Teenage Models Beds With Boxes

A bag for a teenager must satisfy a number of requirements. Modern trends pay attention to the fact that in addition to safety for the health of a growing body, it must be functional. What are the modern approaches to her choice, what features the best models are different, consider in detail on the example of products with drawers.


Teenage models of beds differ from both ordinary children’s and adult varieties. This is reflected in the functionality, as well as the design of the products themselves. For example, if children of the younger age group of the model have drawers at the bottom, the products for children of the teenage group are more variable. Externally, they can resemble compact sofas, equipped with convenient storage boxes of different items not only below, but also on the sides.

Available in such products and from ordinary sofas for adults. This is expressed not only in the amount, but also in the presence of either the absence of armrests, as well as other fences. They may also have either no back, internal storage compartments for bedding.

Inside often wooden lamellas. The package includes additional drawers, resembling dressers.

In addition to classic options, they can be made as a component of a children’s corner or so-called schoolboy. In addition, there are models, boxes and open racks of which are located on top, like shelves. Options for such products today is a lot. This allows you to choose a product for a child, taking into account not only its age, but also the maximum convenience.

Depending on the type of product, it can be made of different types of trees. The line of options is diverse, thanks to which parents may choose an option given the general concept of the style of children’s room.

As a rule, models with drawers are quite spectacular, and become bright accents of the interior of the teenager room.

They are variable in length, width, may have both traditional rectangular and several asymmetric shapes.

However, do not confuse teenage beds with traditional transformer sofas. These products are different. Beds of adolescence If there are extensions of the boxes, then in most cases they do not declare. There are, of course, separate varieties that can form an extra bed when transformation. However, they differ in the principle of transformation from the well-known models of folding and swivel sofas.


Modern models of teen beds are kinda organizers. In most cases, they can remove many things in them, thereby freeing the children’s room from unnecessary items, often cluttering and without that small room. In this regard, the presence of convenient and spacious boxes is an indispensable tool for giving the room with a clear organization.

Boxes can accommodate bedding, you can remove objects in which the teenager does not use so often (for example, shoes or old school notebooks). Often in such compartments, children remove toys, sports equipment. Someone comfortably fold in boxes boxes with the necessary trifles.

Sometimes boxes store detachable bed armrests. On the shelves of models, children can put reading books, as well as their favorite gadgets.

If model beds are equipped with additional stands, it allows you to remove the minor items inside. So it turns out to be in the interior more air, due to which the room visually becomes more spacious. In addition, it seems cleaner, because the smaller the smallest things in sight, the greater the effect of the created order.

Particularly relevant models with drawers for small rooms, which are important literally every centimeter of the useful area.


Teenage models of beds are the most different. To the most popular options today, the classics, model-podiums, two-tier versions and products that are components of children’s corners can be attributed to. At the same time, classic products remain the simplest models. They can have a different length and width. More often they provide for the fencing.

Externally, they are more than other types of compact sofas with different transformation mechanisms. Usually may have from one to three roll-out boxes. At the same time, the boxes themselves may differ in depth, be the same or different in volume.

Nominated either sfall, it depends on the specific developed model. There are options providing for the hidden second level inside a solid indoor drawer. Such models are good when you are visiting a family with a child.

Additional sleeping place in this case can be used for direct intended. Among the main assortment there are models consisting of two levels and having quite spacious boxes under the lower tier. Retractable systems are comfortable roller mechanism.

As a rule, products with drawers for children have comfortable handles or special cuts of rounded shapes, allowing to open and close compartments without injury.

Beds that are elements of children’s corners today especially variations. Usually they are located at the top of the overall design. Such products can be single, there may be two (for example, options for twins). Often these models have comfortable handrails for lifting, safety fencing and mass of drawers, which in such corners can be located from different sides (not only below).

In some models with two beds, one of them is located below and has internal drawers, while there is no other than them at all, or they are small and more like a side rack.

Podiums are notable for the very idea of ​​bed location. They can have from one to several steps, if necessary, turning into a comfortable child’s game area. At the same time, such models are watching, as in adult rooms.

Depending on the species of the model can be equipped with thick and massive mattresses. Sometimes options resemble modular systems in which the bed may consist of separate modular blocks.

However, in this case, you can not forget about the load on the spine, choosing mainly solid mattresses and hard blocks for additional rest. The same applies to accessories for beds of this type.

Child Nuances

Assortment of teen beds is quite extensive. However, not every model offered for sale, worthy of purchase. It is important to give preference to options with reliable fastening systems. It is necessary to buy products for which high-quality orthopedic mattresses are suitable.

It is worth notifying the fact that spring options for adolescents are undesirable. They accumulate static electricity and capable of breaking over time. The best bed that is stable, has reliable lamellas, mattress from natural or synthetic latex at least medium thickness. If you want to buy a product on the springs, it is worth take where they are more. You need to choose a variant with double talented springs (each in a separate textile case).

Never for a teenager do not take a bed back. While the body grows, it is necessary to take the product with a stock. This applies not only to the length: very fast single children’s bed, say with dimensions of 90×200 cm, will seem close, because children grow fast. If there is an opportunity, it is better to immediately buy a semi-silent product: its operation will be longer. Length can be selected from 180 to 200 cm, a sufficient width must be more than 1 m so that the child does not have to get used at every turn.

Choosing options for children of different floors, it is worth considering the effect of color.

A teenage bed with drawers for a girl can be decorated with a hint of upholstery or bed linen and pillows. It is suitable here all sorts of blankets with fringe and even pompons.

Boys do not withstand girls: pink, lilac, purple at the subconscious level create discomfort. They do not like and excessive decoration of their beds. Optimal tones for them – blue, light gray, green.

In order for the teenager to feel confident in his room, it will be worth considering his opinion, and not only in the choice of color. The shape of the bed is important, the number of drawers for storage, their depth, shape of the handles and even the course of rolling. You should choose the product with a teenager, because it should be convenient to use the bed. At the same time, it will determine which (single or semi-liter) model with drawers is better for it.

How to choose a bed for a teenager, look in the following video.

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