Varieties and features of the choice of photo wallpaper for a teenager

Increasingly today in the design of the walls of the teenager use photo wallpaper. If before them was biased in view of not the best quality and fast fading, today they are a means of self-expression. This is a tool by which you can point out the interests of the child, beating the reception of zoning his personal space. However, the choice of photo ware is right, it is worth considering a number of factors.

Features and functionality

To date, photo wallpapers are made of different raw materials, which allows you to get a canvas with a variety of texture and variability of service life. Wall mural themselves – are not the basis for wall covering, regardless of their size. This is an emphasis that allows you to designate one or another zone of any room. Use such coatings in different places of the teenage room:

  • on the wall in the bedroom zone;
  • in the field of workspace;
  • To play deficiencies of planning (protrusions or niche);
  • to highlight a resting place;
  • for focusing a sports corner;
  • on the entrance door.

The use of such products contributes to the unobtrusive organization. In addition, photo wallpapers allow you to fill the teen bedroom with the right mood, they point to the idea of ​​stylistics, being a bright spot of the interior. And if we consider that their theme is extensive, it allows you to decorate the walls with children’s cloths not only a poster type, but also plots, and even comics. However, photo wallpapers are characterized by their specificity. For example, that they appropriately looked in a particular interior, their drawing must match the age of a teenager.

Depending on the variety of media material can have different size. This allows you to decorate most of the accent zone, arrange the desired area of ​​space with a small panel. Such a feature is convenient for pasting, because the desired drawing and the size of the cloth can be selected as accurately as possible with the size under the accent zone of the teenage room. There is another plus in variability of dimensions: it contributes to the correct arrangement of photo printing on the walls without visual skew space.


If earlier photo walls were exclusively paper, today their structure is more diverse. For example, in addition to paper, you can find vinyl counterparts on stores on the stores on paper substrate. These products are characterized by a variety of textures, they perfectly fit into the interior of different premises. In addition to the smooth surface texture, they can mimic the texture of canvas, flax, sand and even plaster.

Figure made on a background, will look especially. If such products seem expensive, you can decorate a teenager room with protective coating paper. Of the two types of invoice, you can choose a matte or glossy lamination. Coatings with AntiMarker protection differ not only by the brightness of shades, but also practicality. They are convenient for the design of the working and gaming zone, because they do not allow random patterns on the canvas.

One of the best photo photos can be called phliselin. Unlike vinyl, they are more environmentally friendly, since toxic substances are not separated into the air. In addition, they are durable and can decorate the walls of children’s children. Such photographic walls are distinguished by a rich color gamut and cleanliness of shades, they are easier for other options in pasting, stand out of strength, small elasticity.

Special line can be attributed to the photo wallpaper on the door made from self-adhesive film (on PVC-based). These panels have a layer of protective lamination. Their dignity can be called the ability to simulate a different type of texture. There are also disadvantages of such wallpapers: in addition to the perfectly smooth surface, they are difficult in pasting and do not provide adjustments. If the fragment fails to be glued perfectly the first time, its aesthetics will be noticeably worsened.

Color gamma

The choice of a certain color scheme when choosing photo wallpapers in a teenage room, in addition to the age of the child, depends on its floor. For example, if in the younger age category of girls, preference is given to pink and lilac tones, then at the age of 12-14 years old girls can radically change. Many of them love the combination of paints competing among themselves (for example, white with pink and black, blue with coral). Despite the different emotional perception of paints, sometimes such contrasts look alone, but it is quite appropriate.

Intusually look at the mixes of blue and terracotta, olive and brown, mint and peach. Some girls are fond of shades of the pastel group, others, on the contrary, I want cold and calm paints. The only thing that should not be chosen is neutral wallpapers, which, in addition to white, gray and black colors, do not have color inserts. Such coatings are deprived of emotional coloring, which is undesirable in the interior of the adolescent bedroom.

The method of self-expression of teenage boys is sometimes more creative. For example, the riot of paints highlights the wallpaper with the subject of graffiti. In one such drawing, pink, green, orange, black and yellow can be combined in one. Such a design is creative, it is pretty born, although it has its own characteristics that should be taken into account in order for the photo wallpaper did not irritate the child.

Options in pink, lilac, purple and peach colors for registration of teenage boys are not suitable. The guys preference gives photo wallpapers in beige, gray, blue, blue, gray-green shades. Since the teenage age is conjugate with the formation of a hormonal background, it is better to choose calm tones, avoiding aggressive paints. It is scientifically proven that it is precisely such paints of the color palette contribute to the calm and concentration of adolescents.

No abundance of black and gloomy paints in the picture of photo wallpaper purchased for children’s decoration should not be. They are able to negatively influence the mood and behavior of children, create emotional tension and coagulate psyche. In addition, gloomy colors visually reduce the already small space of a teenager. In the printing of coatings should prevail light paints, the dark is good in small quantities for highlighting light spots.

Designs and styles

Themes of drawings of photo wallpaper for the walls of the teenage bedroom can be the most diverse. For example, for girls 12-14 years old, it is often sketching glamor, silhouettes, coatings with glamorous cats, stars, inscriptions. In 15 years, girls want more adult design, since the perception of the world is changing, preferences and hobbies change. Designer ideas can be the most unusual: from sketches of London architectural places and Paris to the photo of the night city.

By the way, urban themes like and 15-16-year-old young people. However, the photo printing is more often more realistic for them. Often it is deprived of stylization: it is mostly high quality photos, often with a surround effect. Such photo wallpaper is notable for the ability to visually increase the space. Cool looks on the walls of Wallpaper with drawn print based on brickwork.

For earlier age (12-14 years) you can choose options with football themes. For example, it can be a canvas with a view of a football field, which will harmoniously look at the wall of the bedroom zone. If you support the football themes of a small carpet in the form of a ball, such a design will have to taste a teenager who is fond of football. Guys who are fond of sports will enjoy coverage with silhouettes or portraits of their idols.

Speaking of style, it is impossible not to mention that it is precisely it determines the type and type of coatings with the photo printing. For example, the classic girl’s bedroom allows the use of an accent under the picture. For example, your own portrait made on a paper basis with a canvas imitation. For the bedrooms of young men, classic style does not fit: they feel more comfortable when one of the modern destinations are chosen as the basis of the design.

Excellent solution will be minimalism. Elegantly look in the modern style of photo wallpaper with the image of the city. In this case, the print must be realistic. Girls who are fond of Japanese anime will like bright accents in the bedroom area with the image of the characters of the beloved manga. Such photo walls look accelerate and effectively.

Original and photo printing in ecostel. So, you can choose a drawing of trees or a small sketch of a stylized tree without leaves. Someone prefers to decorate the walls with photographic windows posters. A lot of girls today are fond of Korean culture, decorating the walls of their rooms to photo printing with the image of the favorite Idolov. As a rule, such a design is appropriate for modern stylistics (including modern with its burden with a demonstration of elegacity and high-tech).

Selection criteria

To simplify the choice of photo wallpapers for the walls of the teenage room, It is worth arming with simple recommendations of specialists.

  • Do not complicate the walls of adolescent wallpaper with the theme that does not correspond to their age. What is good for graduates of senior classes is not always suitable for children 12, 13 and 14 years.
  • Of all the varieties, if possible, give preference to fliesline options.
  • Do not take too thin and cheap paper wallpapers. They are difficult to glue, over time they can shoot either green and thereby spoil the entire appearance of the walls.
  • Pay attention to the size of the print: you should not take options in a small room with a huge pattern, he oppresses the child, forcing her insignificance.
  • Do not fill all the walls with photo wallpapers: the focus must be one, otherwise it can lose expressiveness.

  • Buy coatings with wallpaper: This will make it harmoniously pick up the color of the wallpaper and photo printing, so that on a general background, the design of the walls looked holistic.
  • Take into account the opinion of the child, taking it with you to the store: it will create a comfortable setting in his room.
  • Colors pick up the parties to which windows overlook (for example, cold tones will look even darker when the children’s window comes out in the north).
  • When choosing the topics of the photo wallpaper, take into account not only the form of furniture and the design of the ceiling design. See and on the form of lighting devices. Often they say that they will look harmonious in this room.
  • Do not take the first thing that will fall: go away from the option you like for a few minutes, look at something else. Often, a re-view will create a different impression of the pattern of coating.

Interesting examples in the interior

Finally, you can see Options for stylish and modern design in the design of teenage rooms of boys and girls.

  • The original solution for focusing the sleeping area of ​​the teenager room.
  • Unintended reception of the wall of the bedroom zone.
  • Graffiti on the wall of the teenage room fills the space of a special atmosphere.
  • Unusually cozy room with successful space focusing.
  • Allocation of workspace by using photo wallpapers.
  • Calm tone photo printing contribute to creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Creative approach to the design of the bedroom of a teenager.
  • Brightness plus a little creative make in the design of the teenage room.

How to choose a photo wallpaper for a teenager, look in the following video.

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