutrilon SuperPremium are recommended for healthy infants. They differ in composition. “SuperPremium” contains more useful fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements, but is not equally well tolerated by all children.

Nutrilon’s organoleptic properties vary depending on the specific variety, but they have similarities:

  1. In its finished form, Nutrilon hasquite liquid consistency, which makes it fairly easy to feed regardless of the type of bottle;

  2. Does not have a characteristic sweet taste, Characteristic of breast milk. That’s why some children may refuse to consume it, especially when transferring from GV to substitutes or supplementing GV.

  3. On the other hand, after “Nutrilon” it is much easier to return to breastfeeding, because the mother’s milk is more palatable for the baby.

So, to summarize.

The advantages of

  • A rich assortment, including options for various cases, including problems with the digestive system or lactose intolerance;

  • The consistency is liquid enough to make it easy to prepare and feed;

  • It is much easier to go back to breastfeeding after the formula, because the baby likes the taste of mother’s milk.


  • Lack of a distinct taste, as a result of which a son or daughter may not immediately begin to eat;

  • Most products do not contain DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is essential for baby’s brain development.

It is worth noting that the last drawback is quite controversial. In general, a newborn without developmental abnormalities receives all the nutrients needed for brain development from mother’s milk or standard formula. DHA is necessary for a baby born prematurely or with a low birth weight. Special formulas of Nutrilon for such children contain this acid. But its justifiability in the composition of products for an infant with normal weight or born at a normal term is quite debatable.



“Frisolak” (aka Friso for some products) is also a comprehensive brand of milk formula. Of course, its range is not as large as that of its competitor, but it still includes both standard and specialized products.

The main advantage of Frisolak is that it has a thick consistency and a sweet taste. This makes it much easier to switch to this milk formula after breastfeeding. The baby will be able to perceive it as an alternative to mother’s milk. But returning to breastfeeding can already be much more difficult.

It is also worth noting the rich composition of Frisolak. Almost all of its variants, except for highly specialized, contain DHA and ARA fatty acids. They are required by the infant’s body for normal development, having a positive effect on both bone tissue, skin, nervous system, and brain.

“Frisolak” in the series from the first day of life is presented in the following variants:

  1. “Frisolak Friso Gold 1”– The standard composition of fresh milk containing numerous vitamins, minerals and fatty acids necessary for the development of your baby. DHA is also in the mix;

  2. “Frisolak 1”Based on specially processed protein that is easier to digest. It also contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and nucleotides necessary for brain development;

  3. “Frisolak Friso VOM 1With a prebiotic complex to improve digestion. Helps combat all digestion problems, including constipation, colic and regurgitation;

  4. “Frisolak Friso HA 1For sensitive digestion. Hypoallergenic, based on partially broken down protein, containing fatty acids, prebiotics and nucleotides.

It is worth noting separately that the specialized formula Frisolak for sensitive digestion or children with functional digestive disorders really shows its efficiency in the fight against colic, constipation and regurgitation. Galacto-oligosaccharides are used to improve digestion.

Organoleptic properties of “Frisolak” differ depending on the specific type, but they have common features:

  1. Thick enough consistency, which is comparable to mother’s milk or may even seem a little thicker;

  2. Sweet taste. This makes it much easier to switch to formula after breastfeeding – the child will not distinguish between the mother’s milk and Frisolak. Nevertheless, it can be quite difficult to go back to HF.

  3. In general, moms note, Babies eat Frisolak with great pleasure, and no adverse effects on the digestive system are observed.

So, to summarize.


  • The pleasant taste, thanks to which the baby will gladly eat Frisolak, even if he had to switch to it after the period of breastfeeding;

  • The high effectiveness of specialized formulas in the treatment and prevention of functional digestive disorders – colic, constipation, regurgitation;

  • A rich assortment of varieties, including those aimed at therapeutic foods;

  • DHA is contained in almost all variants.


  • No lactose-free products. Even the hypoallergenic ones include milk protein, albeit in a partially processed form;

  • It can be difficult to return to breastfeeding after Frisolak.

Overall, the disadvantages of the mixes are purely nominal. However, parents of children with lactose intolerance should pay attention to products from other manufacturers.


The best formula is the one recommended by your pediatrician. The self-selection of alternatives for breastfeeding is not recommended, including by the WHO, and therefore transferring the baby to formula at will is not a good idea.

Both Nutrilon and Frisolak have similar advantages and disadvantages. However, the formulas are different in some respects.





Weakly pronounced





Special variants

A huge amount of

Relatively few

For children with lactose intolerance



For premature babies

There is


For children with sensitive digestion

There are a few types

There is, one kind against all functional digestive disorders

DHA content

Only in the version for premature babies

In all variations

Separately, it should be noted that, according to reviews, “Fritolac” is better for children with functional digestive disorders (colic, constipation, regurgitation).

However, before choosing a formula or changing from one variety to another, you should always consult with your doctor.

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